Chargers-Raiders shared-stadium plan inspires Middle East initiative

Rooting, not shooting?

Statement from Israeli soccer minister Shalom Brightside: "If the Chargers and the Raiders — whose fans' hatred of each other seem to eclipse even their love for their respective teams, the game of football, and ...

A reading from the Book of Spanos

A disaster of Biblical proportions?

Then the Almighty Dollar came to Spanos a second time: "Go to the great city of San Diego and proclaim to it the message I give you.” Spanos obeyed the word of the Dollar and ...

San Diego Opera hints at collaboration with famed comic-book character

Der Fledermausmann?

“Batman has always had an operatic quality about him,” says San Diego opera director of youth outreach Jim Kidd. “Child of privilege, parents murdered before his eyes. Goes mad, develops a terrifying alter ego, hunts ...

Porn skin for pigskin?

Los Angeles and San Diego discuss industry exchange

As relations between San Diego and its precious Chargers continue to worsen — last week, Chargers chief counsel Mark Fabiani told the city’s Chargers task force to “get ready to get bent over a barrel” ...

Droppin' it old school

Special Advertising Section

Even as scientific modeling points toward the probability that the American southwest is entering a period of megadrought unequalled in the past 1,000 years, we are getting reports that home water usage is actually on ...

Boy Scout hike winds up at clothing-optional Black's Beach

Merit bulge?

On January 24, San Diego–based Boy Scout Troop 766 took a hike through Torrey Pines, a hike that led them directly through the region’s final remaining nude beach. Pack-master Ben Looker has been under fire ...

San Diego unveils new tourism campaign for 2015

Yesterday, Mayor Faulconer addressed the leaders of the city’s Hospitality Union and gave them a sneak peak at his plan for attracting visitors to America’s Finest City in the upcoming year. The campaign, he said, ...

General Dynamics develops new combat drone to shoot down smuggler drones

The War on Drugs escalates elevates

Statement from General Dynamics Drone Program Director Otto Pylotte: "Naturally, as the country's foremost producer of military-grade drone technology, we here at General Dynamics were horrified to learn that drones were being employed in ways ...

Local high school responds to measles outbreak

Putting the "u" in uniform

Citing a desire to "respect families' personal health-related decisions while still maintaining a safe atmosphere for our student body," San Diego's Academy of Our Lady of Peace high school announced today that it has instituted ...

Nick's neck news

Longtime Charger center retires, citing desire to spend more time with functioning body.

Confirming rumors that had circulated ever since a neck injury ended his 2014 season prematurely, longtime San Diego Charger Center Nick Hardwick announced his retirement from the NFL on February 3. During an emotional press ...

10News Reporter introduces Brown Pants Factor for animal-related reporting

The little level

Statement from 10News: Following the enormous social media success of 10News correspondent Joe Little's Tweets about our story, "Woman plunges toilet, pulls out boa constrictor," we are proud to introduce the Joe Little "Brown Pants ...

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