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Was Bilbray right?

Earthen berms pushed up against Tijuana River

Following a model created more than 30 years ago by former Imperial Beach mayor Brian Bilbray on top of a bulldozer, crews from the International Boundary and Water Commission pushed up an earthen berm at ...

No-man's land in San Ysidro to get trees

Bandits made San Diego cops leave

Although the hoped-for park in San Ysidro has gotten smaller, the plan for a piece of land at the end of Beyer Boulevard is now sharpened to a fine point. Monday night, planning group members ...

Don't tell them you are a reporter

Simple question gets the run-around

San Diego city officials confirmed that the city has suspended the creation of Maintenance Assessment Districts — but couldn’t find any documentation of that policy shift during the more than four weeks they searched after ...

Can't blame North Chapel plan on Corky

McMillin Companies' plan to turn sanctuary into restaurant...and more!

The Corky McMillin Company’s quiet plan to turn the historic North Chapel at the Naval Training Center into a “restaurant space” is meeting with growing community resistance ranging from the congregations that pray there to ...

North Park’s crusade against shifty developers

No respect in fight over end-run around planning group

The North Park Planning Committee has lost track of how often apartment developers apparently realize they’ve built condos at the end of construction and come to ask for a map that divides the apartment building ...

Not good, Chabad

Scripps Ranch apartment marketing vexes planning group

If you rent one of the 84 apartments at the Scripps Ranch Chabad’s Campus of Life, now offered on a variety of apartment rental sites, your enrollment in a class is part of the rent. ...

School improvements cut Normal Heights park space

“We had a solemn promise: no encroachment on the green."

When angry Normal Heights residents and the planning group began fighting the latest “park” shrinkage at the joint-use Adams Elementary School, they expected some resistance. But, instead, they learned that the joint-use agreement between the ...

AIDS memorial to arise from murky process?

“To say it’s not going to work is a disingenuous and ridiculous assertion.”

Ahead of today's (February 22) planning-group meeting to discuss the Olive Street park and AIDS memorial, some people are worried that the convoluted process has overwhelmed the most important idea. The plan (to be discussed ...

Santa Fe Christian School's "truth"

"We wouldn’t consider sending our child there now."

Both Matt Bosse and Joe Mosca, an Encinitas couple, grew up Catholic and want to share their faith with their children. So when they started to think about a middle school for their older son ...

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