Don Bauder

Don Bauder
While attending the University of Wisconsin, Don Bauder held a number of posts at the campus newspaper, including editor in chief. He received a bachelor's degree in business (1959) and a master's in journalism (1961) and then spent four years in advertising and PR. In 1964, he joined the Chicago bureau of Business Week magazine as reporter/writer. In 1966, he got the job as bureau chief in Cleveland.

Don left Cleveland in 1973 to become financial editor and columnist for the San Diego Union. When the Union and Tribune merged in the early 1990s, he remained at that post; in '95, he was named senior columnist at the Union-Tribune.

He retired from the U-T in March of 2003 and began writing his weekly column for the Reader in April of 2003. Now he writes a column every two weeks, and contributes to News Ticker regularly.

In 1985-1986, Don wrote Captain Money and the Golden Girl (a book about a local Ponzi scheme), which stayed on the L.A. Times best-seller list for more than two months. He's been married for 53 years and has two sons and two grandsons.

Latest Articles

Former U-T owner sees future in oil

Manchester says he's a passive investor in Chilean company

Former Union-Tribune owner Douglas Manchester reported last month that he purchased 16.3 percent of GeoPark Limited, a Santiago, Chile–based oil-and-gas exploration and production company. Manchester's purchase of 9.7 million shares for around $30 million makes ...

Tax-free stadium plan? Beware

San Diegans should cock an eyebrow at claims being made

Two cheers for former San Diego City Council member Carl DeMaio spearheading a plan to build a Chargers stadium without tapping tax money. Such a plan would be welcome, but San Diegans should cock an ...

Surrogacy service provider indicted

Planet Hospital Ponzi scheme alleged

Acharrayya Rupak, founder of Planet Hospital, a medical tourism company that had business addresses in San Diego, Calexico, and Calabasas, was indicted yesterday (June 22) for stealing more than $2 million from infertile clients seeking ...

Roque De La Fuente to run for U.S. Senate in Florida

San Diego–born businessman/car dealer finds popularity back East

San Diego businessman Roque (Rocky) De La Fuente, who failed in his attempt to get the Democratic nomination for president, this week filed to run for the U.S. Senate in Florida. According to, De ...

San Diego doesn't represent the nation closely

Economic/demographic study ranks county 264th of 379 surveyed

San Diego's economic and demographic composition is not similar to that of the United States as a whole. A study by WalletHub, a statistical aggregator, concludes that San Diego County is 264th out of 379 ...

Callaway and TaylorMade swing and miss

Golf’s regulators say skill is more important than the equipment

Local golf industry takes a right hook to the snout.

Florida subsidy orgy over?

Sanford-Burnham Orlando move during Jeb Bush reign not so smooth

What could be called "Jeb Bush's Follies" in Florida is getting worse. Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute is considering leaving Lake Nona, near Orlando. A subsidy orgy began in 2003 when San Diego's Scripps Research ...

U-T pension deficit soars, is considered risk factor

Benefit obligation $235.6 million; plan value $139.4 million

The San Diego Union-Tribune's pension/retirement deficit rose to $96.2 million at year-end 2015, according to the parent Tribune Publishing's 10-K annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The deficit was $85.4 million in May ...

Navy admiral guilty of lying about Fat Leonard relationship

Highest-ranked officer caught in Singapore scandal

United States Navy Rear Admiral Robert Gilbeau pleaded guilty in federal court today (June 9) to felony charges that he lied to federal investigators about his lengthy relationship with Leonard Glenn Francis (aka "Fat Leonard"), ...

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