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Lo and behold a movie this weekend!

Movies opening this week: Lo and Behold, Hands of Stone, and more

It’s a quiet week on the new-release front, at least in terms of what we were able to see. I wanted Werner Herzog’s take on the Internet in Lo and Behold to be a little ...

Ben hurts...but these ten remakes don’t

Ten movie remakes that outclass the originals

If the Chuck Heston interpretation of Ben-Hur is comparable to a Classics Illustrated comic book, M­G­M’s new digital facelift should never have left Turner Network Television. The third (and hopefully final) theatrical reboot, this Ben ...

The single greatest, most influential sports film ever made

Triumph of Olympia

It is the ultimate glorification of sports on film and a testament to the man Max Bialystock would later call, “The Hitler you loved, the Hitler you knew, the Hitler with a song in his ...

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Movie Archives

Burden of Dreams 1.0 stars

Documentarist Les Blank, who earlier recorded Werner Herzog in the act of eating his shoe (never mind why), here follows the German director's misadventures in the Peruvian jungle on the set of Fitzcarraldo. Perhaps most useful as a sort of ...

Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3.0 stars

Intrepid auteur Werner Herzog goes with a tiny crew into the Chauvet cave in France, otherwise visited only by scientists for a brief time each year. His camera and imagination feast on the sculpturally elaborate caverns, the bone-covered floors, the ...

Grizzly Man 3.0 stars

The globe-trotting Werner Herzog digs up another of those border dwellers, those boundary pushers, he loves to document -- one Timothy Treadwell, b. 1957, d. 2003 -- along with a hundred or so hours of found footage, a treasure trove ...

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