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Digital tip jar

Like many music fans, Jeff Storm loves the selection he gets from streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora. Unlike most of them, he feels guilty that the artists he loves are getting streamed ...

More like a patio in someone’s house than a restaurant

Draft For a restaurant located at an amusement park, Draft is much better than it has to be. As many as 69 beers available. Happy hour (Monday through Friday from 4–6 p.m. and then from ...

Belle and Sebastian's latest LP may sound like a disco album but it's not

“When we talk about ‘disco’ we have different ideas. I think of Arthur Russell and underground dance music.”

Loony in La Mesa

Look out for the Loons, London

“Bands from the 1960s evolved based on the technology. We ignored technological advances ... the evolutions are personal.”

Hock and roll

Treasure troves of used gear

A songwriter looking for material could do worse than to work in a pawn shop. Moris Adato, the general manager of CashCo pawn shop in City Heights, hears the type of stories that make for ...

Common denominator

Halloween 2013 was a good day for Oscar Carrion and Andre Flores. That’s the day the duo, who make up the band Citrus, finally scared up a vocalist after ten years of playing together. “We’ve ...

Inconsistent beauty at Rama

Attractive setting and a standout dish doesn't justify Gaslamp upcharge

I love Thai food almost as much as I love Mexican, but both cuisines suffer from the same problem: It’s really good and (often) really cheap, which makes it hard to justify shelling out more ...

Uber for bands

When Andy Altman came home from Coachella this year, he had a revelation. “I’d been relying on Uber a lot,” he said. “At the same time, my dad mentioned, ‘If I wanted to hire a ...

Cynical San Diego

Ours isn’t the first city people associate with Christmas, but the holiday has inspired many musicians with a local connection. Maybe it’s the location at the bottom west of the lower 48, but San Diego ...

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