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Dept. of Completely Factual News: San Diego hosts STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, Math) conference ...

Coming Attractions

Poetry Corner

Classic children's book gets sales boost from Fallbrook incident

Victoria's Secret Angel descends upon San Diego, dispenses wisdom

What is sexy?

Stunning Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt made an appearance at Fashion Valley Mall yesterday afternoon, following San Diego's selection via popular vote as America's Sexiest City. (Other winners included TV actress Ellie Kemper for Sexiest ...

San Diego Union-Tribune wins Pulitzer for covering its own demise

Judges call "Paper Trail of Tears" series "A brilliant investigation into the death of print journalism."

From the judges' statement: "Bill Peek, the last remaining investigative journalist at the embattled San Diego Union-Tribune, obtained unprecedented levels of access into the inner machinations of a daily newspaper in decline. Through multiple transfers ...

Can't lay off the layoffs?

Qualcomm CEO begs Clinton: "Please stop me before I downsize again!"

Local telecommunications company Qualcomm laid off some 1300 San Diegans recently in an effort to repair the damage wrought by plummeting sales. Critics have called the move “unfortunate” from a publicity standpoint, given the boatloads ...

In attempt at transparency, city officials unveil updated seal for San Diego

Sealing our fate?

San Diego Image Department Chief Brad Spinner today unveiled the new city seal at a press conference, and also provided an explanation for the changes he implemented. "The first thing, the very first thing I ...

Donald Trump sponsors large-scale art installation along U.S.-Mexico border

Patron of the arts?

Calling it "the biggest and best piece of art ever made about the issues surrounding immigration, or about anything else, for that matter," Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump today unveiled his "Greater Wall," a replica ...

Body Art Expo goes meta to woo drifting hipsters

Ink think

SAN DIEGO CONCOURSE — Once upon a time, hipsters and tattoos were almost as synonymous as bikers and tattoos, athletes and tattoos, or convicts and tattoos. "I think it was the Suicide Girls that did ...

The Godzilla El Niño: Which Godzilla?

Locals hope for something with a "classic feel"

California Monstereologists have cited the recent invasion of Southern California's beaches by thousands of monstrous pelagic crabs as a likely sign of an impending visit from Godzilla El Niño. "Time and again," says UCSD researcher ...

Local tribe seeks to monetize sacred ground without arousing evil

On September 3, the La Jolla Indian Reservation opened what is thought to be the longest zipline in Southern California. For $99, campers at the reservation campground can soar through the air for over a ...

Mayor Faulconer pushes for convention center expansion despite lawsuit

Contiguous calamity curtailer?

A recent report from Conventions, Sports, and Leisure International claims that San Diego will reap a maximum return on investment if the convention center is expanded in place, as opposed to building a separate facility ...

Craft beer scene yields to burgeoning local heroin industry

Horse race?

Recent data released by SANDAG shows that heroin use among arrested San Diegans has tripled since 2002. Today, over 15 percent of all women and 13 percent of all men who get taken into custody ...

FastPass border crossing initiative falls flat

The path of least resistance

On August 1, Mexico's San Ysidro pedestrian border crossing — long a favorite for American daytrippers heading into Tijuana — got a little less unregulated, as the country began running walkers through its newly built ...

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