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Summertime’s cold coffee culture

Hot coffee may be a year-round drink, but with summer temperatures rising, cold brew becomes a greater focus for local shops. At Coffee & Tea Collective, they’re experimenting with longer steep times, taking a standard ...

Take a ride on the Reading hard hat tour

The newly affixed Angelika Film Center sign is visible from the 15. It’s the tour guides who are nowhere in sight. A padlock and cyclone fence bar an entryway sealed tighter than Xanadu during Charlie ...

It'll take a little bit of time

Mostra Coffee's rapid expansion keeps its founders' hands full

Carmel Mountain Ranch roaster Mostra Coffee has continued its unique brand growth with a couple of distribution deals that will widen availability of its coffee throughout Southern California. The first deal will place freshly roasted ...

Angelik changes coming to Carmel Mountain

Your humble critic made the move to Escondido in February. I was just getting accustomed to calling Reading Cinema’s Carmel Mountain my new base of operation, when last week’s check for showtimes (I needed a ...

North County fish counter concept falls flat

Fish District brings "fast casual" but forgets the flavor

It's easy to love a good fish counter. You get to choose which fish looks best, pick your method of preparation — usually a sandwich or tacos — and opt for the seasoning of your ...

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mjr333sd June 13, 2015 @ 11:20 a.m.

Our pet parrot flew away Tuesday morning, June 9th, and we cannot find her. She was last seen flying over Ted Williams Pkwy., just west of the Shoal Creek intersection, close to Shoal Creek elementary school in the Carmel Mountain Ranch area, ZIP 92128. The reward is $1500 for her return.

She is mostly red. She has a bright red head, red and purple body and yellow-tipped tail feathers.

We are devastated. Thank you so much for your help!

*Update: A woman reportedly posted a picture of our bird on FaceBook. She flew into this persons yard and was taken inside. We have not yet been contacted and have not been able to find the FaceBook posting. Please help spread the word and bring her home. Thank you again for your time and help!


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