Big Screen Movie Reviews

Dig a hole: David Gest

And Happy Birthday Tiny Tim!

It’s only fitting that David Gest died on Tiny Tim’s birthday. Wedding bells between the concert promoter and Liza Minnelli amounted to the biggest Barnum & Bailey wedding of all time, a marriage made in ...

So many movie openings

Cemetery of Splendour, Everybody Wants Some!!, and more

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned much in the yawping about the huge week two dropoff (69%!) for Batman v Superman: Yawn of Justice: there was practically nothing else to see last week — at ...

Encinitas Student Film Symposium

Industry pros come to town Saturday, April 23

There’s a new festival coming to town, this one brought to you the City of Encinitas and San Diego Filmmakers. I’m the first to grumble that art shouldn’t compete, but there’s more to the Encinitas ...

Weird, wonderful Weerasethakul

Cemetery of Splendour: The less we’re told, the more we’re sucked in

If there is indeed only one chance at making a good first impression, then an impeccable introductory shot is as essential to a film’s narrative as a lashed Windsor knot and highly reflective pair of ...

Batman v. Superman, Hydrox v. Oreo

Dear Hipster: If everybody — and I really mean everybody, because I do not know a single person who liked it — unequivocally hates Batman v. Superman, wouldn’t it be the most hipster thing ever ...

A Hush falls over San Diego

Michael Foster’s superb short one night only: Friday, April 8

It’s not often one finds a student film, for lack of a better term, covered in these pages. Call me snobby, but after 11 years spent teaching film (and a lifetime devoted to studying the ...

Movies opening this week

Remember, Marguerite, I Saw the Light, and more

You know what was almost as exhausting as watching (and then having to think about) Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Reading all the Fans v Critics: Dust of Cheetos thinkpieces and rage-comments in the ...

Celebrity Endorsements Vol. 1

Promotions from the vault

Be it at the studio’s behest or a simple desire to keep their famous faces in the public eye (while being handsomely compensated in the process), celebrities have long been known to lend their likenesses ...

The Big Parade marches through Carmel Valley

Catch it April 4 at the Angelika Film Center

“What a thing is patriotism! We go for years not knowing we have it. becomes life’s greatest emotion.” The words ring as true today as when they did when they were written, over 90 ...

Mind kampf

Remember, the director has never made a bad movie

Remember, a genre mashup of four of contemporary cinema’s least desirable storylines, should represent everything we’ve spent the past three decades at the movies trying to forget. And yet... When was the last time you ...

Orson Welles, restored

A week of revivals at the Ken, April 1–7

To call Chimes at Midnight (aka Falstaff) Orson Welles’s crowning achievement is tantamount to naming it the greatest movie ever made. The film never found a home on DVD — there’s a dupe pressing in ...

Technicolor Munsters!

In celebration of “America’s First Family of Fright”

My first eyeballing of Munster, Go Home! came, as it did to many Mockingbird Heights mavens of a certain vintage, on the bottom half of a double-bill. The film had not performed as well as ...

Easter means movie time

Or so says this series of vintage seasonal ads

Quick: name an Easter movie. Ben-Hur? The Ten Commandments? Easter Parade? Yogi the Easter Bear? A few more spiritual-based titles come to mind, but for the most part, Easter at the movies is just another ...

Don’t forget Remember

A talk with the director, Atom Egoyan

Opening Remember opposite Batman vs. Superman appeared to be a brilliant stroke of counter-programming. Alas, a superhero-sized need for screen domination dictated otherwise, and the edge-of-your-seat modern-dress Holocaust thriller starring Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau ...

Allegiant's Nadia Hilker and Bill Skarsgård take questions

You don't really get to know their characters in this one

Nadia Hilker and Bill Skarsgård join the YA dystopia franchise for its third installment, playing two residents of the cheerfully named Bureau of Genetic Welfare who find themselves watching over fugitive lovers Four (Theo James) ...

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