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A boy’s life

“Twelve Years in the Making!” Sounds more like a tagline from a Hollywood biblical epic, not Boyhood, the latest, commendably ambitious film from director Richard Linklater. I know what you’re thinking. Would it really have ...

Layers upon layers

In 1977, film director Roman Polanski pled guilty to the charge of unlawful sex with a minor — a 13-year-old girl. He then fled the country to avoid sentencing. Need every review of a Polanski ...

Excess baggage

Fueled by implausibility, and for a good portion of the ride much better for it, Bong-Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer posits a nonstop, Earth-encircling train containing the microcosmic survivors of a society killed off by a global ...

Seen on DVD

Don’t call me Shirley

The Big Lebowski is near and dear to my heart. It’s great the first time but even better the second, third, and thirty-ninth times. A sign of a good movie is when the characters stick ...

Movie Archives

One Crazy Summer 1.0 stars

Two graduates of Generic High School spend the summer on Nantucket Island — meet girls, run afoul of the local capitalist pigs, challenge them in the big regatta, etc. The standard youth-comedy agenda, but a bit more detailed, more deviant, ...

Indian Summer 0.0 stars

Alumni from the "golden age" of Camp Tamakwa (hence the corn oil poured over the image) gather for a reunion at the behest of their now-gray counselor, Uncle Lou. They have fun, expose their inner selves, experience black-and-white flashbacks, work ...

The Shop around the Corner 3.0 stars

Ernst Lubitsch's gracious and graceful handling of Nikolaus Laszlo's romantic comedy about two lonelyhearts working in a Budapest notions shop. James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan, as has been unanimously remarked, do not remind you much of Hungarians, but this is ...

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