Don Bauder

Don Bauder
While attending the University of Wisconsin, Don Bauder held a number of posts at the campus newspaper, including editor in chief. He received a bachelor's degree in business (1959) and a master's in journalism (1961) and then spent four years in advertising and PR. In 1964, he joined the Chicago bureau of Business Week magazine as reporter/writer. In 1966, he got the job as bureau chief in Cleveland.

Don left Cleveland in 1973 to become financial editor and columnist for the San Diego Union. When the Union and Tribune merged in the early 1990s, he remained at that post; in '95, he was named senior columnist at the Union-Tribune.

He retired from the U-T in March of 2003 and began writing his weekly column for the Reader in April of 2003. Now he writes a column every two weeks, and contributes to News Ticker regularly.

In 1985-1986, Don wrote Captain Money and the Golden Girl (a book about a local Ponzi scheme), which stayed on the L.A. Times best-seller list for more than two months. He's been married for 54 years and has two sons and two grandsons.

Latest Articles

For-profit universities get the Trump bump

San Diego–based Bridgepoint stock soars

On November 7, the day before the election, stock of San Diego's troubled Bridgepoint Education sold for $7.02. The company is under investigation by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and ...

Trump treasury pick Mnuchin tied to smelly banking

His group bought seized, corrupt La Jolla Bank

During his campaign for president, Donald Trump repeatedly knocked opponent Hillary Clinton for the highly paid speeches she gave for Wall Street's Goldman Sachs. Now Trump has named Steven Mnuchin, who spent 17 years with ...

Cop killed dog without provocation, say owners

City, department, and officer Robert Meiselmen named in lawsuit

On February 21 of this year, a San Diego policeman killed a family dog that had not made an aggressive move, says a lawsuit filed November 22 in federal court. Alfredo and Socorro Fuentes are ...

5-Hour Energy counterfeiters popped

Civil case leads to federal conviction

Joseph and Adriana Shayota, a married couple from El Cajon, were convicted late Monday (November 28) of criminal copyright infringement and trafficking in misbranded food by a federal court in San Jose. They were considered ...

Convention center report padded with favorable numbers

"People aren't staying anywhere near four nights, and they never have."

The San Diego Convention Center's 2016 annual report is out, and it raises many questions. For starters, why in the world do cities keep expanding space when only 50 percent of it is in use ...

Stroke victim sues sheriff's department

Woman barred deputy's entrance into her home

Rose Ebersole, a 70-year-old San Diego woman, says in a federal court lawsuit that a sheriff's deputy, demanding to get into her home, slammed her to the ground when she denied entrance, resulting in a ...

SDG&E takes another shot at picking your pocket

Wants ratepayers to chip in $379 million for 2007 fires

In recent years, the words “California Public Utilities Commission” have come to mean one thing: corruption. The commission has concentrated on boosting profits of the investor-owned utilities — Sempra Energy, Edison International, and Pacific Gas ...

Two ex-officers stiffed the Marines

Major bilked military of $205,000

Former Marine Major Jason Wild, a reservist, was convicted by a federal jury today (November 22) of participating in a four-year-long conspiracy that fleeced the United States Marine Corps of more than $205,000. Wild falsely ...

Get rich suing pharmaceuticals!

Founder of scheme admits it was a fraud

David Aldrich, founder of PLCMGMT LLC, also known as Prometheus, pleaded guilty today (November 22) to defrauding investors who were told they would get rich from lawsuits against makers of prescription drugs and medical devices. ...

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