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Who talks like this?

Secret in Their Eyes dumbs down another foreign film

It’s no secret that Secret in Their Eyes is an English-language remake of Juan José Campanella’s far superior Argentinian thriller (and winner of 2010’s Best Foreign Film Oscar) of the same name. Frankly, we wouldn’t ...

Shining Spotlight

An old-fashioned notion that some things simply need reporting

Spotlight, which takes its name from a team of investigative journalists at The Boston Globe, is a touching ode to the old-fashioned notion that some things simply need reporting; never mind the effort, the expense, ...

Truth is, Oscar season is upon us

Do younger audiences remember who Dan Rather is?

Cate Blanchett is seated before a panel of aggressive, mostly male Republican types, being grilled about her involvement in a scandalous, headline-grabbing story. A quick-to-YouTube camcorder doc titled Hillary Goes Benghazi? Not yet. Truth is, ...


Dumbest quotes ever made

My favorite TV show is RuPaul’s Drag Race. Why? Because it’s RuPaul! And who doesn’t love RuPaul? I love this TV show because it’s the greatest TV show ever made. I mean, who wouldn’t want ...

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Legend 1.0 stars

How do you make a boring film about gangster twins in ‘60s London, one of whom is a violent, paranoid schizophrenic homosexual, and both of whom are played by Tom Hardy? Easy: neglect the violent, paranoid schizophrenic homosexual and play ...

Secret in Their Eyes 1.0 stars

It’s no secret that Secret in Their Eyes is an English-language remake of of 2010’s Best Foreign Film Oscar of the same name. Like it’s namesake, Secret relies on a series of intricate flashbacks, the narrative constantly, often confusingly jumping ...

#Horror 1.0 stars

Tara Subkoff (All Over Me,The Cell) moves behind the camera to write and direct this based-on-true-events cult horror entry for IFC Midnight. After one of the zippiest title sequences in recent memory, six well-heeled twelve-year-old girls settle in for a ...

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