Blurt: San Diego Music News

Little Feat on Adams Avenue

Kind of like honky-tonkin'

Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett met at a Little Feat recording session in the mid-70s. Barrere was a full-time member of the band, and Tackett was a hot session musician. After Little Feat broke-up in ...

RIP Ukulele Ray, inventor of the lunchbox uke

Fender's first ukulele rep passes away

Fender's first ukulele rep passes away

Unsteady never went away

"We’re all just nerds who want to keep going"

“We started this month in 1992,” says Unsteady founder/saxman John Roy. In fact, the ska-driven band has only gotten larger. “We used to have seven people. Now we’re up to nine. There were some years ...

Lou Niles launches new label

“I could never just sit there and just do a radio show”

The current co-hosts of Loudspeaker, 91X’s Sunday night local music show, have different ways of celebrating their longtime ties to the local music scene. Andrew Rowley launched his own production company that creates music videos ...

Meet the Exbats

Ukulele ditties, then punk

“The moment we heard them, we loved them,” says Jaye MacAskill, one half of local comedic rock duo Pony Death Ride, of why she and her husband Joe arranged to bring Arizona's the Exbats to ...

Music teacher's day doesn't stop at 3:00

"I saw the effect he had on so many young people."

Day doesn’t stop at 3 pm. Tamara Hartfield Paige has taught music for 17 years, and has influenced the trajectories of many students who have gone on to professional careers, including Charles and Danny Weller, ...

The genesis of Malachi Henry

Americana before it was cool

Moving to Charlotte, North Carolina seemed like a good idea at the time. Harmonica player Ben Hernandez and fellow San Diegan singer/guitarist Nathan James had established an international presence as a rootsy blues duo by ...

Max Greenhalgh learned more in L.A. than S.D.

The multi-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter wanted to be all-in

Although he admits he almost gave up and moved back to North County, Max Greenhalgh says he is happy that he stuck it out and stayed in L.A. to pursue music. “It was a big ...

Memorable brushes with fame

San Diego musicians recall meeting famous colleagues

We asked several locals to share their most memorable brushes with fame. Dave Gladish (Ristband): “I once met Rickey Medlocke of Blackfoot and Skynyrd in the Fort Myers airport. I told him I was playing ...

Small Town Heroes: A good vintage music show

"We made a financial decision to not be loud"

The Small Town Heroes are not about Marshall stacks, power chords or booming bass lines you can actually feel. They’re about traditional country. “Asleep at the Wheel are our foundation,” says founder Kevin Williams, referencing ...

Oceanside's newest music venue is a brewery

Lines form at Midnight Jack when The Echo Room is bumpin'

Breweries in the city of San Diego are prohibited from hosting live music events by the same license that allows them to brew beer. However, many North County breweries can, and do, and one of ...

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