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Lizzo blows up Billboard’s Hot 100 with “Truth Hurts”

“To put it bluntly, flutists talk shit about other flutists all the time.”

On September 7, classical flute player Lizzo peaked at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 with her “Truth Hurts” rap and hip-hop song. As a piano player, I was hyped to see a classical music/hip-hop ...

Jarabe Mexicano, Bob Marley, and the guts to protest

“I’m just saying there’s an injustice here that has yet to be rectified.”

A couple years back, Jarabe Mexicano was approached by producers who had heard their rendition of Bob Marley’s “Get Up, Stand Up.” In their live set, the song snippet served as a transitional element. Their ...

Ambassador of the Beatles

Falling Doves frontman Chris Leyva models for Stu Sutcliffe statue

San Diego keeps turning up in the Beatles story, from George Harrison’s part-time residence at a North County meditation retreat (as well as staying with Ravi Shankar while working with the sitar master in Encinitas), ...

The life of Liz Borg

Liz Fest II will serve as Chica Diabla’s vinyl-release party

“I decided I wanted to start a band after my kids all grew-up and left the house,” Rachel Enyeart explains. “I knew Liz Borg, because our husbands were in a band together, Whole Hog. One ...

Archie Thompson's portfolio of songs with Archer and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood

He had some luck placing his music in commercials and writing jingles

Archie Thompson grew up in a very musical family. He had two brothers, and all three of them played multiple instruments. His oldest brother, Mike, was a musical prodigy who eventually landed a gig playing ...

Scratching and beat juggling like Grandmaster Flash

Blondie rapped about Flash’s turntable prowess in the 1980's "Rapture"

My dad never understood how I broke his turntable attempting to mimic parts of “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5. The 1981 song was ...

Thousand Below’s The Hangover moment

“We called the cops and they thought we had stolen the baby”

They rock. They roll. They shred. They mangle. But one thing you don’t expect from Thousand Below, your favorite San Diego post-hardcore slamdown quintet, is finding a home for an abandoned baby in Austin, Texas. ...

Cathryn Beeks’ 20 Years Here ode to San Diego

She will relocate to Lucerne Valley in the Mojave Desert, but SD’s Calamity will continue to rock

“I moved to San Diego in November of 1999, and I’ve absolutely loved living and working here. I found and married the man of my dreams here,” says Cathryn Beeks, who played with the Gandhi ...

Titus Andronicus enlist Hüsker Dü’s Bob Mould as producer of An Obelisk

“He’s known for his work ethic, his discipline, and especially his decisiveness.”

Titus Andronicus is in the midst of a 63-date North American tour that has brought the band to cities that don’t often fall in the path of traveling rock acts. Besides the usual stops such ...

Mr. Oro’s and Zebra Knight’s rap battle collaboration

The pair will attend the Ghetto Dreams edición Tijuana freestyle rap contest

Mr. Oro sells his El Sacrificio De Oro CDs and Oro Wear brand clothing to Americans at the Tijuana/San Ysidro Port of Entry as they return to the U.S. “Here in Tijuana it’s a lot ...

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