Bill Manson

Bill Manson writes cover stories and features for the San Diego Reader.

Some samples of his early writing:

July 25, 1996:Song for the Uprooted (mariachi music in TJ's Zona Norte)

March 19, 1998: Larry's Best Gal (interview with Larry Lawrence aide Norma Nicolls)

March 16, 1995: Coyote, Tarantula, Silence, Sea (the four corners of San Diego County)

Sept. 24, 1998: Cunanan's Last Laugh (computer game based on gay serial killer)

March 25, 1999: Kidnapped! (Georgina Crespo's abduction from Coronado Cays)

Articles by Bill Manson

Evel Knievel’s niece Cayla Croft is no shrinking violet

“What distinguished him was that he kept coming back”

You might say Cayla Croft comes from an accident-prone family. “My uncle broke every bone in his body, some several times over,” she says. “His name was Evel Knievel.” Knievel was the most famous stunt ...

Borrego Springs– no there there

Desperate hike, crazy to live there, Montesoro, water trouble, goodbye to farms

From Toro Peak to Fonts Point, barely Their plan was to start at Toro Peak, in the Santa Rosa Mountains just north of Borrego Springs, hike along the mountainous spine over Rabbit Peak and Villager ...

Friday night track repair at the Carlsbad Coaster Depot

“Something’s coming”

“It’s coming! It’s coming!” The guys by the recording equipment hunch over on the platform. “You ready? Take off your hats, everybody!” “Don’t stand too close!” You can see the twin headlights blinking oddly as ...

The meaning of Marcel Duchamp’s Lhooq

This anachronistic Carlsbad place is about old books

Alexander Dafnis is up a tree. “This way?” he shouts down. “No. Now it’s tilting more,” says Alejandra, the gal looking up from the wood-decked courtyard. The camphor tree, originally from China, provides dappled shade, ...

John Brooks: Bill Clinton redux

Zero-dollar congressional candidate

Thursday night. Latin jazz jam. Border X. He’s doing flights of fancy on his alto sax. Variations on “La Malanga.” “That’s the guy running for president,” says my friend. “Another sax-playing president!” Oh yes. Bill ...

Rooster’s Railroad at the Sportsman’s Pub

“Thousand dollars. It’s a Ferrari”

“Gotta be nice now,” says Rooster. “This guy’s about to donate $5 to the cause. Me.” He’s kidding, of course. Can’t gamble on games in bars like this. We’re in the Sportsman’s Pub, Lemon Grove, ...

Don't let Linda Vista fool you

Skate World, Clairemont rivalry, Yum Yum Donut Shop, Morena Corridor, utopia in 1940s-50s

Butt out, Clairemont, says Linda Vista "I have a lot of respect for the Clairemont planning group and the other planning groups — they're citizens like us who are investing in their community," said Howard ...

Richard Mahler’s greatest performance

“Do it by doing it. It’s gotta be fun, or what’s the point?”

This happens at the Adams Avenue Street Fair. I’m walking past a storefront with its door and windows wide open. And twanging from inside, the sounds of a guy torturously plucking out the notes of ...

Bill Tall: icon of back-to-earthism

Edible plants for a changing world

It’s a Friday night at Nate’s Garden Grill. The Drought Tolerant Bluegrass Band is singing their down home version of “The House of the Rising Sun.” Bill Tall comes across from the City Farmers Nursery ...

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