Don Bauder

Don Bauder
While attending the University of Wisconsin, Don Bauder held a number of posts at the campus newspaper, including editor in chief. He received a bachelor's degree in business (1959) and a master's in journalism (1961) and then spent four years in advertising and PR. In 1964, he joined the Chicago bureau of Business Week magazine as reporter/writer. In 1966, he got the job as bureau chief in Cleveland. Don left Cleveland in 1973 to become financial editor and columnist for the San Diego Union. When the Union and Tribune merged in the early 1990s, he remained at that post; in '95, he was named senior columnist at the Union-Tribune. He retired from the U-T in March of 2003 and began writing his weekly column for the Reader in April of 2003. In 1985-1986, Don wrote Captain Money and the Golden Girl (a book about a local Ponzi scheme), which stayed on the L.A. Times best-seller list for more than two months. He's been married for 51 years and has two sons and a grandson.

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Latest Articles

Chastened yet, Public Utilities Commission?

Consumers oppose SDG&E plan that would thwart solar

At a packed public hearing at Al Bahr Shrine Center in Kearny Mesa this afternoon (Sept. 16), utility ratepayers showed up to slam or support San Diego Gas & Electric's (SDG&E's) plan to raise rates ...

Calpers to dump hedge funds

Move to reduce risk

The California Public Employees' Retirement System (Calpers), the largest United States pension fund, is getting rid of hedge funds over the next year, saying they are too complicated and expensive. Hedge funds are pooled investment ...

San Diego #21 in the smarts department

Not exactly an intellectual hub and not quite Beaumont

Of 150 metro areas, San Diego is 21st as an intellectual hub, according to WalletHub, which gathers statistics on metro areas and states. The key criteria for each metro area are highest percentage of high ...

Chief of staff at CPUC resigns

And Peevey bows out of San Bruno decision

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced today, September 15, that it had taken several measures to deal with what it called "inappropriate email exchanges" between the commission and the utilities. Those emails, unearthed in ...

Tampa blows SD out of the water(front)

Gulf Coast home costs 733% more than an inland abode; here, they're 247% more

Across the U.S., people pay twice as much for waterfront homes as they do for inland residences. San Diego can top that. According to, the median value of a non-waterfront home in San Diego ...

Trillion troubles

Arthur Grigorian stole identities, filed phony tax returns, raked in $1.5 million

Arthur Grigorian admitted in federal court today (September 11) that he took in $1.5 million from phony tax returns, filing them in the names of hundreds of victims. Commonly, Grigorian and his conspirators claimed that ...

Texas is business-friendly — to Texans

San Diego's Allen Group has found out that Texas is friendly to business — particularly Texas-based businesses.

Hispanic entrepreneurship low in SD

California coastal cities not so hot, either

In a ranking of the best and worst cities for Hispanic entrepreneurship, San Diego comes in a lowly 107 of 150 metro areas, according to a study by the statistical aggregator Among the Hispanic-related ...

Middle-finger bird deemed free

Digit-wielding Chiefs fan at Chargers game punched security guard

A San Diego Chargers security guard can't be held liable for restraining an opposing team's fan who flipped the middle digit at Chargers fans, a federal judge has ruled, according to Courthouse News Service. In ...

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