Ken Leighton

Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Day the music died

After the big-label era...Banana Dang!

“When they wanted someone to talk to the TV cameras, no one was dressed for it.”

Ché Café sit-in is a bust

“No pun intended, but I think it’s kind of a cop out.”

“We won’t go easily.” Raquel Calderon and about 50 other Ché Café volunteers were on hand at 5 a.m. for a meeting at the Ché building to discuss Miranda rights, anticipating the arrival of the ...

"Psycho" hits local airwaves

New Muse track wasn't intended for radio. Say what?

As far as radio songs go, the new “Psycho” by Muse ain’t no “Hey There Delilah.” The accompanying video has an oppressive drill sergeant screaming “You’re ass belongs to me now…I’m gonna make you a ...

Oceanside kicks dispensaries to curb

But it's like playing a game of “whack-a-mole,” says city attorney

The North County toke board tally changed today, March 18. It’s now City of Oceanside, 3. Pot dispensaries, 0. Oceanside city attorney John Mullen said last week that the future for the two remaining medical ...

Dude, this is a joke

Many bands thought the worst thing about the collapse of the major-label music industry was that there was no longer anyone to pay for music videos. Orange County’s Terminally Ill, making their San Diego debut ...

Last gasp for Ché Café

Could disconnect between UCSD and student collective lead to forced eviction?

Insiders say they expect Ché Café’s eviction notice will be posted as soon as St. Patrick's Day. Once it’s up, the Ché Collective and its supporters will have five business days to get out. If ...

Every 25 years...

“A band never really truly breaks up until someone dies.” That is how bassist Mike Jones describes Saturday’s first smART Teens show in almost 25 years. All four original members — Jones, guitarist Joe Comacho, ...

Turn up the deep end!

Singer/guitarist Elias Avila of Groms learned about 1960s-style garage rock at the border. “For about two years, me and my dad lived in Tijuana. It was a good two hours to get across the border ...

Church thief who tested dirty comes clean

Pastor forgives robber and asks him for advice

On Sunday, March 8, 19 days after St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Carlsbad was broken into and robbed of dozens of silver and gold chalices, cruets, and ciboria, the items were found by a sheriff’s ...

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