Dave Good

Dave Good
Dave Good is an award-winning journalist and author. Originally from Ft. Worth, TX, he writes about music, pop culture, and American life. His life-long infatuation with music began in an unlikely place: Crawford High School, in East San Diego. There, he played sax with future jazz luminaries such as Carl Evans, Nathan East, and Hollis Gentry. After journalism school at SDSU, he found work in Top 40 and album-oriented rock radio for the next two decades, a period of time in which he also hosted KGB Rocks 10, a popular local music video show on ABC television. In the course of a media career that now approaches three decades, if placed end to end the number of words he has published thus far would stretch around the globe at least once. Currently at work on a book about rock and roll's farm team and the unsung music heroes of San Diego past, Dave lives in La Mesa. His book, Jukebox Confessions, is available through Amazon.

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Latest Articles

Cash’d Out Christmas with Rosie Flores

A double-header with Cash’d Out and Rosie Flores for your holiday pleasure. Cash’d Out is a Johnny Cash tribute act. They’ve been around San Diego now for close to a decade. For what it’s worth, ...

Going once, going twice...

“Is that the actual key?” Eric Denton says with obvious delight. “And it still works?” It does. “We should raise the price,” he says, only half joking about the $99 price tagged onto an old ...

I make 300 cups of coffee every day. I get $9 an hour plus tips.

News from the Fight-for-Fifteen front

Minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones are a Vespa motor scooter on nitro methane

Some things don’t change. Even into their 50s, Dicky Barrett and Joe Gittleman and the band they started 30 years ago still seem like an ongoing frat-house party. After all, it was the Mighty Mighty ...

Mursic: strange name, great band

The first time I heard Mursic was at a coffee shop in La Mesa. No, they weren’t performing there — Clay Hackett, a drummer, had saved some of their demo tracks to his iPad. He ...

Bebel Gilberto made bossa nova popular in America

Bebel Gilberto was born in New York in 1966, two years after a jazz record titled Getz/Gilberto made a style of music called bossa nova wildly popular in America. At the Grammy Awards in 1965, ...

Charlie Arbelaez, explosive bebop alto saxist

The liveliest of jazz jams happens on Friday nights in La Mesa. A chance move brought it here: “I lived just up the hill, off University Avenue,” says Charlie Arbelaez, 27. Recently out of the ...

Dive Bomber is seasoned and solid. And painted.

I’m always curious to view how the national press responds to San Diego bands. For example, this July, when Kris Keyes dressed as his alter-ego Nomad the Painted Man and roamed the streets around Comic-Con, ...

It’s a six-string thing

“It’s called the San Diego Guitar Society, and it’s an idea I’ve had for a while.” Mark Langford sits in his office at Rock and Roll San Diego and tells the Reader about his latest ...

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