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Alternative air

Hey pal you are a little hard to follow, but in all your Trump like silly rage you seem to be avoiding the one key point: what did I write that wasn't correct: That 949 plays a three year old song five times a day? That Rock 105 has twice the audience of either 91X or 949? That Padres plus alternative is considered by pretty much everybody to be a complete mistake? That 91X is getting some great shows but their ad income sucks? That hipness in radio just doesn't matter like it did thirty years ago? That it is becoming increasingly clear that two alternative stations can't survive in San Diego? What exactly is it, Mr anonymous tough guy, that I got wrong? You write: "That is, if it they are not indeed what I said about it being a hallucination. You did not deny that either. Can you go on record and deny that?" What exactly do you want me to go the record about? I'm trying to help you here. What is your question? Are you trying to say I made up that quote? Absolutely not. I gladly tell my editor or publisher at any time who my unnamed sources are. That person is employed in the radio industry. Second, what is it that person said that you say is not true? I'm so glad you feel good about yourself because you think you triggered so many hits on this article. You go girl! You have said absolutely nothing to contradict anything I wrote. Were you one of the people who were shipped out of the 91X offices last week after the joint agreement fell through? Or are you one of the folks who work at 949 who is about to be part of the biggest radio punchbowl turd in years? Which is exactly what will happen if Entercom does not get another station. But then again, I wonder, why would Entercom want to get another station just to save a two-share station? That would seem more like an ego move and Entercom is a bottom line company. Both stations are failing but they are both holding out to be the only one left in town in alternative. It seems 949 already gave up when they bought the Padres. Nothing says millennial like play by play Padres! That's a party!
— October 8, 2016 10:43 a.m.

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