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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Branded cinema

Studio insiders, not critics, are the pirates

It was the part I was born to play. No, not Kristen Stewart, but the unenviable role of angry critic forced to endure the insidious brands studios impose on their “art” in the name of ...

Ghostbusters reboot scares up spin-off

Sequel to an inferior remake of a film that was lousy to begin with already in the works

I ain’t afraid of no sequels, so long as they are not sequels to inferior remakes of films that were lousy to begin with. The all-girl, effects-powered reboot of Ghostbusters cost producers — among them ...

Meet Damián 666 on July 15

Wrestler in town to promote Lucha Mexico

Believe it or don’t, I was once a big fan of wrestling. Larry used to take me to Chicago’s International Amphitheater to study the squared-circle wizardry of such giants as Bruiser & Crusher, Bob Brazil, ...

San Diego Women’s Film Network debuts July 19

ArcLight and San Diego Filmmakers join forces on new forum

ArcLight Cinemas and San Diego Filmmakers have joined forces to establish the San Diego Women’s Film Network, a new forum to support, inspire, and educate women working in the entertainment industry or looking to wedge ...

Hillcrest Cinema's summer remodel

Complete with electric leather recliners

Changes are in the offing at Landmark’s Hillcrest Cinemas that include the addition of electronic seats, a lobby makeover, reserved seating, alcohol, and even newly designed finishes and fixtures to make every bathroom encounter feel ...

A week of classics at the Ken

Blue Velvet, A Streetcar Named Desire, Breakfast at Tiffany’s...

Far be it from me to deride any exhibition chain that’s okay with showcasing repertoire fare a few weeks out of the year, but have we not heard the chimes at midnight? The last time ...

Oceanside Film Festival announces 2016 schedule

Sixty films to screen August 7 to 14

It’s been five years since Dmitriy Demidov and the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation revived the Oceanside International Film Festival. In that time it’s grown from a few-day gathering to a weeklong celebration that lays claim ...

Movie lover’s heaven: Rarefilmm

Over 1400 movies not available on DVD are available online

What has four Renoir’s, two Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s, a quartet by Max Ophüls, Tony Bennett’s one and only acting performance (watch and learn), an ace high Diamond straight flush from Preston Sturges, Buñuel leading Brontë to ...

Improv’s no joke

Comedian and director Mike Birbiglia talks about his latest, Don’t Think Twice

Don’t Think Twice, opening August 12 at Landmark’s Ken Cinema, is Mike Birbiglia’s second feature as a director. The comedy introduces us to a six-person improv troupe that dwindles in size as the top floaters ...

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