Ken Leighton

Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Age integration or keep ’em separated?

Soma did not serve alcohol when it opened in downtown San Diego in 1986 or when it moved to a Bay Park warehouse in 1994. The all-ages/no-booze policy continued when Soma moved to a remodeled ...

Yes, Droopy, you got the job

Roger Hedgecock announces departure from talk-radio show

On February 23, Roger Hedgecock, announced on the air that March 27 would be his last day hosting his nationally syndicated three-hour talk show on KFMB (760 AM). He started his career as a radio-show ...

Church thieves strike in Carlsbad

Pastor comes across "spiritually violent" scene on Ash Wednesday

Like it was for most Episcopal priests, Ash Wednesday was a big day for Rev. Doran Stambaugh. He arrived at St. Michael’s at 7:40 a.m., 20 minutes before his first of three services that day. ...

Mod and pop

Agreed, Kung Fu Monkeys, punk and ska will never die

“Five years ago here in Tijuana and all of Mexico was in a cartel drug war. Order has been restored.”

Bro deal

Thanks to Tijuana’s Jorge Fonseca, it’s no big deal for a band to fly in from Europe and play two different countries in one weekend. Fonseca’s day job is with the Mexican electric company (CFE). ...

Vista’s lavender vortex

While at a desert music festival last November, Jarrod Heidt hooked up with some of the bands he’d book at his new Vista venture. “It was the third annual Borrego Mi Diego. It was like ...

Captain Beyond DNA

A critical mass of local bands is thriving, owing to the loud, expansive psych-metal of Earthless. “It’s all based around an underground, heavy psychedelic vibe,” says Earthless drummer Mario Rubalcaba, a former pro skater and ...

Imperial Bassics

The Martinez brothers say their cue to start their band was an omen. “We found these two guitars sitting right outside a neighbor’s fence,” says Sam Martinez, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the Bassics. “It was ...

True to Ponty

Chris Vitas was still attending Monte Vista High in 1969 when he started playing electric fiddle in Montezuma’s Revenge. Locals remember them as the wacky (the name referenced diarrhea) country band that packed the Del ...

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