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Vinyl records can’t pay the rent, that’s why

Brooklyn and L.A. have bid farewell to record stores, despite a ten-year uptick in record sales

Dear Hipster: If hipsters are so good about supporting local businesses, then why did Off the Record close? I thought hipsters were all about music on vinyl. Shouldn’t there have been a healthy market for ...

Sincerity has no place at the karaoke mic

Erect an ironic fortress

Dear Hipster: I work for a small, professional business with about 12 other people. I love the fact that our “office” is very collegial and informal, but the flip side of that is that everybody ...

Concert photos for the wasteland known as your phone

Get in the moment and stay there

Dear Hipster: I’ve got a 21st-century problem for you. Every time I attend a concert, or really any other significant event, the wall of cell phones taking snaps and Vines drives me to distraction. You ...

I'm the kind of pizza that guilts you for not ordering pho instead

Never forget about Crystal Pepsi or the Smiths

About 18 months ago, I responded to a question about what kind of bicycle I would be, if I were a bicycle. Since then, contrary to what I would have assumed, inquiries along a similar ...

Batman v. Superman, Hydrox v. Oreo

Dear Hipster: If everybody — and I really mean everybody, because I do not know a single person who liked it — unequivocally hates Batman v. Superman, wouldn’t it be the most hipster thing ever ...

If only there was a Roscoe's in San Diego

Until then, try Long Beach or the frozen food aisle

Dear Hipster: Is it true that Roscoe’s is coming to San Diego? Give me the straight dope. — Derek As of this writing, Roscoe’s has yet to publicly confirm the rumors. I don’t know how ...

Opening a can of name-and-shame Facebookworms not recommended

To out or not to out social offenders

Dear Hipster: Despite “we only serve water upon request” signs at most restaurants, I’ve noticed that compliance with water-saving regulations has slipped of late at some of my favorite spots. Servers are starting to automatically ...

Are hipsters too jaded for healing crystals?

Win a a mystical, metaphorical high-five from the astral plane

Dear Hipster: I’m loyal to the Reader, but I also peruse the NYT. One recent story about culturally relevant pop music in the 21st Century asserts that there has been a revival of New Age ...

Imagine an internet as elegant as a third-wave coffee roaster’s logo

Dear Hipster: Every now and again, I get a Twitter follower from my past, often someone I haven’t spoken with since before Twitter existed, and then that person pops up with “so-and-so has followed you.” ...

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