Jay Allen Sanford

Jay Allen Sanford

Jay Allen Sanford co-created the comic book line Rock 'N' Roll Comics for Revolutionary Comics, publishers of the Beatles Experience 8-issue series (among the titles reprinted in graphic novel form by Bluewater Productions, beginning in 2010), and his publishing company Re-Visionary Press is known for its line of Carnal Comics — True Stories of Adult Film Stars; the titles were among the top-selling independent comic books of the '90s. He also created the comic strip "Rock Tales," which began in Rip Magazine before beginning a 15-plus year run in Spin magazine. Since selling off his publishing interests in 2000, he likes to scribble and type stuff every day, and rumor has it that people actually pay him to do this, including MTV/VH1, for whom he writes TV shows and specials like Pop Up Video, 100 Most Metal Moments, etc.

For the San Diego Reader, he writes cover stories and musician interviews, as well as contributing each week to the Blurt music column for over 17 years. He draws two comic strips created specifically for the Reader: Overheard in San Diego (debuted 1996 and collected in book form in 2013) and Famous Former Neighbors (since 2004).

Latest Articles

Shake Before Europe

San Diego’s space-rock–inspired Shake Before Us will play the Cosmic Trip Festival in France next month. “We will be playing ten shows in five different countries,” singer/keyboardist Will Lerner tells the Reader. “We were approached ...

You’ll laugh, you’ll weep

“The production and arrangements on this album feel very Louisiana Delta to us,” says Calman Hart of the upcoming Berkley Hart full-length. “It’s really a double album. Twenty songs.” “It’s named after a song on ...

Record-release roundup

Tolan Shaw chose San Dieguito Academy in Encinitas to host the April 3 release of his Chin Up EP. “The Performing Arts Center is a brand new theater at my old high school, which is ...

Happy coincidences

“‘Fabulous reality’ was a phrase a high-school English teacher drummed into our heads in a writing class,” says Scott Samuels of the title to his upcoming fourth full-length. “It’s also referenced in a song on ...

A thousand Overheard conversations

I never wanted to be a cartoonist. And yet, I’m about to draw the 1000th weekly edition of Overheard in San Diego. Sure, I loved and collected comic books as a kid, and even drew ...

March record releases

New releases this week include two songs by Gayle Skidmore, “Rag Doll” and “Barrel, Trigger, Gun,” issued March 2 on a split cassette with Minor Bird. Griever’s debut full-length, Our Love Is Different, will be ...

Hello (and goodbye)

Several new local acts and team-ups are prepping debut releases and performances. British invader Dave Humphries has been collaborating with Bass Clef Experiment Trio, with their next joint performance set for Java Joe’s on February ...

Breaking down the stages

At this time, the Reader’s Local Music Database lists 1610 upcoming music events on our Shows page, taking place at 224 venues. Over 1300 are live-music events, with the rest mostly DJ and karaoke sets. ...

Loony Tunes: The Loons don’t mind being Misunderstood

Retro recording and teaming up with a garage-band legend

“Although we take our time between albums, the actual writing and recording usually comes in short bursts,” says Mike Stax of the Loons, a PrettyThings/Love/Yardbirds-inspired band extant for nearly twenty years now, with around five ...

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