Tattoo parlor opens on site of former tattoo parlor in Gaslamp Quarter

Here comes the neighborhood

"We really wanted to bring back the feeling of those bad old days before the Gaslamp was a gentrified tourist destination," says Brad Handlebar, proprietor of The Nasty Needle Tattoo Parlor. "Back before they built ...

Outraged parent applauds Coastal Commission ban following revelations of inbreeding


"I've been coming to SeaWorld with my children for 10 years," says Del Mar mother Sandee Momstein. "But after learning about the perverted antics of their main attraction, I don't think I'll ever come again. ...

No-Sperm Whale

Sales of "Orcondoms" surge following Orca breeding ban

In 1999, Gudmundur Sigurdur Johannsson obtained U.S. Design Patent D448471 for the ornamental design of a novelty condom shaped like a killer whale. But somewhere along the way, he came to the conclusion that "certain ...

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park takes advantage of Orca breeding ban at SeaWorld

Wild, wild life

Following the California Coastal Commission's demand that it cease breeding its killer whales (even as it began construction of new, expanded killer whale storage facilities), the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park released the following ...

High as a kite

Well, maybe a drone

On October 4, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that legalized "beer bikes" on city streets. He did it while riding in a beer bike — you know, the kind where lots of people ...

Gate(s)way to excitement!

Star tight end's first game of 2015 heralds team's return to form

Comment by Dick Danepa, special to SD on the QT Forget about the wins. They're going to come in a Chargers season. When you've got a quarterback like Philip Rivers, that's a simple fact: there ...

Another winning season!

(For Petco Park)

"This is perhaps my favorite time of year," says Petco Park general manager Dick Andersen. "Baseball season is over, and it's time to sit back, take stock, and once again savor the sweet smell of ...

Cartels respond to troubling shift in consumer demographics


A SANDAG report released today indicated that 53 percent of women booked into San Diego County jails tested positive for methamphetamine, while only 40 percent of their male counterparts tested positive for the drug. That's ...

San Diego Zoo welcomes Dr. Moreau as new director of children's outreach

The beast in you!

RECALLING THE FACT THAT THE SAN DIEGO ZOO IS ALSO A SOPHISTICATED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH FACILITY, BALBOA PARK — "I love children," says Dr. Moreau, newly arrived Director of Children's Outreach at the San Diego Zoo, ...

Victoria's Secret Angel descends upon San Diego, dispenses wisdom

What is sexy?

Stunning Victoria's Secret Angel Martha Hunt made an appearance at Fashion Valley Mall yesterday afternoon, following San Diego's selection via popular vote as America's Sexiest City. (Other winners included TV actress Ellie Kemper for Sexiest ...

San Diego Union-Tribune wins Pulitzer for covering its own demise

Judges call "Paper Trail of Tears" series "A brilliant investigation into the death of print journalism."

From the judges' statement: "Bill Peek, the last remaining investigative journalist at the embattled San Diego Union-Tribune, obtained unprecedented levels of access into the inner machinations of a daily newspaper in decline. Through multiple transfers ...

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