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Silver spoons aren’t just for rich kids

Make your own fishing lures!

Inshore: The yellowtail numbers came back up a bit this past week for the ½- and ¾-day boats, while calico bass, rockfish, and bonito are dominating the counts for the short trips. A few more ...

Practice CPR on your bass

Catch, photograph, release

Inshore: As summer begins with a heat wave, the inshore yellowtail fishing has cooled slightly. The jacks are still there, of course, and the slow bite might just be moon phase and/or the plethora of ...

Fat flatties on the flats

This week's fishing report

Inshore: The pelagic “tuna” crabs that have been painting many beaches red and sometimes requiring dozers to clean them up are also causing the inshore fishing to be a little iffy. Most fish caught, whether ...

My personal best halibut at San Quintín — 44 pounds

Fishing hole location disclosed

San Quintín Bay lies in the shadow of volcanoes a couple hundred miles south of the border on the Pacific coast of Baja. The bay spreads out from over seven miles of channel into false ...

First opah landing of the year

Here comes summer with a big bluefin splash

Inshore: With the majority of the fleet looking for yellowtail and bluefin in the top of the water column, the calico and sand bass counts dropped off a bit. Still, those ½-day and ¾-day trips ...

Thresher shark parts sought by study

Bacterial brain infection stranding young sharks

Weekly fishing report Inshore: Last week was a coolish, gray week on the water. The full moon phase put a bit of a damper on the upper-water column species, though the yellowtail were definitely out ...

Opening day for catfish night-fishing this Friday

Try chicken liver or shrimp

Lake Jennings, off the I-8 in Lakeside, is an 85-acre reservoir at about 700 feet in elevation. It holds channel catfish, largemouth bass, stocked trout, blue catfish, redear sunfish, and even “wipers” — a white ...

Rare albacore hits the deck

Broomtail caught in Mission Bay

Inshore: In spite of being fat-plugged with pelagic crab, the rockfish continue to bite well for the local bottom-fish trips. Most of these fish come up with mouths and bellies full of the hapless crabs, ...

Sharks rampage in La Jolla

Kayakers hooted and hollered as large threshers took them on sleigh rides out to sea.

May the Fourth. International Star Wars day to some, but to La Jolla kayak fishermen, it will forever be the beginning of the Wide Open Thresher Bite of 2016. The gray, windless day — with ...

White seabass numbers down, thresher sharks thick off La Jolla

Weekly fish report

Inshore: The half-day boats are working the kelp edges for calico bass, barracuda, and bonito, and the high spots for rockfish, whitefish, and anything else that is biting. The fish are still plugged with pelagic ...

Bluefin from the bass boat

Local angler slays 'em from his Ranger

Inshore: The half-day boats are getting a good mix of calico bass, sheephead, rockfish, and sculpin with occasional top-water activity on barracuda, bonito and yellowtail. Bluefin tuna are back in ¾-day range and the boats ...

June Lake trout scamper away from shore

Anglers fair better from boats during season opener

For the third year in a row, a snowfall sent the big trout away from the shoreline, on the opening day, April 30, of California’s premier trout fishery in the Eastern Sierra. Four inches fell ...

Where have the sand crabs gone?

Population drastically declining

Inshore: With a bump on top and a bit of a breeze most of the week, the ½- and ¾-day boats stayed a bit closer to home. There are good yellowtail marks all over La ...

Long casts get the fast-moving yellowtail

Weekly fishing report

Inshore: With the full moon mid-week and a bit of a blow out of the north, those local bluefin fell off the counts quite a bit. The yellows are in their springtime run-and-gun mode; feeding ...

Merry Fishmas, Eastern Sierra anglers

What do big browns eat?

As hundreds of San Diegans prepare for the April 30 trout opener in the Eastern Sierra, expectations are running high. The annual six-hour drive for thousands of Southern Californian anglers up Highway 395 — to ...

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