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A weekend to remember at Casbah

Lucy's Fur Coat cancels Friday and Saturday, Dragons host rock and roll memorial on Sunday

The long awaited return of Lucy’s Fur Coat planned for this Friday and Saturday at the Casbah has been postponed. The first Lucy's show in seven years featuring all original members has been canceled due ...

Kraken's still makin' noise

Cardiff club's band schedule has been reinstated

Today’s U-T full-page-headline: LIVE MUSIC SILENCED AT KRAKEN NIGHTCLUB. Bands booked to play the seaside nightspot were told on Tuesday that their shows were cancelled indefinitely because the owner was “worried that a series a ...

San Pedro psicodélico

Border band talks about the difficulty of breaking out of TJ

“I played All My Friends three times,” says guitarist Aris Chagoya of Tijuana-based San Pedro El Cortez about the annual music fest, which was held in June near Rosarito. “Usually, it was half electronic and ...

Scene Not Heard

A second compilation from San Diego's unsung punks

“All these people said they would use our music on their comps. The problem is, those comps never came out.” That’s why longtime punker Ugly Lenny of Inciting Riots became Ugly Lenny record producer when ...

Epicentre cuts the cord

All-ages venue calls it quits in Mira Mesa

“You’re killin’ me,” says Brian Witkin, founder of Pacific Records, about the news that the venue that gave him his break in the music business was ending live shows. “I met my wife when we ...

Rock-and-roll food CHON

North County prog rockers launch European tour at the all-ages Irenic

Progressive rock, the complex, jazzy instrumental music that flourished with King Crimson and Return to Forever didn’t weather as well as other genres from the ’70s and ’80s. “I think those bands got hit with ...

Can Ché stay?

UCSD chancellor agrees to meet with Ché Collective on Wednesday

In what could be a major development in keeping the Ché Café alive, UCSD Chancellor Pradeep Khosla has for the first time agreed to meet with key members of the Ché Collective 2 p.m. Wednesday. ...

No bully pulpit

Cholo-goth duo Prayers make Pet Shop Boys tough

“I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been shot. I’ve stabbed people. People have stabbed me.” Rafa Reyes says he proudly claims the Sherman Grant Hills Park gang he joined at age 13. His street-savvy tattooed choloness mixed ...

Reggae on the Coast canceled

What's high-definition radio?

Does reggae not matter in San Diego or should the folks who run modern-rock station FM 94/9 stay out of the reggae concert business? Those were the questions being raised on June 29 when Lincoln ...

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