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Take cover from the storm and see these movies this weekend

A critic's job is to say "Hey, look at this!"

There is no delight in being contrary for its own sake. It's as dishonest a critical move as quote-whore cheerleading. It cries out, "Hey, look at me!" when, of course, a critic's job is to ...

Verbinksi on vacation

Madman's dream, A Cure for Wellness

With Pirates of the Caribbean, Gore Verbinski took a silly-spooky theme park attraction and built it into a multibillion-dollar defense of bucking the system and living by your wits. With A Cure for Wellness, he ...

Sequel report

Some follow-up movies (Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back) are considerably better than others (Fifty Shades Darker)

First things first: the 2017 San Diego Jewish Film Festival is underway, and runs through the 17th. Film lineup is here. I rather like the cutline: "Our Lives Projected." Between that and the first San ...


Val Kilmer never should have stopped doing comedies

Put Real Genius and Wall-E on your list

Real Genius (USA, 1985, TriStar) captures the culture of college nerds better than any other movie I’ve seen. Many characters, anecdotes, and even graffiti come from Caltech students that helped with production. The movie’s also ...

Movie Archives

The Glass Shield 1.0 stars

Two idealistic outcasts in the County Sheriff's Office, the first black deputy and the first female deputy (the cherub-faced Michael Boatman and the pixie-haired Lori Petty), pool forces to unmask police corruption, racism, sexism, the whole ball of wax. The ...

The Road to Wellville 0.0 stars

A timely subject of satire -- diets, aerobics, colonics, the entire health racket -- but set at the turn of the century so as to broaden the targets. And at the same time inoffensively isolate them. Alan Parker, working from ...

Saving Mr. Banks 2.0 stars

Walt Disney spent over 20 years of his life struggling to bring author P. L. Travers’s Mary Poppins to the screen. As if the story behind the making of Uncle Walt’s greatest commercial success didn’t provide enough fodder to craft ...

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