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Coolest. Day. Ever.

The most unserious of holidays

Dear Hipster: Is there a National Hipster Day or anything like that? — David My sources say, “no.” Poor-taste Facebook group “National Punch a Hipster Day” latched on to a wee bit of interwebs fame ...

#ironymatters, bae

American Dialect S dodges a swipe of the selfie stick

Dear Hipster: I just thought you should know, the American Dialect Society voted #blacklivesmatter as its Word of the Year. Sorry to the person who was hoping for “selfie stick.” — Anne Selfiestick couldn’t even ...

Blame the boomers

The hipster phenomenon goes back farther than you think.

Dear Hipster: Riddle me this: are Millennials hipsters or are hipsters Millennials? — jo jo Myopic culture pundits love to lump the two groups together, but you know the one about all squares being rectangles, ...

I bet you caught ’em all

DJ sets the record straight for this not-a-'90s-kid

Dear Hipster: I was born in 1994, and I keep seeing all this “’90s kids will know” stuff on my Twitter and FB feeds. Unfortunately, not a lot of it really applies to me. I ...

One for the hate file

Closing the snowboard-style loophole.

Dear Hipster: I think I found a loophole in your hipsters don’t ski hypothesis. I went to Mammoth for a ski trip, and I totally saw a hipster there...snowboarding! Hipsters may not ski, but they ...

Caught between a hug and a hard place

You could move, or get a shirt, or maybe just be a jerk.

Some people don’t need a hug.

Own Halloween (and some Danzig fans)

Magic robot duplication devices should be used for the noblest causes

Dear Hipster: I’m reading a book about a race of robots that live on another planet, and they have technology that can print an impermanent copy of anything that exists. The copies fade away, but ...

Q is the key

Board game superiority is within reach, but at what cost?

Dear Hipster: My mother-in-law incessantly lords her board-game superiority over me. How do I get better at SCRABBLE? — Brandon I’d like to go on the record that this is a poor use for my ...

Burning cool

Trivial victories are their own best reward.

Dear Hipster: Why the hell do hipsters feel compelled to gather so much useless knowledge to themselves? What’s the point in memorizing the characters and actors from a questionable 1990s sitcom? — Amy, North Park ...

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