Poway Stories

Appellate court rebuffs wild-goose Chase

Poway couple loses case to J.P. Morgan Chase

On January 30, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, gave a pretty good spanking to a Poway couple who appealed when a Superior Court judge ruled in favor of the big J.P. Morgan Chase ...

Shawarma goes fast at Poway's North Park Produce

It's all about the bread in this Persian bakery, grocer, and kitchen

Anybody who's been to North Park Produce knows it's a reliable source for Mediterranean foods, whether you're jonesing for good baba ghanoush or want to stock up on fresh pitas (usually both, in my case). ...

Best beer futures: Part I

A list of the county’s most exciting upcoming brewery projects.

Per San Diego Beer News tradition, I’m closing out the year by taking a look back at some of the best 2014 had to offer, while keeping an eye trained on what 2015 holds. In ...

Our vision is to glorify God

Far Easterners with folky beliefs, or brain-washed by Communists, find counsel at Chinese Bible Church.

"Rock House" still on the market

Maybe the biggest Craftsman-style home in Southern California, if not the U.S.

his Poway shanty created a mahogany shortage during construction.

Early Look: Lightning tasting room

Poway-based brewery finally opens up an official sampling space.

Jim Crute was almost giddy — well, about as animatedly giddy as an analytical science guy like him can get — as he opened the door to the business suite next to his Lightning Brewery ...

Will shoot flames for tools

Alleged thief wields aerosol can to try and escape Poway Home Depot

A Lakeside man and his wife were arrested over the weekend after an attempted theft from a Poway Home Depot location ended with 37-year-old Ignacio Brambila wielding a makeshift flame-thrower against employees. According to a ...

Varied habitats, outstanding views

Add five strenuous miles to get to Potato Chip Rock.

Lake Poway is a full-facility recreation area that has something for everyone.

Green Flash coming to Poway… you’re welcome

The latest beer-centric brewery to lay down stakes in my retreating shadow

I make a living reporting what happens in the local craft beer scene, but in my spare time, I use my special superpowers to ensure that neighborhoods I live and work in receive their very ...

Encinitas? You're pretty snobby

Poway ranked 37th, thanks to high home prices and incomes

Movoto.com, a real estate research outfit, has culled 2010 census data to rank the 50 snobbiest small cities (population 45,000 to 65,000). What counts is highest median household income, highest median home values, largest percentage ...

Many ways to the top at Woodson

A forest of communication towers

Enjoy views to the ocean on a clear day, and visit Potato Chip Rock.

Atticus, where art thou?

Poway teen still unaccounted for three weeks after he missed graduation

It’s been three weeks since 18-year old Atticus VanArsdale went missing from his Poway home. The morning of high-school commencement day, the 12th grader at Poway High School failed to show up for graduation practice ...

Summer forecast calls for Lightning

Chardonnay-aged version of Poway brewery’s fruity strong ale now available

Poway’s Lightning Brewery is mostly known for its lagers and other true-to-form Germanic offerings such as Elemental Pilsner, Thunderweizen, and Ionizer Lager.

Lazy afternoon in a lazy coffeeshop

Café Lily about as exciting as Old Poway Village gets

I honestly don't know what I was doing in Old Poway Village. It's a cute enough place, with old-timey storefronts that might be charming except for the fact they house businesses along the lines of ...

An American orders spaghetti and meatballs in Poway

Turns out to be far less boring than it sounds thanks to Mamma Teresa

I've eaten lunch in Poway a lot over the years, and have even walked past Mamma Teresa a few times, sometimes on my way to the Five Guys next door, or to the Japanese restaurant ...

Discover San Diego's native heritage

The Pala and Kumeyaay: a pre-Spanish history.

Few people know that San Diego County has more American Indian reservations than any other county in the nation. Native American tribes have lived in the area for over 12,000 years. Today, a majority of ...

Lake Ramona via Lake Poway

Hike from lake to lake while passing through shady oak woodlands and lush chaparral.

Lake Poway Recreation Area is a convenient starting point since it provides abundant free parking during much of the year. The lake also provides numerous additional recreational opportunities. The hike to Lake Ramona offers a ...

FAA passes over San Diego as drone-testing site

Protesters celebrate near General Atomics' Poway facility

Turnout was sparse on Thursday afternoon, January 2, at a rally organized by San Diego Veterans for Peace to celebrate a decision by the Federal Aviation Administration not to use the skies over San Diego ...

Poway Pollo Spot Proves Local Beats Loco

Tucked away grilled chicken restaurant overachieves

In theory, any of the thousands of strip malls paving their way across Southern California could house delicious locally-owned restaurants worthy of repeat business. In reality, they don't. Most strip malls offer a scourge of ...

Local cities secure new funding for DUI checkpoints

Sheriff's dept. announces new roadblock — tonight! in Poway — within hours

Local cities secure new funding for DUI checkpoints A handful of local cities have secured state and national funding to thwart drunk driving through an expansion of the "DUI/driver's license checkpoint" program that establishes evening ...

Scammers in Poway squatting plot arrested in Vista

Duo attempted to rip off $75,000 in belongings

A pair of con artists who targeted a Poway homeowner were arrested in Vista yesterday afternoon (November 6), according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. Per detective Dan Meyers, in 2011 Arthur Lewis and ...

Poway man sues Apple

He wants $50

According to CNET News, Poway resident Mark David Menacher has sued tech giant Apple's chief executive Tim Cook in small-claims court and threatens to take his case to a higher court. Menacher claims Apple's iOS ...

