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Sometimes it’s okay to tell racist jokes

Great answers for dumb questions

For every good soul facing a genuine hipster quandary out there, at least one budding troll just wants to see if he can get a rise out of me. I’m actually cool with it. I’ve ...

Hipster cold remedies

Somewhere between reality and the wishful optimism of New Age woo-woo

Dear Hipster: Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to get sick, right? Every year, I succumb to some sort of nasty ailment between Thanksgiving and Christmas. No amount of Ricola and handwashing seems ...

Worldwide hipsterdom

A reproducible aesthetic

Dear Hipster: Are hipsters based only in the U.S. or are they worldwide? — Brad Part of what makes hipster style interesting is the relative uniformity of hipster enclaves throughout the world. From San Diego ...

Ways to entertain yourself, now that the election is over

For starters, learn the history of wood-cased pencils

Dear Hipster: How the heck am I supposed to ironically entertain myself now that I can’t hate-watch that trainwreck of an election? — David As far as the classic hipster pastime of “watching stuff in ...

Hipster laughmongers

Unpleasant, obscure, dark.

Dear Hipster Lore Master: You mentioned Louis C.K. in one of your recent dispensations of wisdom. It got me wondering: What kind of comedy works best for hipsters? C.K., I could see working because of ...

Ampersands are cool

Unmistakenly hipster

Dear Hipster: (1) What’s with the trend of local hipster places with two words separated by an ampersand? Like: Herb & Wood, Soda & Swine, Craft & Commerce, Ketchup & Vodka, etc. (2) Are those ...

Hipsters love typography

What is the point of all those fonts that nobody ever uses?

Dear Hipster: Why does Microsoft Word come with so many fonts that nobody ever uses? — Syd It’s not that nobody ever uses them, it’s that 99 percent of the available fonts in your word-processing ...

The goatee and affinity for local beers don’t tell the story

A sliding scale of hipsterness

Dear Hipster: Sadly, I must inform you that shrimp are crustaceans, not molluscs as you stated. I’m certain I’m not the only amateur marine biologist giving you crap about this. I enjoy your column, though. ...

Hipsters are not required to give up their skinny jeans by age 30

If the hipster world is anything like Middle Earth, Frodo hasn’t even left the Shire yet.

Hipster: How long have you had your column? Isn’t there some rule that says you’ve aged out of hipsterdom? Don’t hipsters follow a modified Logan’s Run rule? What gives? — Dan Dan. My man. Haven’t ...

Joe Exotic has the answer...and a kick-ass Instagram game

Vote for Joe...because America, meow

Dear Hipster: Election is almost upon us! Who will you (and the rest of the hipsters) vote for? — Dawn I actually thought I was going to get away with not fielding this particular inquiry. ...

Vague words and catchphrases lure Millennials into buying

“Artisanal” loses its meaning the moment it appears on a mass-marketed package

Dear Hipster: I enjoy reading your column. I thought of you recently whilst purchasing frozen precooked Baja shrimp at a strip-mall grocery store. The package boasted that the shrimp were “wild-caught by artisanal fishermen.” What ...

The unnerving man-bun craze

Hipsters can't take credit — too Hollywood

Dear Hipster: I need help with this man-bun craze, you know, the short hair with a little ponytail. One of my favorite performers has taken up the man-bun, and it’s on all of his album ...

Hipster Halloween costume rundown

Good reasons to avoid costumes that are in poor taste

Dear Hipster: Any good ideas for Halloween costumes? — Micaela My fave, the pop-culturally appropriate Hipster Halloween Costume Rundown. This year, the easy choice is scary clowns. I’m not sure if the whole “clown attack” ...

Yum: grape ice cream and liquid meats

The demand for counterintuitive foods

Dear Hipster: Why is there no grape ice cream? #lifeslittlemysteries. — Cici A surprising glut of insane theories surrounds the nonexistence of grape ice cream. Believe none of them. Corporate America (responsible for all but ...

Overlooked retro concepts

Will Bartles & Jaymes Fuzzy Navel wine coolers make a comeback?

Dear Hipster: I get why hipsters love to recreate awkward family photos from the 1980s and why they love ugly Christmas sweater parties. I dig it when they play records at home. In fact, I ...

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