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The Indians Who Rocked the World

Rumble opens at Ken Cinema September 1

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World, is a new documentary that celebrates the contributions Native American musicians made to popular music. The film tells the stories of artists such as Link Wray, Robbie Robertson, ...

Al Howard fertilizes the Redwoods

“We have five records right now that we have started."

The Redwoods collective started its musical journey in 2015. Designed akin to a modern-day Muscle Shoals or Stax, the Redwoods use an in-house collection of session players that back the label’s individual artists. The label ...

The politics and image of real punk

The Widows can't care about "likes"

Things were different when the Widows started playing punk rock 12 years ago. Singer/guitarist Aaron Pores liked it better when things were more DIY. “I love making physical flyers,” says Pores. “The visual art on ...

Thanks for the Grys-Grys, Loons

Locals pull French band across the ocean

“We actually love them so much, we got them a whole tour in California, so that people can see them,” says Anja Stax, who can be thanked for bringing Les Grys-Grys, often billed as “the ...

Heartbreaka: no gangsta he

“You won’t hear me rap about gold chains and Ferraris."

Rapper Heartbreaka got no support from his family. “They hated it,” says the 23-year-old hip-hop artist who grew up in Southeast San Diego as Brandon Nambounmy. “They thought it was something Asians just did not ...

Los Cruzadores invite all to ride and rock show

15-mile transnational bike ride ends at Moustache Bar

Subtropics bassist Dana Chavarria just got a master’s degree in Peace and Justice from USD after completing studies on both sides of the border. He knows what an American president who decries Mexican “rapists” and ...

No rap against Putin

“It’s not that I don’t want to get political, it's just not safe.”

Now seems like the time for a locally based Russian rapper to come up with some rhymes about Moscow election scams. But Anton Romashev, who performs locally as Tonik Slam, won’t be. “It’s not that ...

Was Big Boy Groves another rap daddy?

Graveyard encounter unburies info on '50s-'60s songwriter

“Its rhyme and lyrical style has made collectors call it one of the first rap songs,” says archivist Andy Rasmussen of the song titled “Bucket O’ Blood.” Rasmussen will soon reissue the 1962 track recorded ...

Leonard Patton Quartet bags Guinness gig record

70 performances around town in 24 hours

“We actually broke the record with gig number 66 at Public Square Coffee House in La Mesa about 7:45 in the morning with two and a half hours to spare,” recalls vocalist Leonard Patton, whose ...

The Local band not yet big in Ethiopia

"I see it as a chance to concentrate on songwriting."

“Scott is presently on some sort of trek with hippos and crocodiles in southern Ethiopia,” says Amy Day, whose band the Local suddenly finds itself minus cofounding singer-guitarist Scott Walsh just as their debut album ...

Mohawked moshers and girls with tutus don’t mix

“People have a tendency to fear what they don’t understand."

Zak Prescott, drummer with Lemon Grove punk band P-S-O, suggests culture clash caused Industry, an all-ages music venue in Chula Vista’s Eastlake area, to close in January. The 250-capacity Industry hosted eight to ten shows ...

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