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Lord Buckley’s application not flat-out rejected

His imitation of black culture was the sincerest form of flattery

Dear Hipster: May I suggest Lord Buckley for the Hipster Hall Of Fame? He even titled one of his albums Hipsters, Flipsters, and Finger Poppin Daddies, released in 1955! — Tim It’s easy to see ...

Old Farty-Fart skips question, launches into diatribe

Modern denim is often too light to patch.

Dear Hipster: So, I’ve been planning on writing to you for some weeks now, but I just never got around to it. Too lazy, or whatever. But, today I got to thinking, “Hey! If I’m ...

Being a barista or bartender is a respectable career goal

Remarkably gauche

Dear Hipster: I’d always heard that it’s impolite to make small talk about jobs, yet strangers at parties and other gatherings all too often ask me “what I do.” I’m not ashamed of my job ...

The next thing for mustachio’d, tweedy manliness

Inspired by Tolkien

Hipster Magister, I nominate J.R.R. Tolkien for the Hipster Hall of Fame. The man invented the fantasy genre before it was cool. None of the generations of imitators have come anywhere close to matching him. ...

No to weather systems, yes to Beefheart

Looking through the Hipster Archive of Obscure Errata

Hipster: When it comes to the highly anticipated unveiling of the 2016 Hipster Hall of Fame class, the name we are all waiting to hear is, in fact, “tropical storm El Niño.” Getting two weeks ...

Q: What to do with all those old t-shirts?

A: Seamstering

Hey Hipster: Love your column so I can keep up on what’s hip as a junior-senior! I noted with interest your resolution to get rid of your old concert T-shirts. NO! NO! Don’t do it! ...

Scene: North Park, late ’70s

Before it was cool

Dear Hipster: I grew up in North Park in the late ’70s, and I went to Alice Birney Elementary School. Since I lived in North Park before it was cool, does that make me an ...

Was Captain Beefheart a hipster?

He could probably cozy up to the bar at BLAH, order an IPA, and not seem at all out of place.

An all-points bulletin to the Hipster Congressional Fact Finding Committee.

Pickled eggs for christmas — no reason why not

(Lowercase c intended)

Dear Hipster: I almost always have a really hard time buying gifts for people. Birthdays are tough enough, but this time of year is all but impossible, seeing as how there are so many people ...

A matter of manscaping

Hipsters embrace the vision of the ursine lumbersexual

Confident in their hairiness and hairlessness.

Hipster Hall of Fame nominations begin to roll in

Sorry guys. Not hipster enough.

Disney's mustache doesn't cut it.

What do you name your kid when hyphenation doesn't cut it anymore?

Rear the children with pride and patronymics

Dear Hipster: My wife and I have been talking about having a kid, really just kicking the idea around more than anything else, and I was surprised to find out that she is absolutely, 100% ...

The ideal hipster Thanksgiving

Prepare your single-origin beans, elaborate cocktails, and yam rants

Here comes the “what yams actually are” lecture.

Solid candidate for proto-hipsterdom found!

Kick off the Hipster Hall of Fame

Dunlop’s manly beard alone makes him a candidate.

What to do with Qualcomm Stadium post-Chargers?

Hipsters are the perfect group to repurpose the ex-Murph

First off, Qualcomm needs a 250m, Olympic-caliber velodrome.