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Ken Leighton contributes regularly to the Reader's Blurt music column.

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Three of clubs

The Reader's on the case of all that empty space

The California Theater hasn’t hosted a show since 1989.

The Legend begins

Pacific Beach studio breaks through the rehearsal/recording barriers and puts on some shows

First came the band. Lucky Lucifer is a well-traveled P.B.-based “gothic Americana, garage-rock” band. Then came the label. Lucky Lucifer front man Joe Luciano, 29, launched Legend Records in 2012 so that unsigned local bands ...

Reason to Rebel finds a reason to challenge

North County reggae-rockers have a new drummer and a new record

Although it is advertised as a Reason to Rebel record release, Saturday’s Casbah show will not have any new vinyl pressings for sale. “We were going to release a split seven-inch with [L.A.’s] Mothers Anger,” ...

Pyrate Punx slam for autism

Local show promoters find a cause and a new place to play

“Yes, it’s gone. I hear it’s going to be a shoe factory.” Erik Reed was proud of the shows he promoted at the Stronghold, the Barrio Logan art collective and music venue that has hosted ...

Beach fest band gets some NFL draft love

Hawaiian football star calls out the Green

On Thursday, just after Marcus Mariota became the second pick in the NFL draft, nationally syndicated sports talk radio hosts threw out some fun facts about the Hawaiian-bred quarterback/celebrity. They noted that the 21-year-old quarterback’s ...

Couldn't afford Coachella? Check out Lupepalooza Chuckfest

Weekend Coachella tickets carried a face value of $375. Some resold on Craigslist for twice that amount. Then you have this weekend’s Lupepalooza Chuckfest on the grounds of a Calexico Swap Meet. It’s named after ...

Szikla’s new baby, Cloudside

Scott Szikla did what most singer/songwriter/guitarists do — he started a band. First it was the Shattered Hope, then Silent Lune. But it was because of his entrepreneurial spirit and outgoing personality that he got ...

What it's like to sing the national anthem at a stadium

100 feet away from a wave of humanity

Singer/songwriter Caroline Corn, who sang the national anthem at last Thursday’s Padres home opener, can be forgiven if she doesn’t recall the Padres’ most famous anthem rendition. She was only four when Roseanne Barr sang ...

Lemon Grove Prescotts

Lemon Grove Punks hustle for venues. Tattoo salons, rec centers, taco shops, ice cream parlors. “We played at a local donut shop. It was an awesome show but it started to get wild,” says PSO ...

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