Tin Fork

Argentinians ascendant on C Street

Stuffed like an empanada at Empanada Kitchen

“All the Argentinian children thought I was Brazilian,” says Brandon, “because I was black, and they’d never seen a black American before. They all wanted to take pictures with me.” Brandon, his buddy Matt, and ...

Tom kha in the desert

55 Thai aims to bring sweet simplicity to San Diego

So ’t’other day my buddy Ernesto — Neto — and I met at this corner liquor store over the summit in Golden Hill for lunch. His idea. “Uh, likker store?” “Wait till you get inside,” ...

Good eats at Gillespie Field

Really, I haven’t had such a good brekky for ages

First time I see the sign, I think hot diggity: A pie café on an airfield! So I walk in off Marshall Avenue to where all the hangars with the apartments above form a little ...

It's the blankets (tartines, cupcakes) at Frost Me Café and Bakery

Piazza della famiglia finally open in Little Italy

It’s the free blankets. A whole wicker basket filled with them, all rolled up. Mexican blankets, waiting for patio customers to grab ‘em and warm themselves up. April 16th, opening day, on the patio of ...

Nobody uses their phones at Quartyard II

"The three architecture students who conceived this, they proved something here."

“Look around,” says Ivan. “What do you notice?” I look around. Uhhhh? “I’ll tell you,” he says. “Nobody’s using their phones See? They’re all talking to each other, drinking, eating, playing with their dogs, whatever. ...

Point Loma happy hour tour

Stopping to snack in the magic hour

Hurry-up time: Have to hit happy hour because, well, this is Point Loma. Million-dollar yachts, hundred-dollar eateries. Can’t afford full-freight. I’m here for three days. Work. So, hey, three chances at happy hour happiness! Day ...

Grabbing the grilled pork at Villa Manila

"Most Filipinos like eating with their hands when it comes to feasting. It ties them to the old ways.”

“With your fingers, dude?” says Wes. “Hey, what else did people eat with, before you French brought in the fork, right? You invented cutlery! The Curse of the Eating Classes!” Actually, Wes has always been ...

Nine miles from nearest bus stop

Twelve Tribes branch in Valley Center

“Could you let me off at Lilac Road?” That’s me, asking the driver of the 388 as we climb through the hills and orange orchards of Valley Center Road, northeast of Escondido. “Just in time,” ...

The world's largest larder

"Peruvian cuisine is not just Inca."

Who has the largest larder in the world? Peru. Why Peru? Because it has the most vertical of back yards. Restaurants in Lima can get produce from 17 different altitudes, from 6 feet below the ...

The hidden food of Barona

Feisty Kate's, Ho Wan Noodle Shop, Barona Oaks Steakhouse

‘The long and winding road,” sing the Beatles on this bus’s sound system. And, boy, have they nailed it. I look out the bus window and see rocks, bluffs, isolated houses with dusty trucks in ...

You want more chicken

Carlsbad Mexican broilers — yum

Three armed guys come through the door. They’re all chunky hardbodies, wearing what look like bulletproof vests. Written across their backs, one word: PROBATION. They head for the counter. Maria, Rosana, and Carmen face them ...

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