Tin Fork

Panda Imperial: noodle palace guardian

“This is the Chinese food we grew up with.”

Got to hand it to Hank. He keeps finding these places that give you more gobbles for your greenback. It’s Friday. I ask where he’s going to eat with the money I give him. (Paying ...

What calzone means in Italian

How long since I’ve had a straight sit-down Italian meal?

‘Hey. Feel like trouser legs for lunch?” This is Hank on the honker. Seeing quite a bit of Hank recently. Forgot how much he’s with it when it comes to getting boocoo nosh for nitnoi ...

Donkey Kong, Rubik’s Cubes, Ghostbusters and arcade food

“Ain’t nothing he doesn’t know about the eighties.”

‘Donkey Kong’s at the back left,” says the guy at the welcome podium. “Go for it, brother.” My friend Annie and I head inside, and into the ding-dong cacophony of a hundred different arcade games ...

Tahona’s amazing contemporary Mexican cuisine with Oaxacan bites

“It was a possum who became the first drunk.”

‘How far?” says my friend Annie. “I’m so sick of these crowds I could croak.” We’re in Old Town, Friday night. We’re at the last gasp of Old Town’s Mile of Bars on San Diego ...

Blue corn tortillas are at the forefront of a gastro-battlefield at La Selecta International Market

Take a journey to the center of the girth

The debate starts when I come across Henry on the parking lot patio. He’s eating away at a pile of corn tortillas. He peels one off, folds it neatly, eats it. Peels another off. “You ...

Khan’s Cave Tavern: Peking Duck sliders for food addicts

Who was Khan? And why was he living in a cave?

This was the day Annie and I went mad. She popped by, offering me half the breakfast sandwich she’d just bought. This was like four in the afternoon. I said. “Why don’t we go have ...

Pine House Cafe & Tavern: Knotty, but nice tree people

“Tables reserved for Pacific Crest Trail walkers”

‘Bobcat!” says Mag. This hairy-tailed thing pads across the Sunrise Highway and up into the trees. Bobcat? Fox? Raccoon? Or just someone’s big hairy pet kitty? Mag and I stare across the gravel lot outside ...

Arslan’s Gyros, World Surprise Plate, and libations to liberate your ideas

The mural Arslan had painted links the Christian and Moslem communities

‘Let’s have a symposium!” says Annie. Symposium? Takes me a moment. Then, okay, yeah. Just passing an eatery with huge letters on its sidewalk canopy: “GYROS.” And I remember. Symposium’s the ancient Greek word for ...

Raise a glass of Malbec at Craft Wine and Beer

Wine for humans, beer for dogs

It’s Friday night. Left eating till the last moment. Tramping up Congress. Gonna head up toward San Diego Avenue, the glam street of Old Town. Most of everything here on Congress is closed down. Except ...

Jennings House Café: munching wine and sandwiches in a big old Victorian with a patio deck

Late breakfast on the oldest street

Announcing a new gastronomic experience! A taste sensation you drink! A… OK. Here’s how it happened. I’m in Point Loma. Jes’ walking southwest down Rosecrans. Past the Dick & Jane Waxing Salon, and past, oh ...

A feast of Army Base Stew, kimchi, ramen and Spam at Friend’s House in Little Korea

“Korean food can be hot. But it’s drier, less oily than Chinese dishes.”

Aaargh! Second time I’ve tried. This time it’s even worse. I look at the screen beside the “sign in” sign. “Parties waiting: 68. Estimated wait time 03:27.” That’s 3 hours and 27 minutes? No way, ...

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