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Mix CDs passé?

Nothing says love like an herb garden made of used craft-beer bottles.

Dear Hipster: I was thinking of making my girlfriend a custom mix CD for her birthday. Good idea or bad idea? — Jamie Yeah. Sure. Great idea. If you guys still listen to CDs, which ...

Racism is not cool

I, as your so-called hipster, am cool.

Dear Hipster: My sister’s boyfriend let fly a few racist remarks at a recent family gathering, and I’m pretty sure his bigotry runs deeper than that. Am I out of line if I just hit ...

Vodka verus gin

The Great Martini Debate defused.

Dear Hipster: My friend and I go back and forth on which is the right spirit for a Martini. Gin or vodka? — Joe, Kensington Gin drinkers are either old men or luxurious Noel Coward ...

iPhone versus Nexus

Device advice.

Dear Hipster: It’s new cell phone time for me, but I can’t decide between the Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5. Which one should I get, and why? I use a Macbook, and the iPhone ...