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Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Full disclosure

Brace yourself for a gratuitous personal plug. With all due respect to my esteemed colleague, Jeff Smith, I thought my “review” of Kiss Me, Kate would mark a first and last move away from cinema. ...

Battle of the bulges

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but does the same hold true for movies and their posters? One look at the accompanying image gives pause for reflection (and gales of unexpected chuckles). Was ...

Take a ride on the Reading hard hat tour

The newly affixed Angelika Film Center sign is visible from the 15. It’s the tour guides who are nowhere in sight. A padlock and cyclone fence bar an entryway sealed tighter than Xanadu during Charlie ...

David Thorpe finds his voice with Do I Sound Gay?

Title tells all in David Thorpe’s highly personal and frequently hilarious digital confessional, Do I Sound Gay?, opening July 24 [Yes, that’s next Friday — Ed.] at Landmark’s Ken Cinema. To flame-down one’s voice or ...

Kiss Me, Kates

Screen and stage

The Con is on, the one week of the summer where Hollywood backs away from a major release to play wet nurse to a bunch of duded-up fanboys in celebration of everything that’s wrong with ...

Yellow bricks and rain-slicked asphalt

Tired of fireworks and the ever-looming promise of spending a lifetime using three fingers to order five beers they bring? Do you moan at the thought of having your Doodle yanked by another look at ...

Jason Schwartzman uncut

We caught up with Jason Schwartzman en route to a doctor’s visit. Our talk was frequently (and amusingly) interrupted by a confused driver unable to locate the office. Here’s our conversation, minus the directions. Jason ...

David Gordon Green on the greening of Manglehorn

Bonus: see the short that inspired the feature

By the time I’m fortunate enough to get a shot at interviewing a director whose work I admire, their finest output is generally two, three, sometimes eight films behind them. It’s unheard of for me ...

Reel Kids series offers big-screen fun at rock-bottom prices

There’s a good chance your children have never left the house to visit the Emerald City

Looking for a low cost way to engage the kids and beat the summer heat? Reading Cinema’s Reel Kids Summer Movie Festival may be the ticket. Starting June 17 and continuing for nine weeks, Reading’s ...

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