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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Shotgun ambassador

Deejay "Shotgun" Tom Kelly goes radio silent

San Diego’s most recognized radio deejay has learned that his gig is over. After 18 years at L.A.’s classic hits station KRTH-101, Shotgun Tom Kelly was told his contract as the afternoon drive-time host would ...

Gregory Page and friends to perform free Balboa Park concert

"This is a gift from us and the city of San Diego."

While a Balboa Park centennial committee blew through $2 million before it was disbanded after coming up with nothing, a group of accomplished acoustic artists are banding together for an old-timey, low-tech, free-admission concert Saturday ...

Foreign exchange with Quel Bordel

How to tour Europe and come home with cash, and other advices from the local gypsy-rock act

Follows is some “how to” advice from San Diego band Quel Bordel. How to get a tour in the south of France and come home with money: Quel Bordel singer/guitarist Jakovich Skolnick met the band ...

Where's my robot?

Random Gibberish puts the tunes back in 'toons

There are plenty of freaks and geeks at Comic-Con, but to Matt Sernaker, who has been to every Comic-Con since he was three, the fantasy convention always comes up short in one area. “I never ...

Jumping Turtle's fire sale

North County club Jumping Turtle hits a hurdle

An auction house ad last week announced, “Complete restaurant/bar/live music venue sale!” That August 13 fire sale was at the Jumping Turtle and a surprise to the bands scheduled to perform at the venue near ...

Mrs. Mess's nightmare

Some Kind of Nightmare going through one of their own

Punk-rock veteran Cliff Cunningham takes some credit for talking Some Kind of Nightmare into a life on the road. “It was sometime in 2010 and I had just played with them at the Pier View ...

Echo Park Social Club breaks through with an Aloha song

Local band skirts radio play rules and finds themselves in heavy rotation in Hawaii and Peru

Radio doesn’t have the make-or-break power it held from the 1950s until MP3s arrived in the late ’90s. Still, nothing jumpstarts a career like a Top 40 hit. But in order to get on the ...

Music Box winding up, Avalon on the horizon

Latest news on the San Diego nightclub scene

After being dark for two-and-a-half years, the Little Italy space formerly known as Anthology has been renamed the Music Box and crews are racing to have the remodeled restaurant/bar/music venue opened in time for the ...

Bands out of storage

Storage unit companies cleaning house

Seedheads frontman Kevin Pulido says the lack of affordable practice space countywide may impact the ability of his five-man reggae band to stay together. They were just kicked out of Storage West, a San Marcos ...