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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Grand Daddy Purp will be protected

Marijuana — the new legal specialty

Oceanside attorney David Branfman has no doubt that marijuana will become legal for recreational use statewide in November. He is so sure that he has already reconfigured his four-person law practice anticipating what seems to ...

A flamenco twist

Jimmy and Enrique give popular rock the Latin treatment

Jimmy Patton plays a nylon-stringed guitar. Enrique Platas handles percussion (cajon and bongos) and while the duo is primarily instrumental, when Platas sings, he sings in Spanish. Their seven-year-old flamenco White Stripes act has served ...

Sheila E. and her own drum

Latin percussionist talks Prince, Fallbrook set

Latin percussionist/bandleader Sheila E.’s local connections are deep. Uncle Javier helped bring punk to San Diego when he launched the Zeroes in 1976. Uncle Mario has long been a vital part of the rock scene ...

La Jolla snuffs out its 33-year-old Concerts by the Sea series

Nonprofit team thinks, Make them miss us

Having La Jolla in your name can choke your bottom line. “They think that everyone in La Jolla is rich and they can charge us whatever they want.” Ron Jones was one of the ten ...

Retro Attaboys

Fanny & the Attaboys keep it roots-true

Frontwoman Tiffany Christie of Fanny and the Attaboys knows her old-timey quintet may have gotten more attention if they were around 20 years ago when retro-swingers like the Squirrel Nut Zippers and Big Bad Voodoo ...

Casey Turner puts Waves in space

Former NASA engineer get his song onto the Space Station soundtrack

Before he started working at NASA, Casey Turner played in a punk band while studying mechanical engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology. “Our band was called Liquid Image because we played punk and we ...

Tolan's travels

Tolan Shaw finds his muse is international

Some artists use special effects in their videos, others convince a celebrity to make a cameo, and still others don costumes...or no clothes at all. Last week Tolan Shaw released the video for his new ...

Billy Bacon rides again

Tex-Mex rocker returns to town for a record-release

When Billy Bacon launched the Forbidden Pigs in 1984 he was as happy as a pig in a roots-rock poke. His Tex-Mex trio was buoyed by a flourishing San Diego roots scene that included the ...

Harley's hobby

The scariest band in the land, Deadbolt, getting busy again

I told Deadbolt frontman Harley Davidson that the funniest line I’d ever heard uttered by a rocker onstage was at Belly Up. His voodoobilly band was playing to a full house at the Solana Beach ...

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