Fish Report

Colinet producing decent yellowtail and lingcod

Weekly fishing report for Baja and So Cal

Inshore: The half-day boats have been fishing the midcolumn off the kelp for sculpin and calico bass, and the flats for sand bass and halibut with mixed success. The closure on rockfishing and the weather ...

One of those fish that would not give up

It's hard to land a big tuna

Inshore: With the water temp just below 60 degrees and rockfishing closed in U.S. waters until March 1, the local boats have been concentrating their efforts toward sculpin and sand bass. A few flurries of ...

Last week of rockfishing

Full gunnysacks for the holidays

Inshore: The local boats took advantage of some decent weather between fronts and found some decent bottom fishing for the anglers aboard. Entering into the last few days of rockfishing before that fishery closes on ...

A New Year without El Niño

Recreational groundfish season comes to an end

On New Year’s Eve, local groundfish might have a reason to celebrate. In the angling community over the past couple winters, our lucky New Year’s baby has been the El Niño conditions that kept yellowtail ...

Back to normal winter fishing

Bottom fish until March, or head south

: Back to the normal (wintertime) method of operation Inshore: Looks like it’s back to the normal M.O. for San Diego inshore fishing; Bottom fish until the bell at New Year’s and then scratch for ...

Local fleet targeting rockfish

It's freezer-filling time

Inshore: It’s been a bit slow for the local fleet with only just under 340 anglers for the week. The catch is mainly rockfish with a few other seasonal bottom fish mixed in. After two ...

Lake Wohlford opener angers anglers

Fishermen lose patience

Last week, the City of Escondido stocked Lake Wohlford with 6000 pounds of Nebraska Tailwalker rainbow trout for the annual trout opener on December 10. The lake had been closed since December 4, and the ...

Wintertime blues? No yellows? Try ocean whitefish

Weekly fish report

Inshore: I think this is the first weekly report I’ve done in two years that doesn’t have a yellowtail in the local counts. Still, a few were caught off La Jolla by kayakers and private ...

Dixon Lake record-breaking trout opener

“It’s a good day when ten- and twelve-pounders are being knocked off the leaderboard.”

December 2 was opening day for Dixon Lake’s 38th annual Trout Derby. With 6000 pounds of Nebraska Tailwalker rainbows stocked earlier in the week, derby and lake records were broken over the three-day event. Four ...

Lake Wohlford to receive 6,000 pounds of trout

First plant of the season

Inshore: A little rough weather kept a lot of anglers ashore this past week as only 37 boats got out with well under 1000 passengers total. Even so, the bottom fishing for reds, lingcod and ...

Couple tips on how to pull in corbina

Corbina are a spooky fish

I have done my share of surf-fishing in the waves of Santa Maria Bay in front of Cielito Lindo and along the beach south of the camp at Fidel’s Pabellon. Santa Maria Bay begins at ...

Why the lunkers

No license required to fish Dixon Lake

Trout fishing in Southern California has been a put-and-take fishery. The trout caught in our lakes and rivers have been farm-raised and planted (put) for anglers (to take.) Instead of the rainbow trout stocked during ...

Long-range boats score on larger yellowfin tuna

A few cows weigh in at 290 pounds

Inshore: Rockfish, rockfish, rockfish. Lobster. That’s the story for the local half and ¾ day boats in the San Diego area. The surface fishing and summer pelagic aren’t all gone, but it feels that way ...

Fishing 200 miles south of San Diego

Success at the boca

The peaks of the volcanoes emerge from the fog that blankets the shallow upper San Quintín Bay outside my window. I hear the geese, the first of the brants that spend winters here, honking in ...

Big bluefin tuna still the main offshore draw

This week's fishing report

Inshore: The inshore fishing for rockfish has been very good for those getting out to the near-shore bumps on out to the 9 Mile Bank. Lots of sheephead, starrys, vermillions and even an occasional decent ...

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