Scott Marks

Scott Marks
Scott Marks contributes to the Reader's movie section.

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Double-features from hell!

WARNING! The double-features you are about to see are real! No titles were Photoshopped during the making of this post! It began as a hunt to find proof of what has to be the craziest ...

Meet the men (and woman) from Man from Reno

Boyle, hard-boiled

With a title like Man from Reno, one would half expect it to end on a dissolve of Glenn Ford riding off into a Columbia Pictures sunset. Instead, we get a departure in form from ...

Scott Marks hears a Hu at Pac-Arts 5th Annual Spring Showcase

The email from Pac-Arts Program director, Brian Hu, began, “You want Tsui Hark? You got Tsui Hark!” For years, I’ve been badgering the poor guy to bring Hark in as a special guest at the ...

Easter at the movies: a time for reflection

Mitchum, Dean & Jerry, Cantinflas, Liz Taylor, Kung Fu Easter, and more!

Easter is not a holiday readily associated with high-volume moviegoing, but you wouldn't know it by these clippings featuring stars and cinema chains keen on having patrons making a pit stop at their local odeons ...

Ten songs that make you want to fall in love with (at?) the movies

1) “Saturday Night at the Movies” by the Drifters The Drifters was formed in 1953 and in the 62 ensuing years, the band played on in spite of the multitudinous changes in personnel. R&B singer ...

Movie theater popcorn in your home!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” barked Larry in an accusatory tone second to none. With a dirty Farberware pot in one hand, a soapy sponge in the other, and a sink before ...

Kensington Video goes on record

There wasn’t an empty seat in the house of worship as friends, well-wishers, and members of the family packed the Kensington Community Church to pay affectionate tribute to Kensington Video proprietors excelsior: Winnie, Rich, and ...

Unsung pros

Interview with The Wrecking Crew director Denny Tedesco

From Sinatra (Frank and Nancy) to Seville (David and his Chipmunks), the artists included in The Wrecking Crew backed them all. We close on a disclaimer that jokingly reads, “No musicians were harmed during the ...

Hello, Deli Man!

There’s no messin’ with this documentary history of the delicatessen.

“Corned beef is responsible for killing more of my people than Hitler.” — Jerry Lewis A fragrant bouquet of savory sliced beef and smoked fish mixes with chopped organ meat smothered in onions and rendered ...

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