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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Moshing with Methodists

Church sets up a hardcore hangout called the Industry in Chula Vista

The most surprising thing about last Friday’s “Mosh for Orlando” show in Chula Vista wasn’t that local punks played for free for the Pulse/Orlando victims, it’s that it was held by a church. And moshing ...

Alt-rock jock Hilary Chambers returns to 91X

DJ musical chairs or is FM 94/9 not "about the music" anymore?

Is it a case of DJ musical chairs or a key player jumping off of a sinking ship? Hilary Chambers, who just uses her first name on the air, started as a local alt-rock DJ ...

NPR not facing an existential crisis

KPBS programming honcho takes issue with Wall Street Journal piece

KPBS-FM’s programming chief is not happy with how his station’s network was depicted by the Wall Street Journal. A June 17 article painted NPR as a sinking network with an aging and shrinking listenership. Young ...

Tijuana free to rock again

Mexico's back in the rock concert/festival business

Chim Arrieta Espinoza, singer/guitarist with Tijuana-based Rabbit Fever says the Mexican government has opened up to live-rock events. Arrieta has put on a number of multiband shows in small venues in TJ and San Diego ...

Latin for Wolves

Melvus keeps the voice of their dead brother alive

On June 5 the Los Angeles Times noted how bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns ’N Roses survive while the scenes they created 30 years ago have “withered” due to fewer ...

Pierced the radio veil

Local post-core quartet is blowing up

It pays to play well. Even if there aren’t many people there to see you. “The other day I went to the Ché Café and there were, like, ten kids there,” says singer/songwriter/guitarist Vic Fuentes ...

The Mice embrace the weird

Twenty-year punk trio and their bar the Bancroft bring a new sound to East County

The three punk Mice have been playing for 21 years. “We actually started two years before as Billy Club,” explains singer/bassist Travis Poe. “Our lead singer Matt went away to rehab and never came back. ...

I've made thousands off those idiots

San Diego artists on their Gigtown gigs

While the local booking company Gigtown remains controversial, one San Diego band and a hardcore critic are glad they’re here. Launched last year by Andy Altman with a reported $3 million investment by his father, ...

No cover, no problem for three San Diego clubs

...and the bands still get paid

Hosting original bands without a cover charge has become a successful business model at three San Diego nightspots. The owners of the Salty Frog in Imperial Beach, the Manhattan in Chula Vista, and the Pour ...

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