Garrett Harris

Garrett Harris
Garrett Harris covers the classical music scene for the Reader.

Articles by Garrett Harris

The Mainly Mozart is coming

I take my annual ride from borough to borough

Round about this time of year I begin to feel like a musical Paul Revere. Instead of riding from town to town shouting, “The redcoats are coming! The redcoats are coming!” I begin posting from ...

San Diego Symphony on Saturday night — the best concert ever

Yes. I’m going to go with that.

Well, I guess the May 20th concert by the San Diego Symphony was the best one I’ve heard them perform. Yes. I’m going to go with that. Charles Dutoit conducted the living fire out of ...

One-sided conversation at San Diego Symphony

Schumann’s themes tend to stick in the ear

Every concert is a conversation between the performers and the audience regarding a particular composer. This conversation isn’t quite fair, because the audience always has the last word. The audience’s response is the final verdict ...

I see your agenda

Concepts versus emotions in the arts and advertising

I recalled that graphic art and commercial art or logo design attempts to create a visual representation of an idea or a concept. This is why commercial art or corporate sculptures most often feel as ...

Time to take out the Eurotrash

A German part-time orchestra is attempting to improve US/Mexico border relations.

There is a practice in classical music which I find to be somewhat disingenuous. That practice is overtly politicized concertizing. As I've written in the past, almost every great opera has a political edge but ...

Ok, Gustav, I feel you

Some great singing and a map of consciousness from the San Diego Symphony

Mahler’s Symphony No. 3 has always been a riddle to my ears. The maniacal quality of the woodwinds in the first movement has barred my way to this music in the past. Imagine our old ...

Thug life — Mahler's 3rd @SanDiegoSymph

I want classical music to be accessible, but I also want people to suck less

Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 3 is going down at the San Diego Symphony starting Friday, May 5th, 8:00 p.m, plus performances Saturday night (8:00) and Sunday afternoon (2:00). This is a biggie. How does one ...

PONY rides a new vision for live classical music

Movies, lights, but where is the social media presence?

Well, well, well. It looks as though an orchestra is making a serious effort to fling itself into the not so new century. The Philharmonia Orchestra of New York — which calls itself PONY — ...

Verdi is a deceptive bastard

SDO's La Traviata both solid and uneven

The value of a solid production is somewhat undervalued by the experienced opera aficionado. If you’re around opera long enough then you will have a handful of peak experiences by which you judge every other ...

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