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Why David Bowie and not Justin Bieber?

Question offers another opportunity to throw Kings of Leon under the bus

Dear Hipster: It’s said that a catastrophic event (nuclear war, the volcano under Yellowstone erupting, a meteor strike) would kill off the more advanced creatures, like us, but leave less evolved beings, like cockroaches. 2016 ...

Definitely hold on to the Tubthumper LP

Good hipsters don't discard music.

Hey, Mr. Hipster, dude: As you can see, I have quite a few albums, including a few by the Soft Machine but none from the Tragically Hip. What’s up with that? Or is it down ...

Day-Glo in a sea of black pea coats

Hipsters aren't afraid of threads that pop

Dear Hipster: Please explain why Californians fear bright colors in their clothing. In San Diego; on the trolley; in the long lines crossing the border; everywhere you go, 98 percent of people are wearing drab ...

Dinner-party vegan means no harm

Vegan eggnog gets even the most recalcitrant aunts and cousins laughing

Dear Hipster: You hipsters and your crazy food predilections are killing me. I had my sister over for the holidays. She brought her new hipster boyfriend, who won’t eat corn, milk, and (obviously) gluten. If ...

Make cash king in 2017

You can buy a lot of used vinyl with the money you won't be spending on cigarettes

Dear Hipster:What will you do differently in 2017?— B. Despite my general disdain for mainstream concerns, I’ve come to appreciate the New Year’s Resolution, at least in a conceptual sense. Despite the fact that the ...

Audiobook-listening is not the same as reading

Why it matters if the words go through your eyes as opposed to your ears

Dear Hipster: My friend and I have a longstanding dispute, and I’ve unilaterally decided to bring you into it (you’re welcome). It began years ago, when that book Born to Run came out. I remember ...

Gifts for the last-minute hipster shopper

Consider giving the “Nasty Woman” T-shirt

Dear Hipster: I’m super burnt out on the whole “holiday shopping” scene. I went to the movies in Mission Valley the other day, and I’m still having flashbacks from the sight of cars practically running ...

Bob Ross, anti-hipster

Near-universal positive regard

Dear Hipster: Since he embraced kitsch and practically hid his most clever comments by saying them in the same soft tone of voice as everything else he said, was Bob Ross the ultimate anti-hipster? — ...

The rebellion against clever baby names

What about Bob?

Dear DJ: Riddle me this, why must millennials or hipsters name their newborns Lorax, Fennel, Maverick, Jaxson, Skylar, etc? What happened to good ol’ Bob and Henry? You know, names of power. — Javier Zoquaipa ...

Only a Gen Xer can stop a hipster trend

But ... do they need to be stopped?

Dear Hipster: I was wondering if hipster things that become cool and mainstream are not cool anymore. For example, I noticed that the hipsters here used to wear a scarf. I am not talking a ...

Sometimes it’s okay to tell racist jokes

Great answers for dumb questions

For every good soul facing a genuine hipster quandary out there, at least one budding troll just wants to see if he can get a rise out of me. I’m actually cool with it. I’ve ...

Hipster cold remedies

Somewhere between reality and the wishful optimism of New Age woo-woo

Dear Hipster: Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to get sick, right? Every year, I succumb to some sort of nasty ailment between Thanksgiving and Christmas. No amount of Ricola and handwashing seems ...

Worldwide hipsterdom

A reproducible aesthetic

Dear Hipster: Are hipsters based only in the U.S. or are they worldwide? — Brad Part of what makes hipster style interesting is the relative uniformity of hipster enclaves throughout the world. From San Diego ...

Ways to entertain yourself, now that the election is over

For starters, learn the history of wood-cased pencils

Dear Hipster: How the heck am I supposed to ironically entertain myself now that I can’t hate-watch that trainwreck of an election? — David As far as the classic hipster pastime of “watching stuff in ...

Hipster laughmongers

Unpleasant, obscure, dark.

Dear Hipster Lore Master: You mentioned Louis C.K. in one of your recent dispensations of wisdom. It got me wondering: What kind of comedy works best for hipsters? C.K., I could see working because of ...

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