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Homosexual detester says what?

Regarding the timing of this timing of this, please let me respond. I wrote about this as soon as I heard about it. I am told that at the time this article hit the Reader's website (less than a week before the election) roughly half of the people who were expected to vote had already voted. In other words, if this was written to be timed to get the most response, it makes sense to have it published when people started voting which would have been about three weeks ago. As any reasonable person can tell, Reese-speak is great stuff for anyone to write or read about. If you agree with Ms. Reese, you should know about her so you CAN vote for her. If you disagree with her, ditto. It is mind blowing that the UT and Coast News never bothered to cover this. Are they lazy, understaffed or are they trying to protect somebody? Columnist Logan Jenkins did a passive, lightweight column on Ms. Reese a few weeks ago that completely ignored the hardcore stuff Ms. Reese says. He daintily offered some flowery, fluttering prose about how he appreciates that she is upfront about what she stands for BUT HE AVOIDED GOING INTO THE DETAILS ABOUT WHAT SHE SAID! He made her sound like she was just this strident, opinionated political neophyte who means well. Really Logan? Where have all the regular reporters been on this? Or does the UT not have any reporters any more. Thank god that MCC employee Deineh had the initiative and the backbone to bring attention to this person who has a rich history of saying such remarkable things. As a candidate, Ms. Reese has a right to say anything she wants. As a voters, we have a right to be informed when someone like Ms. Reese says such provocative statements. We must pay attention who we elect to some of these lower-on-the-ballot offices. Just today KPBS covered the local judicial candidate who flat out lied about his credentials. Good for them. And good for the Reader for giving Ms. Reese her rightful exposure. Until people paid attention, the Tri-City Hospital board of trustees was a municipal train wreck. Media exposure and public attention helped fix that dysfunctional clown bus.
— October 31, 2014 10:13 p.m.

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