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Walter Mencken
Walter Mencken authors Almost Factual News — S.D. on the Q.T.

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Latest Articles

NFL Officials Strain to Explain Brain Pain

"Leaked" internal report points to "troubling rise" in "off-the-field" concussions.

SOMEWHERE IN CYBERSPACE — When you hear somebody mention "4Chan," "leak," and "pro athlete's girlfriend," the first thing that comes to mind probably isn't head trauma. But in a largely overlooked story, 4Chan user "footballsux" ...

Zoo officials report newly captured albino cobra is "significantly smaller" than darker snakes of the same species

ASKING YOU TO PLEASE STOP THAT SNIGGERING, SAN DIEGO ZOO — Scientists today released their initial findings on Willy, the albino monocle cobra captured in Thousand Oaks and transported to the San Diego Zoo two ...

Neighborhood (Meme) Watch

Police credit viral Internet meme with arrest of North Park assault suspect.

Move over, Strutting Leo. Slow it down, Happy Keanu. Grab a seat, Prancing Cera. Earlier this month, San Diego Police released a surveillance photo that they thought depicted the man responsible for six assaults on ...

"Ozymandias" wins annual Labor Day U.S. Sand Sculpting Competition and 3D Art Challenge

DRINKING HEAVILY TO NUMB THE PAIN AT THE HEART OF EXISTENCE, EMBARCADERO — "I can't remember when we've had a field this strong," said U.S. Sand Sculpting Challenge chief judge Chris Nihil. "I don't know ...

Planned Parenthood protests possible prosecution of marriage-marring Marine for multiple murders

Statement released following the news that Christopher Lee, the ex-Marine arrested on suspicion of killing Marine wife Erin Corwin and hiding her body in a mineshaft, may be prosecuted for a double homicide if it ...

Guest editorial: It's hard out here for a playa

Troy Rampant is a senior at a San Diego high school. Man, back in the day, it was just easier, you know? My mom, she didn't know what she wanted to do when she got ...

A Jew? Who knew?

On August 24, the San Diego Chargers played a preseason game in San Francisco, and Chargers radio announcers Hank Bauer and Josh Lewin were there to cover the event for KIOZ. Toward the end of ...

Brown tide rising

TALKING FUNNY BECAUSE I'M HOLDING MY NOSE, RANCHO SANTA FE — At about 2:30 this morning, a ruptured sewer main sent a great mass of human waste spilling into the streets of this super-wealthy enclave. ...

SeaWorld renews commitment to the welfare of its investors

GREAT IDEA, GLAD WE THOUGHT OF IT, SEAWORLD — Following the news that its stock's value had been savagely shredded by an attack from Blackfish, the documentary that criticized its treatment of both orcas and ...

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