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It’s just Life

The other Reader critic gets the rest: Personal Shopper, Wilson, and Raw

Sometimes, life is kind. Not the movie Life, mind you. That wasn’t kind at all, even if it was kinda good. But real life. Your humble correspondent hit a serious low this week, so it’s ...

A visual feast at the Fest

San Diego Latino Film Festival trumps major movie release Beauty and the Beast

The great grinding gears of the pop culture PR machine would have you believe that Beauty and the Beast is the big movie news this week. But it’s not, and neither are the bleats of ...

Land of Mine is terse, tense, and terrific

Moving mine movie

Writer-director Martin Zandlivet’s terse, tense, and terrific post-WWII film Land of Mine establishes two of its three strengths immediately. First, star Roland Møller as Danish sergeant Carl Rasmussen, his eyes radiating barely controlled emotion from ...

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T2: Trainspotting None stars

Danny Boyle directs a sequel to Trainspotting. It only took him 21 years.

Art School Confidential 3.0 stars

The reunion of director Terry Zwigoff with the writer of his Ghost World, graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, seemed to bode well for his recovery from the badness of his Bad Santa. Boding even better, the subject matter -- the lowdown ...

Summer Hours 3.0 stars

Three French siblings scattered around the globe (Charles Berling, Juliette Binoche, Jérémie Renier, in order of prominence on screen) must dispose of the valuable family estate, including a couple of Corots and Redons, after the sudden death of their seventy-five-year-old ...

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