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Heed old uncle Polonius

He borrowed, but maybe she shouldn't lend.

Dear Hipster: I don’t know why I’m writing you about this, but maybe you can advise. I’ve been dating the same guy for about two weeks, give or take. I like him a lot, but ...

Nary an elf

Distance yourself from the seething masses with artisan wrapping paper.

DJ: What should I do if my wife and I want to wrap gifts for friends and family but we don’t like the usual holiday motifs? Call me crazy, but corpulent Santas and stylized sugarplums ...

Artisanal, handcrafted bends

Stick-candy knowledge bomb.

Dear Hipster: How do they make the stripes on candy canes? And when was the candy cane invented? And why canes? — Angie If I may condense a lot of accessible information into one super ...

Hipsters don't ski

Even irony can't make a frozen mountainside more appealing.

Dear Hipster: I just got back from an early-season ski trip with my kids’ families. Let’s just say it’s been a long time since I hit the slopes. Ski fashion has changed...a lot. I don’t ...

Fear not the White Elephant

Guidelines for the perfect ungift.

Dear Hipster: My company’s holiday party will feature a White Elephant, and I want to put something cool into the gift pool. I’d rather give people a laugh than a crock pot, if you know ...

Desperate roommate, filthy liar

Sometimes a message in a bottle is not enough.

Dear Hipster: How do I get my roommate to wash more dishes? She always says she will do it “later,” but then the dishes pile up and pile up and she’s “too busy” to clean ...

Way, way before they were cool

CJ McMann is on his way to Polite Provisions, or the 1913 World's Fair. Whatever.

Dear Hipster: Is this man on his way to Polite Provisions (see attached picture)? — Dryw Keltz I recognize that guy! That only looks like an old-timey illustration. In fact, it’s a heavily filtered Instagram ...

Aw...Bill Cosby, too? Right in the childhood

Dear Hipster: You used the phrase, “right in the childhood” a little while back. What does that mean? I could probably Google it, but I want to hear your explanation. — Dave, Bonita The scandalous ...

Squeezed by tradition

One does not simply shed the uniform of the 21st Century hipster.

Dear Hipster: Can I be hip if I can’t get “into” skinny jeans? They lack the drape of classic denim, and are so tight fitting, one might as well be wearing Spandex. — James Let’s ...

Stick it to the man

Define cool by skipping your boss's approval.

Dear Hipster: I want to quit my job, but my asshole boss intimidates me. He’s mentally manipulative — his trick is making me feel like I’ve failed him — and I don’t want to end ...

Shame cycle

The sinister logic behind the legitimization of sandalsocks.

Dear Hipster: The weather cooled over the weekend, and I saw an otherwise fashionable person wearing socks and sandals the other day. Since when did that become cool? — Daryl, La Jolla Fashionable people are ...

Excess sincerity

Football is too real for the hip.

Dear Hipster: Do hipsters like football? Not soccer. Football. — Andy There are some hipsters who enjoy a bit of armchair quarterbacking, but they tend to refer to it as “American football” in order to ...

In defense of brunch

Must we now give brunch a Viking funeral?

Dear Hipster: So, I’m starting to hear of the so-called “anti-brunch movement,” a backlash against brunch, and I have to wonder, what the heck am I supposed to do on Sunday morning if brunch becomes ...

Wouldn't it be funny?

Dear Hipster: Why are hipsters such frauds that they can’t do anything they want without first saying, “Wouldn’t it be funny if. . .” (Everything you do isn’t funny. But YOU are.) — John Doe, ...

You asked

Letter writers push the columnist into Einstein territory

Dear Hipster, There IS a word for being into something before it was cool. It’s precoolcious. I know because I am. — Cherry, La Mesa The word Stephen in Hillcrest is looking for to describe ...

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