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Depot dreams come true

Tommy DeCarlo launches rock and roll career from the tool corral

Tommy DeCarlo is not a believer in transferable skills. At least, he doesn’t think the skills he learned working at a Home Depot in Charlotte, North Carolina, have carried over to his current gig — ...

Girl in the Middle of Italy

Local Americana act finds listeners in European markets

Since Carol Rider is the lead singer and guitarist of local Americana rock quartet Girl in the Middle, you might assume the name is referring to her. You’d be wrong. “The name is a concept ...

The original family band

"Bubblegum pop" group the Cowsills come to town on the Happy Together tour

“We were around when there was lots of acid rock and we filled a niche that was being ignored,” says singer Paul Cowsill of his 1960s pop group the Cowsills. “Bob Dylan told Rolling Stone ...

The alcoholic version of the Slurpee

In 1947 Albert Hernandez changed the cocktail world when he added crushed ice to the Margarita.

Of all the cocktails featured in this issue, the Margarita is the one with the closest ties to San Diego. Specifically, the frozen kind; the alcoholic version of the Slurpee. In 1947, Albert Hernandez, a ...

The Trails Eatery helps in-laws get over Coco’s closure

Food Network star’s eatery does breakfast right

When Coco’s closed most of its San Diego–area restaurants in April, it put a kink in my family’s dining schedule. It is my in-laws favorite place to eat, and I willingly joined them in their ...

Sinatra suits singer — and so does the suit

British performer Richard Shelton celebrates Ol' Blue Eyes at the Grant Grill

Richard Shelton has a very good reason to keep in shape: he owns a tuxedo once worn by Frank Sinatra — and it fits him perfectly without any alterations. “We’re the same height and weight,” ...

Sneak Peek: San Diego County Fair Food

From deep-fried SlimFast bars to deep-fried Starbucks coffee

The San Diego County Fair opens June 5, but they opened the door to the press last night for a culinary preview. If you are wondering which deep-fried delicacies or served-on-a-stick specialties you should prioritize, ...

Easily the best carnitas in San Diego

Albert’s Mexican Food Albert’s, located in a lowly strip mall, is known for gigantic rolled tacos that are huge and filling. One of the daily specials is usually a burrito with some form of meat ...

"Lean on Me," in creole

San Diego students bring instrumental aide to Haitian children

Some high-school students might spend their summer vacationing in Mexico. Not Max Oestreicher. The 17-year-old plans to spend his vacation in Haiti. For the second year in a row. Oestreicher, who lives in La Mesa ...

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