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Baja tax hike screwed businesses over

Economist says sales down 20% in TJ; inflation rate up 7%

Following a rancorous debate in Mexico City late last year, federal legislators voted to increase the sales tax from 11 percent to 16 percent, effective the first of the year. Baja California business leaders have ...

TJ cops threatening to tourism?

Business owners fear resurgence of extortion

Tijuana police are at it again — stopping motorists with U.S. license plates for imaginary traffic infractions so they can extort money from visitors to the city’s struggling tourist district. "We are hoping that tourists ...

Canada issues travel warning for Mexico

"Exercise extreme caution" when traveling in Baja California

Canada has joined the United States in warning its citizens of the potential dangers they may face when visiting Mexico, with specific reference to Baja California. In an advisory posted on the home page of ...

Tijuana’s “Twin of Parisian perfume shops" closes

Sara's London Shop goes out of business after 70 years

Sara´s London Shop, a popular perfume store in downtown Tijuana that once attracted tourists from around the world, has closed its doors after 70 years in business. The store, at the corner of Avenida Revolución ...

Drone patrols over Tijuana begin today

Battery power lasts 15 to 45 minutes

Tijuana police will begin using drones to patrol crime-plagued areas of the city beginning today, January 6, according to the daily newspaper El Sol de Tijuana. The city has acquired two drones to add to ...

Adiós, zonkeys?

Animal activists want Tijuana's "zebras" replaced with statues

Tijuana's famed zonkeys — donkeys painted to look like zebras — would be permanently retired and replaced by fiberglass replicas if an international animal-rights organization gets its way. In recent years, the zonkeys have fallen ...

New Year brings new taxes in Mexico

From pet food to junk food

Baja Californians awakening today, New Year's Day, face what the daily newspaper El Mexicano describes as "a cascade of taxes." In addition to an increase in the sales tax to 16 percent, Baja Californians will ...

Pit bull kills baby in Tijuana

City records 71 dog bites so far this year, 3 of them fatal

A 37-day-old baby girl died on Wednesday, December 11, shortly after she was bitten on the head by a pit bull at her grandmother's house in Tijuana, according to newspaper accounts. The infant, identified only ...

Tijuana leads Mexico in tuberculosis cases

On average, 1000 diagnosed each year

Dr. Rafael Laniado Laborín, head of the multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis clinic at Hospital General de Tijuana, recently told El Mexicano that the clinic diagnoses an average of 1000 TB cases a year, leading Mexico in the ...