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Cagier than scammers, more savvy than spammers

Somebody will do it out of sheer curiosity.

Dear Hipster:I have one of #lifeslittlemysteries for you. HOW IS SPAM STILL A THING? I know of literally NOBODY who has ever bought sexytime drugs from an email, yet somebody is always keeping my spam ...

Book-clubbers meet over gin and St. Germaine cocktails

Don’t miss out on a golden age of accessible epicurianism

Dear Hipster: I think I have a rather unique problem. I am a member of a private, co-ed book club. We are mostly middle-agers, with a few younger and a few older people mixed in. ...

Frisbee, Olympics, car alarms — no, no, no, thanks

They don’t suit the hipster ethos

Dear Hipster:How stoked are you for the Olympics?— Seth The only thing that would make me happier than the extinction of the Olympics would be the simultaneous extinction of the Olympics and the Kings of ...

Nightshade Stevens fields a few questions for her bro

Black is a great place to start

Much as it pains me to ignore your collective problems for even a moment, I’m on vacation this week and unable to answer your letters. But, fear not! I’ve persuaded my cousin, Caroline...sorry, I mean, ...

Really, don’t ever Google “hyperdontia”

Teeth are naturally terrifying

Dear Hipster:Why do so many people have nightmares in which their teeth fall out? Is it just one of life’s little mysteries or is there a very good reason?— Ella, Hillcrest Though it features prominently ...

Build your own hipster stereo

But beware of the thrift-store falcon

Dear Hipster: Since it’s becoming pretty mainstream these days, I want to start spinning vinyl at home, but I don’t know where to begin. I don’t necessarily trust the guys at Fry’s because I think ...

What to do between Game of Thrones seasons

Must we just wait patiently?

Dear Hipster: It’s once again that saddest time of year, when Game of Thrones goes off the air, and I’m left with nothing to look forward to every week. I know it’s summer, and I ...

The hippest things on Earth

Pink fairy armadillos almost make the cut

Dear Hipster:Where in the human body is hipsterness most strongly concentrated?— Jeff, Lemon Grove This may come as something of a shock, but contemporary hipster scientists have isolated the human tonsil as the probable source ...

Jimmy Page is in; that Huffamoose

A case that merits deciding in court

Dear Hipster: Well, lookee here now! Led Zeppelin — or at least the songwriting team of Plant and Page — on trial for plagiarism. Back when Marvin Gaye’s estate sued Robin Thicke, I tried to ...

Glue as record cleaner?

Get your groove-cleaning on

Dear Hipster: I found a great solution to a common hipster problem, and I thought that I’d share it with you, and by extension the Reader’s readers. Did you know you can clean your vinyl ...

Sour Stan not keen on the GoFundMe movement

Express your disapproval by giving nothing

Dear Hipster: Every day, my news feed alerts me of some extremely presumptuous GoFundMe or other. If it isn’t, “Help, I can’t afford to get my cat neutered,” it’s “Donate money so I can buy ...

How to be a snob without being a hipster

One of the great challenges of the 21st Century

Dear Hipster: Thanks to my FB newsfeed, I got to read all about the Australian deconstructed coffee scandal. I included links for you. I think I might be a little stupider now (thanks, Obama), but ...

No wrong choices for a child’s first musical instrument

Just perhaps not the tuba

Dear Hipster: My son just turned five this spring, and I want to get him started learning an instrument. I don’t harbor any secret desires to raise a concert pianist, though I would be happy ...

Parents are like hipsters when it comes to their kids

Get Dad a sincere Father's Day gift

Dear Hipster: My 62-year-old dad always says he hates Father’s Day. He calls it a bogus Hallmark holiday. He also likes to point out how TV’s image of “Dad” as a stereotypical bozo does nothing ...

How to deal with a frenemy

And, of course your parents don’t know how to use Facetime

Dear Hipster: I have a pretty tight circle of friends, one of whom, who I don’t consider a close friend, exhibits some pretty disreputable behavior. Basically, he never has anything nice to say about anyone, ...

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