Bill Manson

Bill Manson writes cover stories and features for the San Diego Reader.

Some samples of his early writing:

July 25, 1996:Song for the Uprooted (mariachi music in TJ's Zona Norte)

March 19, 1998: Larry's Best Gal (interview with Larry Lawrence aide Norma Nicolls)

March 16, 1995: Coyote, Tarantula, Silence, Sea (the four corners of San Diego County)

Sept. 24, 1998: Cunanan's Last Laugh (computer game based on gay serial killer)

March 25, 1999: Kidnapped! (Georgina Crespo's abduction from Coronado Cays)

Articles by Bill Manson

Why not fish jerky?

and, Requiem for a Persian

Why not fish jerky? “I was sitting on a mountaintop in the Gila Wilderness,” says Nick Mendoza. “I was thinking beef jerky, and then the thought came: beef jerky? Why not fish jerky?” Mendoza was ...

How to stop the lemmings

Marshall's Plan

Is an upstairs office in downtown Coronado going to save the world? Out of his modest headquarters on Orange Avenue, Marshall Saunders founded Citizens’ Climate Lobby back in 2007. His idea was that we had ...

Draw the dog

Nate Kapnicky: Quartyard's canine caricaturist

Lyla sits still like a pro. Which is a miracle here in the middle of flailing dogs and foamy beers and baby strollers. The little black and tan pooch obviously doesn’t know what’s happening, because ...

Ben Franklin, Kim Kardashian, and me

Psoriasis provides a reason to ride 60 kilometers

“What do Ben Franklin and Kim Kardashian have in common with me?” asks Cristy Boisvert. “Psoriasis.” I’ve just met Cristy here, on Silver Strand beach, soaking up the morning sun in today’s cold wind. Behind ...

Dance like everybody's watching

"Once we face an audience, I become this other, sexier, younger, woman."

Another lunchtime, another sandwich and coffee in the park. Horton Plaza, where the sunken space is now strewn with Parisian-style park tables and chairs. It feels oddly underemployed, even though lots of folks are out ...

"This is how it should be."

Low riders and more at the 48th annual Chicano Park Day

“You see this? This is how it should be,” says David Sanchez III. He’s leaning over and pointing to the exaggerated solid chrome wheel rim of a black 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air that’s sitting on ...

"You can eat this?"

Mushroom hunting in the foothills of Mount Palomar

“Watch out for rattlers,” says Will. Which is a problem, because my mycological friend Kim and I are down on our knees in the thick, soft, untrodden leaf loam they call oak duff. We’re looking ...

The Chart Lady of Point Loma

When marine electronics fail, you're going to need a paper chart

“Paper charts need no batteries.” Ann Kinner, Captain, US Coast Guard, has put the little sign strategically among all the rolls of charts in her Seabreeze Book and Chart Store in Point Loma. It’s the ...

Sacred acorn paste of the Kumeyaay

Eat the way the local Native Americans ate, but better

Tipoff from my friend Ed: “Haute Kumeyaay Cuisine. Barona. Be there or be square.” “There” is at Barona’s Cultural Center. This Mexican pop-up chef, Gilberto Morales, who created his Baja-based Restaurante Nomada — Cocina Itinerante, ...

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