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Sun Diego drops in on Nineteen Nineteen

I wrote the article. It seems like Village Tenant and Sage of Santee both have some relevant information. Of course the City of Carlsbad has historically had an issue with loud and unruly bars over the last 15 years or so. And there were in fact problems with both the Ocean House and Niemans as far as violence and underage kids etc. But part of the story that got edited out was a quote from Carlsbad City Councilman Keith Blackburn. One of his quotes was to the effect that he didn't see that having Sun Diego in the Twin Inns building would have any more or less historic significance than Ocean House. BUT he did say that he loves the Belly Up and why wouldn't Carlsbad want to have a Belly Up style venue? But he said only if problems with parking and noise were resolved (meaning there weren't any) and that it didn't have any problems like its bar predecessors did, would he support it. Village Tenant's assertion that city leaders would automatically be against a "Belly Up North" is simply not true. Blackburn also said that he didn't think the City of Carlsbad could actually do anything to stop a Sun Diego in the Twin Inns even if it wanted to be there since zoning in that area would not preclude it, and that city government can not tell an entity it has to take less in rent. Based on the overwhelming social media response to the article, I would suggest Sun Diego's biggest problem would not be with the City of Carlsbad but with the citizens of Carlsbad. No one seems to care that Sun Diego is in its current Premium Outlet location in Carlsbad. But boy is there some strong reaction against opening one in Twin Inns. In fairness it should be noted that the building is owned by a Santa Barbara company, but that Sun Diego is actually headquartered in Carlsbad and its principal owner David Nash is a regular at local establishments.
— October 7, 2013 1:18 p.m.