Dorian Hargrove

Dorian Hargrove

Dorian Hargrove writes feature stories, City Lights, and Neighborhood News columns for the Reader. He covers the neighborhood beat on a grassroots level. Share your neighborhood news with him!

Articles by Dorian Hargrove

Reason for alarm in SD crosswalks

Pedestrians killed in nearly half of all traffic accidents

As the number of pedestrians hit by cars on San Diego streets increases, so, too, will the number of lawsuits that the city will have to fight over dangerous roadways and inadequate crosswalks. According to ...

College Area mini-dorm litigants win

San Diego taxpayers lose over $100K

The City of San Diego must pay $129,912 for its failed mini-dorm ordinance. A judge awarded attorneys' fees on February 16th to a group of landlords and students who sued the city over the 2017 ...

Pride's prejudiced, says former director

Hillcrest organization said to have bias against people over 40

San Diego Pride's former executive director is suing the organization for wrongful termination, age discrimination, and defamation of character. Stephen Whitburn, also a former city-council candidate, began working for San Diego Pride in 2013 as ...

Clues in lawsuit lead to Clews the pornographer

More sex-related trouble for Carmel Valley rancher just sent to prison?

On February 13th, a federal judge sentenced Christian Clews — a Carmel Valley rancher who pleaded guilty to possessing and distributing child pornography — to 210 months in prison. But Clews, a former member of ...

Past the 560,000-gallon sewage spill tipping point

Regional Water Quality Control Board to consider lawsuit

On Wednesday, February 14, members from San Diego's Regional Water Quality Control Board will discuss whether to file a lawsuit against the United States International Boundary and Water Commission, the agency responsible for overseeing water ...

Pacific Beach's high crime problem

"Police are doing the best job they can under impossible circumstances."

Pacific Beach continues to be one of San Diego's highest crime neighborhoods, according to new stats released by the San Diego Police Department. Public records indicate the beachside entertainment hotspot ranked in the top five ...

Trip on a crack, break the city's back

"Fixing sidewalks the same way we fix streets shouldn’t be controversial."

Complaints over San Diego's crumbling sidewalks continue to chip away at the city's bottom line: documents obtained through public records requests show the city received more than 50 claims for damages caused by broken sidewalks ...

Deputies not culpable in cellmate murder case

Richard Lee Dawson's suspected murderer wasn't suspect

A county law-enforcement board has found that sheriff's deputies failed to conduct inmate counts on March 28, 2014, the night that inmate Richard Lee Dawson was allegedly murdered by his cellmate. The County Law Enforcement ...

Councilman Kalasho's complaint

"It’s hard to understand why an elected official would commit perjury."

El Cajon City Council member Ben Kalasho is accusing the city's mayor and another colleague of discrimination and of refusing to let him put items on the agenda or talk during public events. The Reader ...

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