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AIDS memorial to arise from murky process?

“To say it’s not going to work is a disingenuous and ridiculous assertion.”

Ahead of today's (February 22) planning-group meeting to discuss the Olive Street park and AIDS memorial, some people are worried that the convoluted process has overwhelmed the most important idea. The plan (to be discussed ...

Santa Fe Christian School's "truth"

"We wouldn’t consider sending our child there now."

Both Matt Bosse and Joe Mosca, an Encinitas couple, grew up Catholic and want to share their faith with their children. So when they started to think about a middle school for their older son ...

Is latest trans-border sewage spill news?

Stench of 15 million gallons arrives in I.B.

The sewage stink from the beach south of Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach started about a quarter-mile north of the Tijuana River mouth on February 17th, with the first hints marked by that pungent, green, ...

Dog on death row since December

Moose's owner feels set up, betrayed by La Mesa police

John Correia wants his dog back. He hasn’t seen the dog, a Labrador-pitbull mix named Moose, since the day the La Mesa police officer shot at the dog and missed. “I raised him from a ...

Egged in the city

“It just seemed so dumb, like a dumb thing to do.”

A spate of incidents where people walking in North Park and Normal Heights were hit by or nearly hit by eggs has left social media abuzz, but the police say they haven’t heard about it. ...

Retail/residential to take place of Scripps school?

Residents seek answers for environmental impacts of 264-unit project

The draft environmental review for a four-story apartment project that will be built on San Diego Unified School District land in Scripps Ranch has been released, and residents are not happy with it. "We gave ...

Nestor high school to fit in industrial zone

“We have learned to make do with what’s allotted.”

An Otay-Nestor area full of shipping warehouses, dialysis facilities, storage facilities, and a few manufacturing companies may soon get a charter school for a neighbor. The Stephen W. Hawking 2 charter school, which focuses on ...

Border outlet store robberies up

“Some of the thieves are coming from Mexico and returning there.”

Robberies are up 38 percent at the outlet malls in San Ysidro, police say, and the new pedestrian crossing to Tijuana seems to be playing an unintended role. Officer Carlos Lacarra, a community relations officer ...

Speeders' fun at Rolando intersection soon over

Residents' petition — not statistics — earns stop signs

At 58th Street in Rolando, Meade Avenue is less than two blocks long and modestly sloped. But the rolling hills on 58th — coupled with poor visibility and unrestricted right-of-way — are creating danger for ...

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