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Donkey Water

“We do see San Diego beers on the road and it’s an entry point of discussion with others.”

How does a band stay together for more than ten years? For the Donkeys, chemistry is key, but having little faith in one’s own abilities doesn’t hurt either. “I think we all share a lack ...

Vacation songs

Big Ass Robot will soundtrack your holiday

“We had all these songs on our website that nobody cared about, so we thought, We’ll do videos so people will care,” says T.C. Johnston. “Of course, nobody really cared, but we were having fun.” ...

Iggy did it...

Europe remasters "The Final Countdown," starts the hard-rock clock all over again

Two years ago it may have seemed that Europe, the metal band that gave the world “The Final Countdown,” was down for the count. But a Geico car insurance ad has changed things in ways ...

Bassic instinct

Museum of Making Music's new Low exhibit is all about that bass

“Our intent is to reveal the bass,” says Kamau Kenyatta, about LOW: The Power & Beauty of Bass, the newest exhibit at the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad. “Everyone feels it, so we did ...

Book 'em, Brandes

Local rock-roller Ray Brandes writes the book on San Diego punk history

“It’s important people know that punk in San Diego didn’t start in the 1990s,” says Ray Brandes. He should know, as he’s been making music in this town since the early 1980s, first with the ...

Music Zirconia pays tribute popular bands and their fans

Scott Weiland’s recent death may increase sales of his records, but fans may want to hold off on honoring his musical memory by starting a tribute band. “There are a dozen Stone Temple Pilot tribute ...

All she wanted for Christmas was a hippopotamus — and she got one!

Gayla, Matilda, and Norm

Gayla Peevey can’t avoid hippos, even if she wanted to. “People assume I collect them, so they give them to me,” she tells me from her home near Mt. Helix. “I have figurines and a ...

Restaurant chain thrives; owner’s flagship dies

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza vs. Roppongi

When I heard that Roppongi in La Jolla was closing down after 17 years, I wasn’t surprised. Owner Sami Ladeki said the restaurant’s closure was due to changing neighborhood tastes. I always liked Roppongi and ...

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