Poway property with lazy river and ballpark

Owners: Jonathan & Kimberly Weisz Price: $8,900,000 - $10,900,000 Beds: 9 Baths: 14 Size: 16,207 square feet (including guest house) This palatial estate in Poway caused quite a stir with neighbors several years ago when ...

Mt. Woodson via the Blue Sky Reserve

Stroll through one of San Diego’s more scenic oak woodlands and experience a diversity of vegetation types on your way up to the top of Mt. Woodson where rock climbers may be seen.

Lightning in a (smaller) bottle

Poway brewery starts offering beer in six-packs

Jim Crute has been drinking beer almost exclusively out of 22-ounce bombers for decades. Given that, it’s not surprising that, to-date, all of the beers produced at his Lightning Brewery (13200 Kirkham Road, Suite 105, ...

Agape Community Baptist Church

Amazing little church in Poway

Just last Sunday, Agape Community Baptist Church in Poway had Anglos, African-American, Filipino, Ethiopian, Chinese, Cambodian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Persian congregants in attendance.

Escondido DMV closure impacts nearby offices

Poway, Temecula, but mostly Oceanside

The busy Escondido Department of Motor Vehicles field office permanently closed its doors at 725 North Escondido Boulevard on May 10. DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza said Escondido residents can expect to be without a DMV ...

Forecast calls for Lightning, new beers

Poway brewery introducing several first-time and one-off brews.

Lightning Thunderweizen

Poway brewery’s wheat beer a “weiss” choice for hef’ fans

Remember when hefeweizens were as ubiquitous as IPAs are today and amber/red ales were back in the nineties? Whether it was craft beer or even the macro big boys, nearly everybody had a Germanic wheat ...

SD Music TV suspects in the crosshairs

SD Music TV’s studios were burglarized on the last weekend of March. Unreplaceable recordings were stolen.

No age limit for rock

Jensen Rufe was a 1991 graduate of rock and roll high. “The guys in blink-182 were a little younger than us,” says Rufe about Poway High. “But we were pretty much the same age as ...

Casa Piena

If it looks like gold, it’s gold.

Cary Katz, CEO of College Loan Corp., looks to unload his 39-room house in Poway.

Digiplex agrees to purchase 5 local UltraStar Cinemas

Poway, Bonsall, Temecula, Oceanside, and Mission Valley cinemas soon to be under new ownership

UltraStar Mission Valley at Hazard Center. Has there ever been a less appealing name for a theatre? Wasn't this digital transformation supposed to make it easier on all of us? The birthplace of "Pure Digital ...

Ner Tamid Synagogue

Nobody knows what the next plane of existence looks like.

Sycamore Canyon/Goodan Ranch

Less crowded, unique and beautiful wildlands make this a good place to explore.

Blue Sky Ecological Reserve

See several native San Diego habitat types on a leisurely stroll.

Grappling with Success

“You play basketball, you play football — it doesn’t work when you say you ‘play wrestling.’” So sayeth Wayne. Who’s Wayne? That would be Wayne Branstetter, the winningest coach in the history of California prep ...

Outside on the Night Shift

"Basically,” says Aaron Meleen, a deputy sheriff traffic investigator working the night shift in Poway, “we don’t have much going on right now.” It’s a Monday evening, the onset of his 12½-hour shift, and we’re ...

Dr. Dougherty Ends Decades-Long Fight with Drug Enforcement Agency

Almost two decades ago, Poway physician Robert Dougherty, Jr., then-president of the Palomar Community College District board of trustees, was hauled into court and charged with writing multiple prescriptions for painkillers and other drugs without ...

Temple Adat Shalom

Membership: 500 Rabbi: David Castiglione Born: Brooklyn, NY Formation: Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati, Ohio Ordained: 18 years San Diego Reader: How long do you spend writing your sermon? Rabbi David Castiglione: It all depends. It ...

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks, a scruffy, boulder-studded promontory rising amid Poway’s suburban streets, is less known for its own existence than for the major street named after it: Twin Peaks Road. After a short but vigorous climb, ...

Home Improvement

The City of Poway is trading in the abandoned Poway Chrysler Jeep car lot on Poway Road for something a bit more dependable: a Toyota dealership and a Lowe's Home Improvement store. At their August ...

Let Them Eat Cake

Two banquet tables were set up on either side of the foyer leading into Poway's city council chambers. Coffee, bottled water, and finger foods filled one table, while a large American flag cake sat centered ...

It Started Small

“I called 911 at 3:07 p.m.,” said Skip, the manager of the Pomerado Gardens Apartments in Poway, checking his cell phone. On May 26, Skip was one of the first residents to alert emergency services ...

Lakeside-Poway Bike Ride

Two of inland San Diego ­County’s most important east-west highways, Scripps-Poway Parkway and the Tierrasanta-to-Santee stretch of the Highway 52 Freeway, have been designed to carry bicycle as well as auto traffic. They can be ...

Cross Church

It is not uncommon for critics of Christian moralism to note that the Bible is chock-full of deeply immoral behavior. And that was what made Sunday’s service at Cross Church so remarkable. There, in a ...

Cornerstone Church

“Relevant teachings by Pastor Ed Turley,” advertised the Cornerstone Church website. “If you can’t use it on Monday, he won’t say it on Sunday!” The banners hanging on the walls at the church on Sunday ...

Buck Howdy's on the Case

Steve Vaus has twice been nominated for Grammys for children’s records released in 2007 and 2008. He wrote the Jerome’s and Barona Casino TV jingles, and he’s done studio work for Willie Nelson, Kim Carnes, ...

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