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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Tolan's travels

Tolan Shaw finds his muse is international

Some artists use special effects in their videos, others convince a celebrity to make a cameo, and still others don costumes...or no clothes at all. Last week Tolan Shaw released the video for his new ...

Billy Bacon rides again

Tex-Mex rocker returns to town for a record-release

When Billy Bacon launched the Forbidden Pigs in 1984 he was as happy as a pig in a roots-rock poke. His Tex-Mex trio was buoyed by a flourishing San Diego roots scene that included the ...

Harley's hobby

The scariest band in the land, Deadbolt, getting busy again

I told Deadbolt frontman Harley Davidson that the funniest line I’d ever heard uttered by a rocker onstage was at Belly Up. His voodoobilly band was playing to a full house at the Solana Beach ...

Throw Rag throw-down

Salton Sea's desert-rock quartet back together for a few...

San Diego rocker/promoter Davit Buck has regrouped his Homeless Sexuals to join locals the Downs Family, the Screamin’ Yeehaws, and one of his favorite area bands, the veteran Salton Sea desert rockers Throw Rag, at ...

Small Culture in the famine spot

To remain solvent, like many musicians, Jerik Centeno does the computer-app taxi thing

Jerik Centeno of Small Culture moved to San Diego three years ago to pursue a career in audio production. “All through high school [in Kau’i] all I wanted to do was record and mix bands. ...

Nipple of the month

Lo-Fi Nipple regroups for a tour — of San Diego

Guitarist Bill Reynolds of the garage-surf band Lo-Fi Nipple describes how they prepared for this Saturday's show at Strangers in El Centro. “We sent them a box of CDs to give out before we got ...

Yes, again: Fallbrook Golf Course a no-sale

Use of land as garbage dump is not off the table

On Tuesday morning (July 26) sheriff's deputies were on the greens at Fallbrook Golf Course just before 7 a.m. The cops were there because of veteran golf-course operator Harold Vaubel, who just a few weeks ...

Trios only

Vista's strange show-stopper — no bands bigger than three!

One brewery owner laments that the City of Vista’s music scene is stuck in neutral even as its beer industry is exploding. “We’ve been working with the city to do live music,” says Hans Haas, ...

Nudists welcome gypsies

San Diego's first Gypsyfest to be held at a nudist resort

The cofounder of Quel Bordel, San Diego’s “world punk” band, first discovered the site for their upcoming music festival when they were scouting for a site for band photos. “We were looking for abandoned train ...

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