Elizabeth Salaam

Elizabeth Salaam grew up in the suburban foothills of Boise, Idaho, where she wrote her first poem about a boy named Chad who attended her gymnastics school. At 18, she moved to Olympia, Washington to attend The Evergreen State College, a school that replaces grades with self-evaluations. There, she wrote a trillion poems, one dark and depressing short story, and a senior thesis on the Black Panther Party. The day after graduation, Elizabeth hitched a ride to New York City where she spent the next ten years writing short stories and poetry. In 2001, she received a Masters of Fine Arts in fiction writing from New York University, and for the next four years taught fourth grade in the Bronx. Teaching was not her calling. In 2005, she absconded to Japan to teach English and work on a novel that now sits in a box somewhere. Elizabeth moved to San Diego in 2007 and published her first Reader cover in January 2010. Her website contains supplemental info on many of her Reader stories, and can be found at elizabethsalaam.com.

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