Matthew Suárez

Matthew Suárez is a writer, musician and photographer who worked in Los Angeles as paparazzo for Bauer-Griffin and National Photo Group (2007-2011). His celebrity pictures have been printed in newspapers and magazines all over the world. For the Reader he covers music, border and Baja stories. He also writes in his own blog As a musician he holds a BA in classical guitar under the tutelage of O. Nicholas Raths from Saint John's University. He has a solo career and plays in several music groups, including San Diego's oldest big band, RockinJazzBigBand. He is also the creator of Tijuana Adventure, nighttime tours in TJ.

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Latest Articles

Happy Vegan meal, kitten included

Animal-rights activists start food-delivery service in Tijuana

In my search to adopt a kitten in Tijuana, a friend of mine directed me to Claudia Lomelí, an animal-rights activist who spends some of her time rescuing street animals and finding them homes. The ...

Thirty samplers later, I was ready to pass out

Baja Beer Fest

I woke up in a mansion in Ensenada on Sunday morning not sure how I got there. My new next door neighbor, Freddy, had invited me to the Baja Beer Fest and told me not ...

Tijuana culture through screen printing

Mexican Fashion: Puro Tijuas

Mexican-American but Tijuana born and raised, Arturo Vázquez (29 years old) has been in the business of screen-printing since 2007. His store is one of the first to open in Pasaje Rodriguez (off Second Street, ...

Brownie Girl's bicycle recovered after being stolen

An act of kindness in Tijuana

Marifer Treviño, also known as La Brownie Girl, goes to music and food events in Tijuana selling her homemade brownies (including vegan, oreo, peanut butter, original, etc). When there's no festival or events, she goes ...

Memorial built where El Pozolero dissolved bodies

Tijuana art project constructed in vacant lot, site of remains

The story of Santiago Meza López is one of the most gruesome and well-known narco stories to come out from Baja. Meza earned his nickname of “El Pozolero” because he dissolved more than 300 bodies ...

Large mural unveiled at strip mall in Tijuana

Movimiento Artístico Red Mental has done this work before

It was a cold and windy Saturday evening when I made my way to the Otay area of Tijuana for the unveiling of a 70.5´ x 23´ mural in the back of a strip mall ...

Finding La Maguana, a homeless icon of Tijuana

Maria Luisa Castro was a dancer — is a dancer

Facebook post: “I'm in love with Tijuana.” Comment reply by David Duran: “Until you make love to La Maguana I'm not going to believe that you truly love this city.” If you have walked around ...

Distruzione Totale by Anti You

Hundreds of crust-punk enthusiasts showed up to Tijuana’s El Tigre bar for a night of total destruction. The bands DLT, New Breed, and Pornoestereos, from Tijuana and Mexicali, started the show before punk quartet Anti ...

Warning: Do not take weed into Mexico

A survey of who does and what happens if you do

“It seems like Border Patrol read your Tijuana junkie and dealer article,” my brother jokingly told me on Facebook. He had recently noticed a new sign posted near the border that reads “Medical marijuana prohibited ...