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Don’t be a Dragula

Hipster vampires.

Only Lovers Left Alive is less a movie than an extended, deadpan, highly stylized rant from director Jim Jarmusch. Adam (Tom Hiddleston) is a vampire. Adam listens to vinyl, collects vintage electric guitars, and makes ...

Jude Law luxuriates in role of Dom Hemingway

The lyrical gangster.

Dom Hemingway opens with an extended (snicker) shot of a bare-chested and beefy Jude Law delivering an equally extended (snicker) panegyric on his penis. An encomium for his erection. A tribute to his tallywacker. On ...

Kicking, clawing

Raiders gonna raid

Pit anywhere from 5 to 15 thugs against one lone tough and instead of a dogpile, the bad guys line up like they’re in a bakery waiting for their numbers to be called. (Don’t any ...

Seen on DVD

DVD picks from a theater director

Although not my favorite Coen brothers’ film, Blood Simple is their directorial debut and shows what makes them the top filmmakers in America today. Director’s cut DVD is a must. Three minutes shorter than the ...

Movie Archives

The Ninth Gate 3.0 stars

It must have sounded like a promotional piece of cake: the director of Rosemary's Baby returning to the diocese of devil worship. But no one could accuse Roman Polanski of crass capitalization, much less crass capitalism. This is not an ...

The Matador 1.0 stars

Smarty-pants comedy-thriller written and directed by Richard Shepard. Pierce Brosnan, producer and star, further purges himself of James Bond (if The Tailor from Panama didn't do the trick) in his garish portrayal of "a facilitator of fatalities" who befriends a ...

Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil Le Clercq 3.0 stars

Nancy Biurski's documentary on the astonishing ballerina affectionately known as Tanny is not quite a great movie: there are a few too many stills, some clunky voiceovers, and an occasionally foray into the lugubrious. But it does tell a great ...