Tin Fork

The Great Soup Experiment: Jalisco, Cafe 21, and Soup Du Jour

“You must cook slowly to bring out the flavor.”

‘This is going to hurt,” says Dr. Jamie. “Like, for a week.” He has been fighting to haul out a stubborn molar of mine. That was yesterday. Today, in IB, on Palm Avenue, I still ...

Let the ghosts of Flinn Springs swirl at Mary Etta’s Cafe

She’s famous for whacking a customer with a bar stool.

It’s a crisp, fresh morning on Olde Highway 80. I’m aboard the MTS’s 838 truck/bus heading east, looking for somewhere to break fast. “Mary Etta’s is a morning eatery,” says this lady sitting across from ...

San Diego Idli: South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

“This vast, ancient cuisine, it is completely vegetarian.”

Little India. Black Mountain Road. Looking for an Indian grocery outlet. Gotta find my new favorite flavor to swipe on bread. Marmite. Surprise for my friend Annie. She’s Scottish. She let me try some of ...

Skateworld: meals on wheels

I’m clinging to the snack bar like it’s flotsam from the S.S. Bedford.

‘Are you sure?” “Piece of cake. We’ll get right back into it. They’ll want us in Cirque du Soleil.” With my friend Annie again. ’Cause she’s usually up for anything. Went for a winter swim ...

Da South In Ya Mouth ribs at a Chula Vista Mobil gas station

“Pork is a Georgia thing. We’re from Georgia.”

“Good wine needs no bush,” says Annie. We’re standing at a Mobil gas station, on the corner of 3rd and L in southern Chula Vista. “Say again?” I say. I know I know this phrase. ...

Hooked On Crab in Eastlake

“That’s why we give gloves. People should be messy.”

We came here for fish, but not this sort of fish. Hank brought his rod to this totally cute little pond surrounded by houses. The lake that gives Eastlake its name, he says. But what ...

Did Joan Crawford own the bar at Brian’s 24?

I suddenly remember why I came... the Peanut Butter Burger

Crack o’ dawn. Brand new day! Toughest task of new year — to start getting up early — accomplished! On the other hand, not totally together yet. I look up along deserted Sixth Avenue. Right ...

Madeleine Cafe & Bakery: the French Starbucks

Everything from France

First order of the day: Do. Not. Look. In. The. Mirror. Bit too much celebrating lately. So, second order of the day: belly up for a cup of real French coffee at Madeleine’s. Because, well, ...

Old Venice happy hour with Joe Biden look-alike

“I’ve got a yacht I could sell you,” says Joni.

I blame my friend Annie for this. I mean I’ve been around, but she zips about in dizzying circles, social circles, the kind you read about in the glossy magazines. This day, I just had ...

Good Moments Tea Bar: steamed burgers fusion

Everyone around me is sucking boba balls

I sip my Kyoto Summer. I look down. A steamed burger? It comes out blanched, like a ghostly version of America’s favorite sandwich, but stuffed with a golden-crumbed chicken slab, Swiss cheese, and kimchi, and ...

Cheese melting over like a Salvador Dali watch

Home of the $3 burger ...and the killer deviled eggs

What’s missing? I keep looking at this thing. But nothing’s amiss. It is a complete burger, with slab of meat, slab of red onion, slab of cheese melting over the patty like a Salvador Dali ...

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