"Homelessness is not an American problem. It’s an un-American problem.”

No hobo

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was in town — well, Rancho Santa Fe — for a fundraiser on July 12, which happened to be the same day that the San Diego Police Department released Anthony ...

Trump explains failed attempt to build a resort in Baja

Republican Presidential Candidate: “I can, but Mexican’t”

Recently, KPBS.org ran a story documenting the complaints of investors in a never-built Baja resort that bore the Trump name and seal of approval. Besides being bitter over the way the deal went south, these ...

Trump strikes out at Rancho Santa Fe fundraiser

No-neau Riche

“I guess it’s true what they say,” lamented frustrated political neophyte Donald Trump as he waited for his Uber to pick him up from The Bridges’ main clubhouse. “Being rich doesn’t necessarily make you smart ...

Hillcrest Business Association seeks to drive undesirables out of San Diego’s gay district


Hillcrest Business Association Bill Nickels likes to think he is a friendly, tolerant individual. But he’s also a businessman, and as such, his tolerance has its limits. “People like me — normal, decent, hardworking Americans ...

Popular TV character becomes the face of San Diego’s latest protest movement

Crazy Eyes on the prize

On the popular Netflix women-in-prison drama Orange is the New Black, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren is a troubled inmate who requires occasional visits to the psych ward. But in San Diego, she is the new ...

SDSU seeks to resolve controversy by adopting new mascot

Go go Po-Po!

Poor Monty Montezuma. For almost 30 years, the fearsome Aztec warrior and San Diego State University mascot has had to do battle not just against opposing teams, but against a steady stream of criticism regarding ...

San Diego Police break up Park at the Park homeless protest prior to All-Star game

Move along, movement

“First it was the sharp rocks along the side of the road on Imperial Avenue,” said Homeless Lives Matter spokesman Ron Vagabond from his two-person tent on Petco Park’s rolling green lawn prior to Major ...

Online release of Jerry Lewis Holocaust film spurs outcry at Legoland death camp display

The day the clown cried, “That’s Offensive!"

For decades, Jerry Lewis’s massively misconceived Holocaust drama, The Day the Clown Cried, has remained inaccessible to both the curious and the critical, a morbid mystery wrapped in an existential enigma: What were they thinking? ...

Help us rename the Marine Corps Mud Run!

SDQT Reader Poll

In mid-June, the Marine Corps revealed to the public that a previously undetected broken pipeline within Camp Pendleton had dumped more than 870,000 gallons of sewage onto the base grounds over the course of three ...

Midwest metropolis cedes iconic status to San Diego

Cleveland blinks!

Members of the victorious 2016 Cavaliers basketball team do their best to ignore the gnawing emptiness tearing at their souls as they arrive in Cleveland following a thrilling seven-game NBA Finals against the Golden State ...

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