Dorian Hargrove

Dorian Hargrove

Dorian Hargrove writes feature stories, City Lights, and Neighborhood News columns for the Reader. He covers the neighborhood beat on a grassroots level. Share your neighborhood news with him!

Articles by Dorian Hargrove

He's an engineer, not a gay porn star

Plaza de Panama project construction manager Gordon Kovtun cyberbullied

Gordon Kovtun is not a “sissy.” And, he is not a “bottom boy.” Despite what it says on the profile with his name on it, “gay porn” is not his sole interest. Also, those ...

San Diego police sex suit includes nepotism charge

Would Christopher Hays be cop without his father-in-law?

Today, June 20 San Diego city councilmembers are expected to approve a settlement to a woman sexually assaulted by former San Diego police officer Christopher Hays. Terms of the tentative settlement are not yet public, ...

San Diego police officers got the wrong Fred Washington

"He didn't assault anyone, or, hurt anyone's child"

On June 13 city councilmembers were asked to approve a six-figure settlement in a lawsuit filed by Fredrick Lee Washington who spent two weeks in jail in 2015 on two felony counts that he had ...

Former Civic San Diego financial officer says he was fired after finding accounting discrepancies

Robert Avery excluded from secret meetings

Former chief financial officer for Civic San Diego, Robert Avery, says he was wrongly terminated after raising concerns with questionable expenditures at the city-owned non-profit. Civic San Diego is a city-owned nonprofit which oversees the ...

Board finds deputies used proper force in death of mentally unstable 32-year-old

Lucky Phounsey called 911 because he was delusional and feared for his family's safety

San Diego County's Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board has found that the actions taken by 11 sheriff's deputies, which resulted in the death of 32-year-old Lucky Phounsey, were justified. According to a newly posted agenda, ...

Scripps Ranch median and/or pot smoker led to tragedy

Paralyzed man sues city over accident. But was a stoned driver the real cause?

Hyun Jeong Choi’s glass marijuana pipe rested inside the center console of her 2015 gray Toyota Corolla. The pipe was still hot to the touch on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016, when traffic accident investigator ...

Beauty pageant run by El Cajon councilmember under attack

Miss Middle East says it's a sham — but Ben Kalasho has contract and checks issued

The $2,000 oversized check Zhala Tawfiq received upon being crowned Miss Middle East was not a real check. The accompanying cosmetic procedures, sponsorships, wardrobe, and television auditions, that accompanied the check, were just as fake, ...

School districts sue county for cash

Claim taxing agencies have stiffed them out of property tax revenues

A May 31 lawsuit filed on behalf of the County Office of Education and the county's school districts, accuse San Diego County and its auditor of taking property tax revenues that should have gone to ...

Water wars likely to add to rising customer costs

Otay Water District sues City of San Diego over reclaimed water

The Otay Water District, which provides water, sewage, and recycled water to communities in southeastern San Diego County including portions of Chula Vista, Spring Valley, Otay Mesa, Jamul, and others, is suing the city of ...