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Hard rock sweet spot

I have learned if you want to get paid, play for bikers

Rob Farr was embedded in the glammed-up hair metal scene that ruled West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip in the mid-’80s. “There was band called Ruby Slippers which were basically Poison before they became Poison,” says Farr ...

Cheers without the beers

Jefferson Jay produces animated Christmas series with cast of actors with challenges

“We’re producing the first animated series with a cast of actors with challenges, The Hunt For the Great Christmas Tree,” says singer-songwriter Jefferson Jay of the project he’s writing and directing. “I was working at ...

Chris Heaney’s venues venture

La Mesa’s Navajo Live — his latest — is now paying off

A glam-metal headbanger from Philly has been hosting live bands in San Diego for 26 years. “My first club was the Playhouse on El Cajon Boulevard,” recalls Chris Heaney about his first venue that he ...

Yard sale bounty

An insane keyboard collection for a non-keyboardist

Most people familiar with Alfred Howard know him as the lyricist for the bands associated with the Redwoods music collective. When acts such as Dani Bell & the Tarantist and Birdy Bardot gig, Howard can ...

Prison bars and guitars

Local musicians teach San Ysidro prisoners how to play the blues

“Being with the prisoners was a very rewarding experience,” says acoustic blues singer-guitarist Robin Henkel of volunteering for Jail Guitar Doors, a guitar and songwriting workshop then held at the East Mesa Reentry Facility, a ...

The sad but beautiful ’80s sound of Paper Kites

It’s important to have some role models, particularly for male vocalists

I figured Aussie bands would be good for plenty of stories about driving long stretches gig to gig over their home continent. I was disappointed. “Most Australian bands when they tour,” explains Paper Kites singer ...

San Diego’s Ammar Campa-Najjar runs for congress, sings campaign song

Southwestern College professor Peter Bolland enlisted to write it

Ammar Campa-Najjar, who got national publicity as a mixed-race underdog running to unseat an indicted congressman can sing, too. A just-released music video has him singing an original song written by his former professor at ...

Record Roundup: After (h)Ours with Jessica Lerner, more

Hargo, Midnight Track, Lexington Field, the Lulls, Josie Day, Unwritten Law, more

Due in November from Midnight Track, Lexington Field, the Lulls, Josie Day, Unwritten Law, more

Vice dream job for Unherd host

Local TV producer laments Alex Zaragoza’s move to New York

The on-air hosts producer Scott Richison selects for his locally produced TV shows move on bigger and better things. He tapped music writer and TV novice Troy Johnson to host Fox Rox (2002-2007). The weekly ...

Former Columbus, Ohio musician seeks new band

May the hunt for San Diego musicians begin!

“Candid Americana. Raymond Carver stories played by the Band. The optimism of the Mountain Goats filtered through Stephin Merritt’s worldview. Townes Van Zandt trying to sober up.” That’s Andy Gallagher, late of Columbus, Ohio, diagramming ...

Say goodbye to Java Joe's

The name may be changing, but the music will go on

The name may be changing, but the music will go on

Let’s Be Friends

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