Ian Pike

Ian Pike
Ian Pike contributes to Feast. He loves to get tips about new restaurants, so reach out if you have something to share.

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Here's to you, crabby old bitches

Avenue Q's overarching message

There’s a scene in the first act of Avenue Q (playing through August 28 at the O.B. Playhouse) where Kate Monster (Catie Marron) argues with her boss, the ancient Lavinia Thistletwat, voiced and performed by ...

The aesthetic of popular restaurants is in flux

Et Voilà does it anti-hipster

For those who didn’t catch Barbarella’s take on Et Voilà in June, here’s the TL;DR version: she found the restaurant charming, (i.e. “a ‘nice’ establishment, yet you don’t feel out of place if you happen ...

San Diego’s only dedicated chicken-and-waffles restaurant

Lemon Grove’s Da Chicken Coop

If you want to know about Da Chicken Coop, there is only one question that matters: How does it stack up against Roscoe’s? Aw, stop groaning. You have to ask. There is no other metric ...

Restaurants worth treating as occasions

Where going out is still a treat

Amid a vibrant social dining scene like ours, it’s easy to take restaurants for granted. Their very existence becomes a matter of convenience. We are either too busy or too lazy to cook, and keeping ...

You should've taken a break from Pride to see The Twentieth Century Way

(No disrespect to Kesha.)

Nothing says “equality and an end to homophobia” quite like garbage in the streets and drunk, sunburned straight people enjoying an excuse to slip on a tutu and some sequined leggings.

Hipster sensibilities

Most of the jokes in Sense and Sensibility are pretty subtle....

It’s not every day that a musical adaptation of English Regency drama comes chock full of hipster jokes. But, Paul Gordon’s Sense and Sensibility at the Old Globe, directed by Barbara Gaines, made me stop ...

While you were disco-napping...

Twentieth Century Way at Ion Theatre

Congratulations, Pride attendees! By all accounts, Pride weekend was a huge success. Tens of thousands enjoyed the music festival, parade, parties, and (of course) the endless day-drinking. The corporate sponsors must be so happy to ...

What is “San Diego-style” barbecue?

Mark’s Bark does it in Normal Heights

So much is (justly) made of barbecue styles. It’s the ultimate sign of a culinary asshat to say, “You can’t get good XYZ-style barbecue outside of XYZ place.” But there’s a nugget of truth in ...

Audiences eat up cutesy pie

But critics call shenanigans on Every Night’s a Show Night

Last month, New York–based dance troupe, Monica Bill Barnes & Company put on a single performance of Every Night’s a Show Night, a self-styled work-in-progress, at San Diego Dance Theatre. To the tune of excellent ...

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