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Titanic operas

Could big opera work on the San Diego waterfront?

Summer is full of festivals. They’re everywhere. Ev-er-y-where. Let’s take a look at one of the big ones that begins later this month. By big, I mean gigante. Huge. Titanic. That’s the Bregenz Festival in ...

Bell wins — Yay!

“I had a new CD coming out of 20th-century classical music, but I added an original piece dedicated to my flute mentor,” musician Lori Bell tells the Reader in an interview conducted in her second-floor ...

La Jolla Music outraises San Diego Opera over 10-1

Money is flowing into classical music coffers.

La Jolla Music Society has raised $50 million while San Diego Opera has raised $4.5 million. But still, the opera is doing well, given this spring's turmoil.

Talk, sing, talk, boom

The Star Spangled Pops concert with the Symphony featured beautiful music and much jabber, then fireworks.

There was a lot of talking at the Symphony Pops during the Star Spangled Pops concert. Like, a lot. First off, we were welcomed by someone from the front office. Honestly, I can’t remember who ...

Off the chain, in the flow

A rambunctious festivus finishes this year's Mainly Mozart Festival

The final concert of the Mainly Mozart Festival was off the chain. "Off the chain" — what does that even mean? From Urban Dictionary: "Out of control, wild fun. Just like when your pitbull gets ...

Chamber musicians light the path

The final chamber music concert at the Timken.

The final Timken Museum Mainly Mozart concert was a rough one for me. There were two pieces of music on the program, Kodaly’s Serenade for Two Violins and Viola and Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 9. ...

Entirely not Mozart, entirely badass

All-star symphonic performance neatly frames the master

What would happen if you brought an orchestra together which was comprised of principal players from a slew of different organizations such as The LA Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, ...

Always pressing forward

The La Jolla Symphony concluded its season with Janacek, Haydn, and Ratcliff.

The final concert of the La Jolla Symphony season was a good one. The program included Janacek, Haydn, and a new piece for chorus orchestra, soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and guitar by Cary Ratcliff set to ...

Musical Merit is money

The 69th annual Musical Merit Foundation awards $90,000.

The lucrative Musical Merit Foundation of Greater San Diego held its 68th annual awards program on Sunday, June 1. The competition includes both instrumental and vocal disciplines. The preceding Thursday was the preliminary round, out ...

Masterful Finale in a golden era

The Masterworks season came to a conclusion this weekend at San Diego Symphony

If there's one thing Jahja Ling and the San Diego Symphony can do, it's play Brahms. Over the past few seasons we've heard all four of the Brahms symphonies and each time the performance has ...

Kirill Gerstein brings Russian rain

Downpour of Tchaikovsky, Stravinksy Rachmaninoff hits Jacobs Music Center

The San Diego Symphony concert the weekend of May 16-18 was a mixed bag for me. I'm not speaking of the performance, but the repertoire. The opening piece was Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky ...

Almost perfect in La Jolla

Opera Wednesdays in La Jolla are not to be missed

I went to the most recent Opera Wednesdays concert at the La Jolla Community Center. I must say I enjoyed the concert. The setting was just about ideal in my opinion. The room opened onto ...

The "Rach 3" and the flow of prestige

Is it the movie or the music that should be honored?

This coming weekend is the penultimate concert in the Jacobs Masterworks Series at the San Diego Symphony. The concert features the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 3 — the "Rach 3" as it was referred to ...

Debussy, Bartok, and Tchaikovsky at The San Diego Symphony

Concert master Jeff Thayer plays the solo while Debussy and Tchaikovsky pine and yearn.

There is something about Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn that aches with nostalgia. When the piece started at the Jacobs Music Center on Saturday night, I settled in to experience a happy ...

Ferruccio Furlanetto talks Von Karajan

The San Diego Opera star talks about the great conductor in part 1 of 3

San Diego Reader: So one question I’ve never been able to ask any singer and will probably never be able to ask again is what was it like to work with von Karajan, you were ...

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