Almost factual images

Chargers Acquire Le'Veon Bell from Pittsburgh Steelers in "Dream Trade"

In these trying times, you have to consider all your options.

Just look in those eyes: dude will not hesitate to pop a cap in you.

The new approach, as evidenced by that photo: invisible and/or imaginary instruments.

SeaWorld gets a shot in the arm

"Our company's bad PR was spreading like some kind of epidemic," says SeaWorld Chief Operating Officer Gerald Quack. "There didn't seem to be anything we could do to stop it. Some people had given us ...

Faulconer's State of the City: "Look at this adorable pug!"

Last week, San Diego Chief Operating Mayor Kevin Faulconer gave his annual State of the City speech before the city's Board of Governors Council, along with its largest shareholder-developers. (In a now-traditional display of corporate ...

Playboy + Poway + Party + Pot + Police = Perfection

First Pulitzer Plus Prize awarded to 10News for "textbook example of the craft."

STATEMENT FROM THE 2015 AWARDS JURY: When you think of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism, you think of Watergate. You think of the Pentagon Papers. You think of exposés on corporate malfeasance or war crimes or police ...

La Jolla High fights brain pain

School reassesses football program following player's concussion

On October 22 of last year, a La Jolla High football player - Vision of San Diego calls him "Blaine" - suffered a concussion after an on-field collision. What happened next has been the source ...

Local teen disappointed in Natural History Museum's King Tut exhibit


"Totes lame," says 15-year-old Kris Kendall of Serra Mesa of his experience at The Discovery of King Tut, a touring recreation of King Tut's tomb and treasures that is currently on exhibit at the San ...

Walmart takes on Target Clinics with "Self-Health" Centers

"Frankly, I don't know what the competition was thinking on this one," says Ben Applebaum, Chief Medical Officer at Walmart, Inc. "I mean, it makes sense for Target to offer in-store health-care services to its ...

New social media app blows up among teens

Authorities investigating the Instagram threat that led to last Monday's lockdown and early dismissal at Carlsbad High School say they are not yet ready to name a suspect. But they do believe they have figured ...

Whoop! There it isn't?

Vaccine activists concerned over possible backlash following bogus whooping cough vaccine.

San Diego has reported a record number of cases of whooping cough cases this year, and according to the county's public health officer, most of those cases involved people who had, in fact, been immunized ...

Searching for the cure

San Diego Alzheimer's Researcher struggles to remember where he placed notes containing breakthrough on devastating disease.

"I'm sure I had them when I came to work this morning," said Professor X (who declined to be identified). "But now I can't remember where I went after I got my coffee. Oh, man. ...

Google Ogle

SDSU's mandatory online sex manners course undone by Google AdSense

REASSESSING THE BENEFITS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY, SAN DIEGO STATE — Following a fall semester which saw no fewer than seven SDSU students report incidences of sexual assault, the university's administration decided to take decisive action. ...

San Diego in talks to move to Los Angeles

Municipality could head north as early as 2016

"Obviously, 2014 was a disappointing year for us," said San Diego General Manager Kevin Faulconer at a press conference on Monday. "Going in, there was a lot of hope and excitement following the ouster of ...

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