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The modern hipster’s views on marriage and family

Mr. Hipster: My friends are getting married this summer and I have a sneaking suspicion they will be throwing one of those “hipster weddings” that I’ve been hearing so much about. I would have thought ...

The whole “gay or hipster” conundrum

Pilfering gay style

Dear Hipster: Do you have to be a hipster to attract the bearded, pomp-haired, skinny jeans, tattooed, pierced, smug-lipped gent? — Gay in Golden Hill Hipsters may have a reputation for scornfulness, but that legendary ...

Turn an irascible feline into an internet gold mine

Dear Hipster: I love my roommate, who is awesome in almost every way, but I hate her cat because it is an evil emissary of dark forces sent to torture humanity. I don’t know if ...

Consider beard-transplant surgery

A beard to fill the void

Dear Hipster: I really want to cement my ironic nonconformity with a magnificent beard, but I can’t grow any facial hair for the life of me. What can I do? — Jesse As I’ve said ...

Potato salad and the the ultimate dark secret

The hipster-bro rivavlry may come out as a single issue of numbers.

DJ: I just heard about the Potato Salad Kickstarter Guy. Is ironic Kickstarting the next wave of hipster entrepreneurism? — Dave The potato-salad campaign contains even less irony than the Alanis Morissette song about irony, ...

Chill out, man

DJ says beating the heat comes naturally.

Dear Hipster: I am nearly dying from the heat of late. Your hipster mind hold any creative ideas for staying cool? — Jenn Seriously, the best thing I can think of is to paint your ...


The industrious hands of the modern hipster are hard at work in San Diego.

Dear DJ: I’ve heard that hipsters are ushering in a new era of craftsmanship. Is this true? If so, where can I see hip handicrafts? And what, if any, crafts do you dabble in? — ...

Single-origin story

The truth is in the beans.

Dear Hipster: You’ve mentioned single-origin espresso a few times in your answers. What does that mean? (Tell your friends to whom you just read my letter to stop snickering.) — Jess It means you only ...

I don't care because you do

Who needs politics when you have an espresso?

Dear Hipster: I am set to go to a Padres game with some people from work, one of whom is my boss. He talks a big game re: politics, and his comically conservative world view ...

Quadrennial poseurs

Hipsters invade enemy territory for the Cup

Dear Hipster: My hipster friends, normally not soccer fans, insist on watching the World Cup. They’re even calling it “football.” Did I miss something? — Andy the Baseball Fan Just as the Olympics gives regular ...

Banish the beards and bangs

DJ knows the next big things.

Dear Hipster: If hipsters are such big trendsetters, tell me this: what’s the next big thing? — Jenny Blaze-orange hunting fashion is going to be huge. We’ll be seeing more boardshorts in North Park. There ...

Jon Snow is no hipster

Oh, you’ve never met a warg before?

But will Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish have a beard next year?

Girly behind the wheel

If you must get a car, DJ knows your options.

Dear Hipster: I’m 27, and I’ve finally settled into a career where I make enough money to think about buying a new (or slightly used) car. I want something practical but still “girly,” if you ...

Contribute your nonconformity

Wannabe columnist makes a pitch to replace DJ.

Dear Hipster: I think I could do your job better than you do, because I am more hipster than you. Can I have it? — Jeff If you are such a hipster, Jeff, surely you ...

Trapped between ironic homage and unfettered nostalgia

Steampunks squat the 19th century

Dear Hipster: You said hipsters venerate the 1980s, but why the ’80s? Why not the ’90s. Or the 1880s? — Dave The late 19th Century remains mostly off limits to contemporary hipsters, mostly because the ...

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