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Nobody heard of Blake’s burden before this

Dear Hipster: Is there anything about a person’s name that would preclude him or her from hipster status? Say, you wanted to be a professional wrestler, and you tried to bill yourself as King Tutu, ...

Temple of Wes

Prada's precious new watering hole makes Milan the hip destination.

Dear Hipster: What would be the ultimate hipster vacation destination for this summer? — Deb, Golden Hill Well, until recently that might have stumped me enough to cop something lamely ironic, and overzealously punctuated, like, ...

Breaking: Local ingrate forgets Mother's Day, Reader saves day twice

"Just make it up with brunch," declares hipster authority

Dear Hipster: So, I was reading the Mother’s Day issue of the Reader, which I didn’t get a chance to look over until Monday, and it hit me that I forgot to send my mom ...

Blame the frat brothers for dad-body popularity

Hipsters are not complicit in the latest unironic, body-related indignity

Dear Hipster: I want to blame hipsters for making us aware of the “dad body,” aka “the stupidest trend of the year so far,” but, before I do, I thought I would consult you. This ...

Have a holly-jolly summertime

Bad taste doesn't have to be ironic.

Dear Hipster: I like to play my Christmas-themed Pandora station every six weeks or so, even if it isn’t Christmastime. I think it’s funny to listen to Burl Ives in July. My friends don’t agree. ...

Hip-ocrisy or versatility?

The crush of modern life demands certain compromises, like Slurpees.

Hello Mr. Hipster: I am not very big on hipster culture, but I do know that hipsters tend to act very anti-corporation. I live in South Park, and the whole area is fighting Target from ...

Battery salesmen HATE Kyle

Try this one super-hip trick to avoid buying batteries unnecessarily

Dear Hipster: If you drop a dead alkaline battery on a hard surface, it will bounce. If you drop a good battery, it won’t. Did you know that? It’s an easy way to test whether ...

Jamaican, prove thyself

Despite lack of interest, the scene demands tribute

Dear Hipster: I have recently moved to San Diego and have immediately noticed a general affinity for reggae music. It seems that everywhere I go, hipsters are wearing the T-shirts, the beads, playing the music ...

What beard? I never had a beard

Don't fear the razor

The decline of the handlebar ’stache began on July 17, 2011

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