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I'll never know if Storks delivers

New movies opening this week: The Magnificent Seven, Author: The JT LeRoy Story, and more

Aaaand we're back! Eight, count 'em, eight piping hot reviews of new releases — but alas, Storks is not one of them. Our proprietary Reader review algorithm (affectionately dubbed the the Duncanizer), which calculates the ...

Hollywood bets there’s gold in them thar woods! (Also, the womb.)

New movies opening this week: Blair Witch, White Girl, Snowden, and more

Apple founder Steve Jobs once said, “People don’t know what they want until you give it to them.” Maybe he’s right. I never dreamed people would want threequels to The Blair Witch Project and Bridget ...

The Disappointments Room appears

New movies opening this week: Sully, Little Men, and more

So here’s a spooky horror movie mystery: whatever happened to Before I Wake, a film Wikipedia says is opening today and which features an adorable moppet whose dreams manifest in reality? It seems to have ...

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The Dressmaker 3.0 stars

Out for revenge, seamstress-turned-sleuth Kate WInslet returns to her rural Australian hometown and, using haute couture much the same way Sherlock Holmes would apply deductive reasoning, cracks a decades old crime that positioned her as a murderess. Thankfully, this was ...

The Age of Shadows (Miljeong) 2.0 stars

Writer-director Kim Jee-woon brings John Le Carré-style espionage to the world of Korea's struggle for independence from Japan in the '30s. Meaning: the deepest convictions of the human heart are your only hope for surviving a world where deceit and ...

London Road 1.0 stars

There have been musicals about mass murderers (Rent, Sweeney Todd), but none as monotonously tasteless as this talk-singing account of the 2006 killings of five prostitutes in the titular working-class neighborhood. The film is adapted from a stage play, and ...

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