Scott Marks

Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Sarsgaard gets stood up

On playing RFK in Jackie and how to be a convincing sheriff

Why would anyone cancel a phoner with Peter Sarsgaard? The next critic in line did just that, leaving twice the normal allotted time for your Big Screen correspondent. Our talk was meant to promote Sarsgaard’s ...

Warren Beatty’s latest film in ten years is not totally void of charm

Rules Don’t Apply to this guy

The trailer for Rules Don’t Apply, with its promise of one notorious playboy starring as another equally profligate real-life womanizer, set the bar high. You see, rules don’t apply to Warren Beatty. They never have. ...

Free advance screening of Sing on Saturday, November 26

Shake off Black Friday by taking the kids to a movie

There will be a free screening of the upcoming Universal Studios release this Saturday morning at 10 am. Here's the catch: you have to be one of the first 200 patrons in line at either ...

Critic trades in cell phone for a padded cell

Critic-call behavior

What’s the textbook definition of stupid? Anyone — “critic” or pass-whore — who sits in the same row as I and proceeds to text during a movie. Believe it or don’t, that's exactly what one ...

Two films on photography and more this week at MoPA

"Something old, something twisted, something new, and something experimental"

It’s always nice to welcome an old friend back to town, particularly one who is as bright and talented a filmmaker as Wolfgang Hastert. After years spent studying and getting his graduate degree from Duke ...

Trump on film

All brilliant performances. Believe me! Believe me!

President-elect Donald Trump — it feels dirty just writing it — could have been the next Clark Gable. Just ask him. Before the shortchanging, meow-meow-grabbing real estate tycoon transformed New York City into a garish ...

Munsters Marineland redux

Watch an hour-long TV special not seen in over 50 years

November 2, 2016 will go down as a good day. The Cubs won the World Series, this proud papa’s built-tough 1994 Ford Ranger, for five years the apple of my eye, studied hard and passed ...

San Diego Asian Film Festival returns

New director, same good quality

The Pacific Arts Movement’s San Diego Asian Film Festival breezes through town this week and for the first time in its 17-year history, festival founder Lee Ann Kim will not be in the driver’s seat. ...

When it’s sports vs. movies, sports always wins

Take me out to the movies

Martin Scorsese was once asked his opinion of professional sports. “Sports?” he scowled. “Anything with a ball, no good!” Forgive me Marty, for I have sinned. True, there is no bigger waste of time than ...

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