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Shots fired! But where?

Acoustic sensors will give origin of gunfire to police

Acoustic sensors tuned to capture and record the sound of gunshots and report them to the police department are coming to Southeastern San Diego. According to a September 26 public notice the city and its ...

So 1860s: Robert E. Lee Elementary

"We will see the name change, or else we're coming for you."

California assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez joined the San Diego chapter of the National Action Network and the San Diego Black Police Officers' Association on Wednesday afternoon (December 2) to call for a name change to Robert ...

You’d better apologize, Beekman Boys

A blogger is upset because the Beekman Boys website claims to sell products made in the USA (except for a few items) and is called out after she inquires about their provenance.

A Gallery of Dummberry, a Snail Who Employs Disguises Title: Becky Charms & Co. | Address: | From: Paradise Hills | Blogging since: October 2011

Sweetwater River Church

Denomination: Assembly of God Membership: 125 Pastor: Frank Wooden Age: 53 Born: Berkeley Formation: Vanguard University, Costa Mesa; Bethany Bible College, Santa Cruz. Years Ordained: 24 San Diego Reader: How long do you spend writing ...

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BeckyCharms March 8, 2016 @ 8:57 p.m.

District 4, representing! It's been a while since ANYTHING has happened here.. I mean, monumental change, unless you consider sidewalk toilets sprouting flowers or 3 ice cream trucks in the same day. Which, let's face it, is like putting your favorite song on Repeat 1. Such catchy tunes they have. I mean, when did Bomb Pops become $2, and even the Mexican candy costs a quarter. How many times do we have to be reminded that we live in "PH". Somebody keeps painting it all over everything; fences, green boxes, bricks, trees, parks, playgrounds, "STOP" signs. Great reminders for our out-of-town guests.


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