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A very beautiful freeway entrance mural ...

Little Italy San Diego 2013

Little Italy 2013

San Diego

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Familiar face remains as Faulconer cleans house

Paul Robinson's brow-raising associations and decisions irrelevant to mayor

Continuing a string of appointments of political backers to key spots in San Diego city government, Republican mayor Kevin Faulconer has renewed the long tenure of downtown lobbyist Paul Robinson as chairman of the Mission ...

Top events and things to do in San Diego this week, April 3–April 9

Featuring restaurants, craft brewers, and vintners with food, music, and poetry. Get a taste of 20 Leucadia restaurants plus Sip Stops, with ten beer or wine tastes served at retail shops. Event includes live poetry ...

Ballast Point successfully tweaks Little Italy menu

Local brewing titan gives us a menu the kitchen can actually deliver on.

Selective and careful tinkering of the menu at this massive tasting room has made the food offerings from the local brewer a better match for the atmosphere and style of the cavernous beer hall. Prices run on the steep side considering the small portions, but the food has been dialed in to the point where (instead of making a poorly thought-out bid for sophistication) it makes the best out of being honest bar snacks, burgers, and sandwiches.

Mmm, great tentacles

Octopus is king at Davanti Enoteca

Davanti Enoteca is not a good place to go if you’re looking for a quick meal. I’m sure if you told the waiter you were in a hurry, they’d accommodate you, but the charms of ...

Jim’s got Jimbo’s number

When Jim Heath adopted the name “Reverend Horton Heat” in the ’80s, he didn’t have high hopes for his particular brand of “rock and roll influenced by mid-century American music, especially rockabilly.” “When you’re in ...

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