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What do you name your kid when hyphenation doesn't cut it anymore?

Rear the children with pride and patronymics

Dear Hipster: My wife and I have been talking about having a kid, really just kicking the idea around more than anything else, and I was surprised to find out that she is absolutely, 100% ...

The ideal hipster Thanksgiving

Prepare your single-origin beans, elaborate cocktails, and yam rants

Here comes the “what yams actually are” lecture.

Solid candidate for proto-hipsterdom found!

Kick off the Hipster Hall of Fame

Dunlop’s manly beard alone makes him a candidate.

What to do with Qualcomm Stadium post-Chargers?

Hipsters are the perfect group to repurpose the ex-Murph

First off, Qualcomm needs a 250m, Olympic-caliber velodrome.

What warrants Halloween immortalization?

Weather pattern? Famous idiot? The options seem endless

Go as Kim Kardashian’s glistening buttocks.

Who is the hipster bandit?

An authentic, hand-crafted criminal secret identity

Dear Hipster: I have deduced your secret identity. I’ll bet you thought you could hide behind your column inches, but you can fool us no longer. You’re the hipster bandit! It was a good ruse ...

How to bail from that moving-day promise

Worse than a land war in Asia

If you gotta help someone move, at least set a limit.

If "gentrification is driving poverty," are hipster consumers pushing the gas pedal?

Class War has a message but perhaps their example is flawed

Attack on Cereal Killer Cafe nothing to fret.

Felony on your record? No problem!

Follow hipsters to where your neck tattoos (or criminal past) don't matter

Dear Hipster: I’m a U.S. citizen who has a felony on my record and a bachelor’s degree on my résumé. I am afraid to get a job or need help with job placement, but I ...

Usernames are a vestigial organ

Online you can be anyone, so just be yourself

Dear Hipster: I want to get Instagram on my phone, but I am not so good at naming things, and I can’t bring myself to install the app till I have a good username in ...

It is now practical to get rid of the VCR

Vinyl has a certain "warmth" but the concept is not transferrable

Dear Hipster: I’m trying to part ways with some of the old things around the house that I don’t use, including a substantial collection of movies on VHS. I’ve got about 300 titles, mostly from ...

Online arguments are not meant to be won

Never go full Debbie Gibson

Dear Hipster: I belong to a local community organization, relatively small in number, but passionate in spirit. Like any group, ours gets its fair share of agitators from time to time. I like to think ...

Flying is serious business

Birds might also be stoked about it; wouldn't you be?

Dear Hipster: Do you think birds enjoy flying? I know I would! — Danny (age 10), South Park If we’re anthropomorphizing (ask your parents), I’ll go out on a limb and say that birds regard ...

Healthy motivation to stay on top of your cultural game

Best taken with a grain of smoked artisanal sea salt

The plaid-suit secret police may come for you.

Adult man versus video game

Suggestion: self-control

Dear Hipster: I, like many Android users, am obsessed with Fallout Shelter now that the game has made its way beyond the world of iOs. Plants vs. Zombies and Clash of Clans both held me ...

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