Matt Potter

Matt Potter
Matt Potter has been a staff writer and editor at the San Diego Reader since 1989. He reports on politics and local institutions such as the Union-Tribune, UCSD, SDSU, and the City and County of San Diego.

He is the author of the weekly Under the Radar column.

Besides breaking the Cheetahs corruption story a year before the FBI raided the offices of the San Diego city council, he has written extensively on governance, medical ethics, and human experimentation issues at the University of California San Diego.

Some of his stories from the pre-internet archives:

June 1, 1989 The Egg Women (Mayor O'Connor, Joan Kroc, Helen Copley, and the Faberge eggs)

April, 25, 1991 Mayor Moves to Create Death Valley-like Wasteland in Point Loma (O'Connor house landscaping)

June 20, 1991 A Son by Any Other Name (Helen Copley's adoption of son David revealed)

Aug. 8, 1996 Welcome, GOP Delegates to San Diego, City of Shame

May 22, 1997 La Jolla Gentlemen and the Party Boy (secrets of Andrew Cunanan, gay serial killer)

Be sure to save the story file to your desktop and zoom in to read the text.

Some other notable Potter stories (in digital form):

Oct. 25, 2001 Did Bin Laden's Brother Lead a Secret Life in San Diego?

Nov. 29, 2001 Did Casey Gwinn Try to Get Don Bauder Fired? (City Attorney vs. tough reporter)

July 31, 2003 Fun with Ralph (Inzunza's eating companions at Dobson's)

Latest Articles

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Staff alleged to have dined on Delaware North delicacies amidst whiff of stadium scandal

How much will it cost San Diego taxpayers to lose the Chargers to Los Angeles? That's the question being bandied about privately at city hall, where an avalanche of bad news and insider lobbying allegations ...

Big-ticket item: Revamping the City of San Diego's website

Proposal requests sought for new content management system

How much more will San Diego taxpayers be required to come up with for mayor Kevin Faulconer’s new PR-centric city website? The outcome hinges on responses to a recent request for proposals to provide the ...

Councilman Gloria's glorious gifts

Word last week that city councilman Todd Gloria is planning to run for the state Assembly seat being vacated by his termed-out fellow Democrat and speaker Toni Atkins marks the beginning of the end of ...

Faulconer’s personal retinue of PR people

Propaganda central

Chargers’ special counsel Mark Fabiani, who has been doing plenty of public outreach lately regarding the fate of professional football in San Diego, picked up $40,000 from the team in the first quarter of this ...

Nathan Fletcher's $3000 triplet flip-flop fine

Republican-turned-Democrat forced to ante up for Hillary backer’s law breaking

Fernando Aguerre, cofounder with his brother Santiago of Reef, the world-famous flip-flop maker, is famed for knowing his way around the worlds of fashion, sports, and high-dollar politics. "Inspired by the beautiful women of the ...

Drug snooping at UCSD's Sun God

Will California cops boycott Snoop Dogg photo ops?

As a corps of well-paid cops from around the state converge on UCSD's drug-and-booze-plagued Sun God music festival next month, their minds may turn to this year’s happenings at a famous Texas music blow-out. Years ...

San Diego’s homegrown FBI hacking hit

Smartphone snooping kiosks subject to massive abuse by rogue cops

Mobile phone and computer snooping by police, long a staple in the war against crime, got a boost here 15 years ago with the opening of the nation's first FBI-run regional computer forensics laboratory. "The ...

Insider hacking and the Coast Guard

Potential threats from trusted employees multiply, federal audit says

Is the United States Coast Guard, a key San Diego player in the battle against drug smuggling and human trafficking from Mexico, setting itself up for computer attacks mounted by its own most trusted employees? ...

Deadly white whale infection

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has concluded that SeaWorld Florida did not violate the federal Animal Welfare Act in the February 20 death of Nanuq, a beluga whale loaned by the Vancouver Aquarium to SeaWorld ...

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