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The Old Globe Theatre

Onstage Playhouse

Point Loma Community Park

Point Loma High School

  • 2335 Chatsworth Boulevard, Point Loma
  • Hairspray


San Diego Civic Theatre

San Diego Repertory Theatre

  • 79 Horton Plaza, Downtown San Diego
  • Violet

Star Theatre

Sunshine Brooks Theatre

Tenth Avenue Arts Center

  • 930 Tenth Avenue, East Village
  • RED

Valley View Casino Center

Welk Resort Theatre

School Plays

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Maxine Theater

Pacific Beach Middle School

  • 4676 Ingraham Street, Pacific Beach
  • Annie Jr.

Star Theatre


12 auditions listed. You can narrow your search by neighborhood, keyword, or date.

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San Diego Creative Arts Project Studio

  • 4715 30th Street, Suite 4, Normal Heights
  • Godspell

Star Theatre

Theater Reviews

The Rep plays Violet fast and loose and the Globe plays a thin Comedy of Errors

Bus ride to salvation

Violet studies faces. She even sketches their features in a book. For her own, she’d like a composite: Rita Hayworth’s skin, Ingrid Bergman’s cheekbones, and Grace Kelly’s petite nose. Violet’s obsessed with facial features. When ...

Bill Virchis knows what the theater community needs right now

San Diego theater needs an Incubator, says accomplished, devoted local

If there were a San Diego Theater Hall of Fame, William Virchis would be a first ballot honoree. He has acted, directed, and produced theater almost since his birth, in 1944. He’s also taught thousands ...

Last Call: West Side Story, Parlour Song

Two quality shows must close this Sunday. One enjoyed an extended run. The other deserved one.

West Side Story. “Here come the Jets like a bat out of hell, someone gets in our way, someone don’t feel so well!” Lamb’s Players excellent show has enjoyed an extended run with good reason: ...

Gigantic proportions

Shrek: The Musical is noisy, bright, and beautiful

Shrek: The Musical is part romance, part twisted fairy and all irreverent fun, and the large cast is currently strutting their stuff at the Moonlight Amphitheater. Based on the Oscar-winning film from Dreamworks, the show ...

No buffer zones

In Parlour Song at Backyard Renaissance, sea beasts lurk and rove below a mirror-still surface

Toward the end of Jez Butterworth’s eerie, Pinteresque Parlour Song, Dale ruminates. What if you find a door in your house you never knew was there before. “Would you open it?” Ned blows up buildings ...

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