Dorian Hargrove

Dorian Hargrove

Dorian Hargrove writes feature stories, City Lights, and Neighborhood News columns for the Reader. He covers the neighborhood beat on a grassroots level. Share your neighborhood news with him!

Dorian's book, Head Trip, was released in June, 2015. Find it at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Latest Articles

Window dressing on Truax House...meh

Critic unimpressed with Councilman Gloria's decision on historic house

Despite numerous objections from Uptown residents, open-space advocates, and historic preservationists, a city-council committee on February 10 supported a proposal to sell two properties abutting Maple Canyon in Bankers Hill. One of the houses, built ...

Hillcrest hashes high-rise housing heights

Does this make uptown homes more affordable? Or less?

A group of property owners in Hillcrest want the freedom to build higher residential and commercial buildings. And if that freedom isn’t granted, members of the newly formed Uptown Gateway Council warn, local housing prices ...

Wrecking ball to swing past Truax House?

Airtight protections for historic residence/hospice sought

During a February 10 meeting, San Diego city councilmembers on the Smart Growth and Land Use Committee will hear a proposal to sell two city-owned properties in Bankers Hill, one of which housed a former ...

Cheese mistaken for meth

Lawsuit charges border patrol agents used faulty drug test

A woman is suing three U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and a drug-test kit-manufacturer after enforcement officials falsely identified a food enzyme she was carrying in her car used for making cheese as methamphetamine ...

Can we read it now?

Councilman Alvarez pushes for open government

The San Diego City Council is expected this month to consider an ordinance that would make public record of emails and text messages sent from elected officials’ and non-union employees’ private electronic devices as long ...

Hoteliers, brace for your backlash

San Diegans for Open Government passes “microscopic” test

San Diegans for Open Government's lawsuit challenging San Diego's hotel tax will now go to the second phase of the trial after what has been more than a year's worth of court hearings, depositions, and ...

As Irving spins in his grave...

Case involving historic Gill house in La Jolla has city on the ropes

Score one for proponents of property rights and at the same time mark a loss in the columns of historical preservation and the City of San Diego. On Wednesday, January 27, a California appellate court ...

The long-desired transnational railroad

Latest incarnation as bizarre as its predecessors

Pacific Imperial Railroad has yet to roll out of the tunnel.

"Eat him Up" the officer allegedly said to his dog

Homeless man says he was treated like a "runaway slave"

A San Diego police officer is accused of commanding his police dog to "eat up" a defenseless man like a "runaway slave," according to a lawsuit filed in federal court on January 22. In his ...

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