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Glue as record cleaner?

Get your groove-cleaning on

Dear Hipster: I found a great solution to a common hipster problem, and I thought that I’d share it with you, and by extension the Reader’s readers. Did you know you can clean your vinyl ...

Sour Stan not keen on the GoFundMe movement

Express your disapproval by giving nothing

Dear Hipster: Every day, my news feed alerts me of some extremely presumptuous GoFundMe or other. If it isn’t, “Help, I can’t afford to get my cat neutered,” it’s “Donate money so I can buy ...

How to be a snob without being a hipster

One of the great challenges of the 21st Century

Dear Hipster: Thanks to my FB newsfeed, I got to read all about the Australian deconstructed coffee scandal. I included links for you. I think I might be a little stupider now (thanks, Obama), but ...

No wrong choices for a child’s first musical instrument

Just perhaps not the tuba

Dear Hipster: My son just turned five this spring, and I want to get him started learning an instrument. I don’t harbor any secret desires to raise a concert pianist, though I would be happy ...

Parents are like hipsters when it comes to their kids

Get Dad a sincere Father's Day gift

Dear Hipster: My 62-year-old dad always says he hates Father’s Day. He calls it a bogus Hallmark holiday. He also likes to point out how TV’s image of “Dad” as a stereotypical bozo does nothing ...

How to deal with a frenemy

And, of course your parents don’t know how to use Facetime

Dear Hipster: I have a pretty tight circle of friends, one of whom, who I don’t consider a close friend, exhibits some pretty disreputable behavior. Basically, he never has anything nice to say about anyone, ...

Hate-watching Marvel movies in favor of reading comic books

Liked. Past tense.

Dear Hipster: So, the new Captain America movie is doing pretty well in theaters, having earned some three-hundred-million dollars or so as I write this, which I assume means it has a cross-cultural appeal. Still, ...

Hipster uses for that mystery room

No pantries allowed

Dear Hipster: I just moved into a really cool duplex apartment. A duplex is technically an apartment, right? It’s not some separate category of house? Anyways, the apartment has this tiny little room, which I ...

Sriracha, equal parts dragon tears and the American Dream

Why must racists ruin things for the rest of us?

Dear Hipster: I applaud Hipsterdom’s emphasis on hand craft in an increasingly digital world. I think the disciplining of our hands and minds to craft art, food, drink, furniture, clothing, and what have you is ...

Artisanal filler text

Pure hipster poetry

Dear Hipster: Your recent attempt at Latin wordsmithing reminded me of something, and I wonder, have you ever heard of hipster ipsum? It’s a website that generates hipster-themed dummy text (what we web developers call ...

Is risotto too mainstream?

Maybe 15 years ago risotto was an all-access pass to free love

Dear Hipster: I would like to share a very specific observation made as a single woman in the twenty-something to thirty-something dating pool. I’ve gone on more than a few first dates where, instead of ...

Vinyl records can’t pay the rent, that’s why

Brooklyn and L.A. have bid farewell to record stores, despite a ten-year uptick in record sales

Dear Hipster: If hipsters are so good about supporting local businesses, then why did Off the Record close? I thought hipsters were all about music on vinyl. Shouldn’t there have been a healthy market for ...

The opportunity classical scholars have been waiting for

Dear Hipster: If a misogynist hates women, a misandronist hates men, and a misanthrope hates everybody; what do you call a hater of hipsters? — Deb A “misoneist” hates anything new or novel, but since ...

Sincerity has no place at the karaoke mic

Erect an ironic fortress

Dear Hipster: I work for a small, professional business with about 12 other people. I love the fact that our “office” is very collegial and informal, but the flip side of that is that everybody ...

Concert photos for the wasteland known as your phone

Get in the moment and stay there

Dear Hipster: I’ve got a 21st-century problem for you. Every time I attend a concert, or really any other significant event, the wall of cell phones taking snaps and Vines drives me to distraction. You ...

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