Blurt: San Diego Music News

Transcending Barriers

We realized how important it would be to work across the border.

Sharon Katz travels around the world with her band, the Peace Train, putting on musical events to promote peace and cross-cultural understanding. The South Africans “Transcending Barriers” program, scheduled for July 21, starts at the ...

Overthinking too much

"I just fell in love with the whole idea of just sort of living your life based on catching these waves."

Dennis Sheridan attended many shows in the Louisville DIY punk circuit while he was in high school, but never picked up an instrument until he was in college. When he finally did, it was an ...

Would Mozart do karaoke?

“I’m not claiming to be the greatest artist, but I come with full heart."

There are currently around two dozen recurring open mic events around town, including at Navajo Live, Java Joe’s, Midnight Jack’s Echo Room, Capri Blue, Spacebar Café, Pal Joey’s, the Merrow, 1st Street Bar, and Mr. ...

The OB lane

“We claimed dibs”

Although they admit to some “talking” over Instagram, the boys in Fashion Jackson say a full-fledged proxy war has not erupted over the use of their name. “We claimed dibs,” jokes bassist Sterling Gietzen. “The ...

Scum suckers gotta get paid

"It’s pretty conservative up here. But then so is San Diego."

Ramona Mainstage owner Orrin Day has bitten the bullet and says he has agreed to pay some $3000 annually to music licensing groups he has called “scum suckers” in the past. “You can’t get away ...

Daneen Wilburn's reentry into the music world

"I want them to feel the spirit, too.”

“This is what I was born to do,” says vocalist Daneen Wilburn, about her reentry into the music world after dropping out for more than 20 years to raise a family. “It’s more than just ...

Scum bags stole his amps

“For some shows, you just need a refrigerator.”

When Rice Enright plays solo for wedding or corporate gigs he plays guitar. But when he plays as a “hired hand” for reggae bands J.a.m. Kwest or Gentle Giants, or for tribute bands like Fake ...

Naughty antics

“I just thought they had a lot of talent for being so young"

Local teen band Ignant Benches is already enjoying some lucky breaks, thanks to the producer of their first professional recordings, Brian Karscig, whose group Louis XIV was once named one of 10 Artists To Watch ...

Willy Clauson came back to Tijuana

An original who touched greatness with "La Bamba"

My passport ran out of juice last year, just when the Mexican government was deciding it wanted to see official papers as foreigners headed south. That’s the only reason I didn’t hear, until the other ...

Adventures with Sheila E.

It was cool in more than one way, as in five degrees outside.

San Diego vocalist Rebecca Jade has been performing internationally as a member of “smooth-jazz” saxophonist Dave Koz’s Cruise. That’s where she met pop icon Sheila E. who approached her about filling in for one of ...

Marijuan X

Bones doesn’t mind working the graveyard shift he’s held down for three decades

The Ramones and Talking Heads drew him into radio. Rush Limbaugh and Carl DeMaio pushed him out. Billy Bones worked continuously in San Diego radio for 37 years until he quit Friday, June 29. He ...

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