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Onward, to flyover country!

What do we call hipster pioneers who strike out to middle-tier cities for cheaper rent?

Dear Hipster: I know you were mostly joking about moving to Austin because moving to Portland is too mainstream, but it got me thinking. The Y2K years saw widespread gentrification of major urban centers, but ...

Procrastination nation

Read this important advice and all related links before you procrastinate one more minute

Dear Hipster: I’m an independent contractor with a handful of small design clients. It’s not a huge amount of work, but it pays the bills. Sometimes, especially when I work at home, I procrastinate for ...

To all the like-bombers out there

Don't be a creep.

Dear Hipster: One of my friends follows me on Instagram. He periodically goes through and likes everything I post, no matter what it is. I don’t know why, but it freaks me out a little ...

Doctors are the enemy

Perhaps you have Three Stooges Syndrome?

Mr. Hipster: My sister complains to me constantly of nebulous ailments, but she never actually gets a satisfying diagnosis for anything. I grow weary of her hypochondria, since she doesn’t trust most doctors, and so ...

Lost art of urban direction-finding

How to find the true north that isn’t a bar

Dear Hipster: How do I find true north? It’s not like I think I actually need survival skills for my occasional camping trips in East County, but it would be cool to know. Obviously, I ...

The age of quasi-ironic movie remakes

Hollywood’s equivalent of an Instagram filter

Dear Hipster: Look at your local movie theater and coming attractions. Terminator!? Jurassic Park!? Mad Max!? Star Wars!? What year is it? What does this all mean, and why am I so excited? — Danny ...

Put on your vintage Freedom Trousers

Allegations of hipster indifference toward the Fourth.

Dear Hipster: With Independence Day just around the corner, I have to know why you hipsters hate America so much. You’re all so quick to blame the government when you can’t find a job, but ...

Unstoppable spoiler force

Spoil your shows? Spoil his life.

Dear Hipster: I have one friend who is an unstoppable force of TV and movie spoiling. He even spoiled the Game of Thrones finale for me! Unacceptable! He claims that he is powerless in the ...

Portland unlikely...maybe Austin

Yo DJ: I don’t believe you that there is a world hipster conference. — Max D., Hillcrest It’s in a pretty obscure location, so I’m not surprised you’ve never heard about it before.

We all have a little genocidal maniac inside

People are “just joking” about locking all the hipsters up — right?

Dear Hipster: I read the Reader regularly enough to notice the absolute flood of letters coming in from people on all sides of the issue regarding pit bulls. Is “inundated” too strong a word? I ...

Ethical breakpoints

Start snitchin'

Dear Hipster: I have a friend who held down a 4.0 GPA this past term, but I have it on good authority that he wildly plagiarized some, if not all, of his final papers. I ...

Thelonius Monk. Hipster? Sure. Why not?

Genius is the precondition for allowable smugness

Dearest DJ: Isn’t it about time you lauded the original Amerikkkan hipster, Thelonious Sphere Monk? This was a man considered so odd that people only noticed his weirdness, rather than the fact that he penned, ...

Tastelessness is relative

Worried? Just be less objectionable than the next guy.

Dear Hipster: I like to keep my sunglasses on the back of my head when it’s too dark to wear them. My girlfriend freaks out about it. She says it makes me look “trashy.” But, ...

The difference between hipsters and hippies

Let the music, not the hair, guide us.

Dear Hipster: What is the difference between hipster and hippie? My roommate and I were having a discussion, and, well, I figured, let’s ask a hipster. You can find hipsters in overpriced homes in North ...

Invaluable to all manner of queries

The Hipster is in.

Dear Hipster: In the May 7 Reader, in the final paragraph of the first answer, you say, “...hipsters can be flexible with their morals.” Then, “ paradoxically holding on to choice antiquated values that provide ...

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