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Eva Knott contributes crime and court coverage to the San Diego Reader, including News Ticker posts, City Lights articles, and Neighborhood News from Stringers.

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Bungling (suspected) burglars busted with stolen stuff

Curious Carlsbad man comes across belongings in car detained by cops

A Carlsbad man walked down the street to see why the cop car was there; he then saw his stolen possessions inside a car that was being detained, according to testimony at a hearing today, ...

Paint on the bumper is insufficient evidence

Charges dropped for Vista man accused of hit-and-run

All charges were dropped for a man who was accused of felony hit-and-run with injury, in connection with a motorcycle crash in Vista seven months ago. A judge ruled there was insufficient evidence against 21-year-old ...

Kassim Alhimidi deemed a murderer

“This is bull***t!” yells son, sparking uproar in courtroom

The courtroom erupted into shouting after Kassim Alhimidi, 49, was declared guilty of first-degree murder in the beating death of his wife two years ago. This afternoon, April 17, judge William McGrath was confirming the ...

El Cajon murder case now with jury

Racist-charged note left at scene considered false evidence

Prosecutor Kurt Mechals failed to prove that Kassim Alhimidi beat his 32-year-old wife to death in their home in 2012, his defense attorney told jurors today, April 15. A note reading “This is my county ...

More delays in Brittany Killgore murder case

New attorney for Maraglino, more information hamper progress

Murder defendant Dorothy Maraglino was in court on April 8, represented by the fourth attorney who has been assigned to her since 22-year-old Brittany Killgore went missing two years ago. Maraglino’s new attorney, Jane Kinsey, ...

Man admits Vista robbery — but not murder attempt

Phillip Edwards Miller expects six years prison

A man who has been fighting an attempted-murder charge for years made a plea deal on April 8, the day his case was set for jury selection. Phillip Edwards Miller, previously identified as Phillip Esquire ...

Escondido truck vandal faces charges

David Gordon Huntley claims he was temporarily insane

A man on probation is accused of causing $5000 damage to a truck sitting on an Escondido car lot two months ago. At a court hearing on April 7, defendant David Gordon Huntley heard evidence ...

Children of man shot by Encinitas neighbor file lawsuit

Michael Vilkin made a quit-claim deed transfer of property after shooting

The children of a man who was allegedly shot to death by his neighbor on March 28, 2013, recently made new accusations against the alleged killer in their multimillion dollar wrongful-death suit. The last court ...

Suspected bike thieves rough up schoolboy

Two 18-year-olds busted — one divulges location of bicycle

A 16-year-old said he was riding his bike home from San Marcos High School on a Tuesday afternoon when he was confronted by two persons he had never seen before. “I just felt this punch,” ...