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Craft beer scene yields to burgeoning local heroin industry

Horse race?

Recent data released by SANDAG shows that heroin use among arrested San Diegans has tripled since 2002. Today, over 15 percent of all women and 13 percent of all men who get taken into custody ...

FastPass border crossing initiative falls flat

The path of least resistance

On August 1, Mexico's San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing — long a favorite for American daytrippers heading into Tijuana — got a little less unregulated, as the country began running walkers through its newly built ...

Mayor Faulconer accuses Chargers of failing to give city's stadium proposal due consideration


"The City of San Diego has acted in good faith with the San Diego Chargers," cried Mayor Faulconer at today's press conference, his plastic bib flopping about as he flailed his arms. "We sped up ...

Rockstar announces GTA 5 mod in honor of El Centro drug-smuggling teens

Art imitates life, and so do video games

On August 12, El Centro teens Jonathan Elias and Brayan Valle pleaded guilty in San Diego federal court to smuggling 28 pounds of heroin over the border from Mexico via personal drone. Just one week ...

E-tagger vandalizes e-proposal for City Heights neighborhood sign

Resident: "This is why we can't have nice things."

City authorities thought they had seen the last of the KRE8 tag, at least for the next few months. After all, 19-year-old Francisco Canseco, the man behind the ubiquitous spraypainted moniker, was sentenced to 180 ...

San Diego chosen as sixth best city in which to prepare for the inevitable

Enjoy it while it lasts recently rated San Diego as the sixth nicest large urban center in America in which to fritter away the brief span of your life before descending into endless oblivion. Considering factors such as weather, ...

CPUC chief decries lawmaker's deadline for release of emails regarding San Onofre deal

Search functionaries?

California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Picker has issued a strong statement in reply to Utilities and Commerce Committee Chair Anthony Rendon, who recently issued a July 31 deadline for CPUC's presentation of emails relating ...

NIH invites Junior Seau's daughter to speak at ceremony

Freedom of speech!

After considerable controversy, the National Football League allowed Sydney Seau to speak at last weekend's NFL Hall of Fame ceremony, following the posthumous induction of her father, Tiaina Baul "Junior" Seau, Jr. Seau, a fearsome ...

Out of the celluloid closet

SDSU film student sets out to "fix" Rock Hudson film in wake of Supreme Court gay marriage decision.

"All That Heaven Allows was a brilliant dissection of an intolerant society's reaction to an unconventional marriage," says Mark Marquez, a graduate student at San Diego State's film studies program. "And it was no accident ...