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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Yes, again: Fallbrook Golf Course a no-sale

Use of land as garbage dump is not off the table

On Tuesday morning (July 26) sheriff's deputies were on the greens at Fallbrook Golf Course just before 7 a.m. The cops were there because of veteran golf-course operator Harold Vaubel, who just a few weeks ...

Trios only

Vista's strange show-stopper — no bands bigger than three!

One brewery owner laments that the City of Vista’s music scene is stuck in neutral even as its beer industry is exploding. “We’ve been working with the city to do live music,” says Hans Haas, ...

Nudists welcome gypsies

San Diego's first Gypsyfest to be held at a nudist resort

The cofounder of Quel Bordel, San Diego’s “world punk” band, first discovered the site for their upcoming music festival when they were scouting for a site for band photos. “We were looking for abandoned train ...

Another indie music store swan song

One more North County music merchant readies to shutter-up

The music store credited for helping launch the career of country artist Barbara Mandrell is folding after 60 years. Oceanside Music Supply, which maintained the same old-school, full-service music-store vibe it had from when it ...

Edgartronic's transition

San Diego DJ finds his/her true self in San Francisco

“Being able to DJ at this year’s Pride Festival is a surreal kind of homecoming. I get to come home and do what I love to do in front of my hometown crowd...but as my ...

Concert artist brings energy and hair

Artist Jimmy Ovadia creates a new gig

Most jobs associated with concerts have been around for years — musician, roadie, sound tech, merch guy. Jimmy Ovadia created a new job description, and he says it’s been his primary means of support for ...

Ms. Midday Hilary Chambers changes stations

Local alt-rock jock returns to 91X from unsure footing at FM 94/9

Is it another case of DJ musical chairs or a key player jumping off of a sinking ship? Hilary Chambers, who only uses her first name on the air, spent the past eight years at ...

Enter the Fro zone with AJ Froman

O.B. band hopes the Zappa rock documentary provokes interest in odd prog

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Freak Out!, the first of some 60 Frank Zappa albums. Last weekend a new documentary called Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words was released to ...

New hope for Fallbrook Golf Course

“If he wants to tear things down, I want to build them up.”

On June 30, the Fallbrook Village News reported that the beleaguered Fallbrook Golf Course was closed “due to change in management.” The paper missed a major detail about the 56-year-old course, which has come under ...

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