Big Screen Movie Reviews

Gaslamp 15, we hardly knew ye

Downtown revelers will have to find another bathroom

How an art cinema situated in the land of drunken college kids and raucous conventioneers — who only stopped in to use the theater’s restrooms — lasted eight years is in and of itself a ...

The Jewish Film Festival has some winners

Remember, Natasha, Projections of America, Dealing With the Devil

Normally it takes eight to ten films to find the three or four needed to pad a film festival overview, but this year’s San Diego Jewish Film Festival hit me with four winners right out ...

Allow me to shed some light

I was born and raised in Chicago, but every movie theater is my home. Fifteen years and countless subleased seats after making the move to weatherless San Diego, my slippers click comfortably together and I ...

Rambling with Charlotte Rampling

Matrimonial melancholy

Ten minutes into Brooklyn convinced me that Sairose Ronan had a lock on this year’s best actress Oscar. That was before I saw Charlotte Rampling in 45 Years. Hot on the heels of taking home ...

Craig Gillespie and James Whitaker sit down

A chat with the director and producer of The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours’ director Craig Gillespie and one of its producers, James Whitaker, were in town recently for the Coronado Island Film Festival and were kind enough to sit down for a chat about their ...

Netflix, Žižek, and Beethoven

A fertile documentary on Netflix includes a gem about Beethoven

Slavoj Žižek has a documentary on Netflix called The Pervert's Guide to Ideology in which he discusses the pervasiveness of ideologies and our general inability to recognize them. He uses several examples from movies to ...

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney say hello

On Straight Outta Cotton, Schitt’s Creek, and Martin Short

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney bring their off-Broadway success Oh, Hello! to the Balboa Theatre on January 21. Here’s a sample what the veteran comedy duo have in store. Scott Marks: Nick, you play a ...

Kaufman’s Cincinnati Crisis

Grace is never cheap

Writer and co-director Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion animated film Anomalisa is a very fine portrait of the despair at the heart of a comfortable middle-aged white man in America circa right about now. British-born Michael Stone ...

On releasing a Mustang

Deniz Gamze Ergüven rides herd

France’s Oscar entry for best foreign-language film

Pyles of film

Several San Diego artists caught on film performing for The Pyles Sessions

“Tim usually puts one on every other month, as a part of his Loudspeaker radio show on Sunday nights,” says videographer Craig Rian, who films performances for radio jock Tim Pyles’s video and EP/CD series ...

2015 movies from top to bottom

Dopey Nazis, geezer porn, and all the moves you can do on a submarine

In a good year, I’ve been known to publish a top 20. This year’s standouts were as obvious as they were few and far between. As such, more thought went into selecting the bottom ten. ...

The odious 8.25

Tarantino goes West(ern)

Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is being billed as the director’s eighth film. It appears as though QT, like most devoted cinephiles, has forgotten about his segment in Four Rooms. The addition brings the tally ...

Tarantino opens wide

Reading Cinemas projection guru John Sittig discusses what it took to bring The Hateful Eight to a theater near you

No sooner was it announced that 100 theaters across America would be screening Ultra Panavision 70mm prints of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight than images of a big hulking thingamajig from another era, lying dormant ...

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