Ian Pike

Ian Pike
Ian Pike contributes to Feast. He loves to get tips about new restaurants, so reach out if you have something to share.

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What do you think about the kid thing?

Nobody needs a reason

At some point in American history, somewhere between Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Sarah Gubbins’s The Kid Thing (playing at Moxie Theatre through December 11), parenthood became both super public and super discretionary. Back ...

Brush up on your Shakespeare

Despite its age, Measure for Measure is still surprisingly relevant.

Watching Measure for Measure — performed as part of the Old Globe’s “Globe for All” program, which injects free productions into unconventional venues all over town — I got deja vu listening to Angelo, the ...

Why burn happy memories?

Lately, I’ve waded into murky, nostalgic waters more than I prefer. I blame the dwindling sunlight of the waning summer, something about the way the shorter days call out the ephemeral and fleeting nature of ...

Chinese achievers, American idiots — La Jolla Playhouse stages Tiger Style!

What pants are and how they work

Mike Lew’s Tiger Style! is a kind of 21st-century bildungsroman for sibling protagonists, Jennifer (Jackie Chung) and Albert Chen (Raymond J. Lee), and it tells its story largely by holding popular stereotypes up to the ...

San Diego’s most overrated burgers

Hype wedged into a bun

Salt separates the bland patties from the ones that sing hymns of meaty goodness. Thus, in the salty spirit, while my brilliant colleagues (each one infinitely more well mannered, and supremely more qualified than me) ...

Screaming down the plains

Oklahoma boasts natural beauty, friendly people, and a unique sense of itself

If you have half a heart, you’ll leave New Village Arts’ Oklahoma! happily humming “Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’” while visions of scurrying chicks and ducks paint a picture of pastoral grandeur second to none. ...

Here's to you, crabby old bitches

Avenue Q's overarching message

There’s a scene in the first act of Avenue Q (playing through August 28 at the O.B. Playhouse) where Kate Monster (Catie Marron) argues with her boss, the ancient Lavinia Thistletwat, voiced and performed by ...

The aesthetic of popular restaurants is in flux

Et Voilà does it anti-hipster

For those who didn’t catch Barbarella’s take on Et Voilà in June, here’s the TL;DR version: she found the restaurant charming, (i.e. “a ‘nice’ establishment, yet you don’t feel out of place if you happen ...

San Diego’s only dedicated chicken-and-waffles restaurant

Lemon Grove’s Da Chicken Coop

If you want to know about Da Chicken Coop, there is only one question that matters: How does it stack up against Roscoe’s? Aw, stop groaning. You have to ask. There is no other metric ...

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