Ian Pike

Ian Pike
Ian Pike contributes to Feast. He loves to get tips about new restaurants, so reach out if you have something to share.

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Are you theater people?

A rich and tricky question. Ask it of yourselves before and after attending Matt Thompson’s The Complete History of Theatre (Abridged) at the Point Loma Playhouse. As the play’s second act finally delivers the titular ...

If this place vanished off the face of the Earth…

Not enough value at Leña Craft Mexican

In the past, I’ve relied upon summing up any restaurant’s worth with a single question: Would I eat here again? I’ve considered that a foolproof barometer, an easy either/or situation for whether I could recommend ...

Murder at the Howard Johnson’s — probably not meant to serve as a rich cultural study of 20th-century Americana

Fried clams

More than once during Scripps Ranch Theatre’s production of Murder at the Howard Johnson’s, ditzy would-be femme fatale, Arlene (Maelyn Gándola), refers to HoJo’s fried clam strip dinner with lustful glee. This is perhaps the ...

The only fitting approach

Stupid Fucking Bird at Cygnet

About halfway through the first act of Cygnet Theatre’s production of Aaron Posner’s Stupid Fucking Bird, after the “showing” of the play-within-the-play, but before the “We need new forms” speech, occurs a brief dialogue between ...

A visit to Camp David

An extra-heavy dose of folksy wisdom

Perhaps there’s a secret society of actors who have played the President of the United States. Membership is as simple as standing onstage, or in front of a camera, and portraying the holder of this ...

Normal Heights is not Memphis

Burnside begs to be described as “unpretentious”

A little while back, I caught wind that hipster sandwich shop Burnside had rebooted itself with a barbecue theme. As self-appointed local barbecue doyen, a position I realize is somewhat oxymoronic, I knew I had ...

Sharks rampage in La Jolla

Kayakers hooted and hollered as large threshers took them on sleigh rides out to sea.

May the Fourth. International Star Wars day to some, but to La Jolla kayak fishermen, it will forever be the beginning of the Wide Open Thresher Bite of 2016. The gray, windless day — with ...

Boundaries of exploitation

Our Lady of Kibeho is a rarity in a world where racism is easy and honesty’s tough.

Before Moxie Theatre’s production of Katori Hall’s Our Lady of Kibeho even started — as audience members found their seats, and while director, Jennifer Eve Thorn, eyed the room in anxious anticipation — I began ...

Poor little rich girl

Obscure and fractious ideas in Dinner With Marlene

The conflict between Old World aristocrats and American New Money was once a real concern. The peerage dreaded the inevitable wresting from their hands of social privilege by plucky upstarts with Gilded Age fortunes. In ...

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