Classical Music

A ban on all music for the glory of Islam?

Fundamental threat to music

As a musical apologist — and I am certainly more of an apologist than a critic — I often have ideas about how to get great music into the ears of more people. Once it’s ...

Myaskovsky and the return of esotericism

It's summer and the esoteric pick of the week is back

As much as I think I know about classical music I continue to be humbled by how much I don’t know. As we turn toward summer, the esoteric pick of the week is back on ...

Stop being silly Mainly Mozart

A literal silly symphony begins the conclusion of Mainly Mozart

The Mainly Mozart Festival concluded on Saturday night with a program of music which was both brilliant and, shall we say, curious? The Toy Symphony by Leopold Mozart was the first piece on the program. ...

Papa Haydn's got a brand new bag: Mozart and Schubert at Mainly Mozart

A guest review of The Mainly Mozart Festival

I’ve been touting the quality of the Mainly Mozart Festival for a few years now, and as I was unable to attend the Wednesday night concert I sent Stanwell Andersen in my place. I would ...

Splinters of Saint-Saëns at Mainly Mozart

Saint-Saëns is great while the Master Chorale does what it does

In general, I’m not a happy clappy person. I’ll applaud a great performance, for sure, but I tend to be more polite with my appreciation instead of exuberant. It’s a personal flaw, but I’m working ...

The invisible maestro at Mainly Mozart

Where was the conductor for this stellar concert?

The last time I spoke with Mainly Mozart music director Michael Francis, he mentioned a book entitled The Ignorant Maestro by Itay Talgam. I looked it up and realized the author had made one of ...

The other Mendelssohn

Older sisters inspire the brothers

The Other Mozart is a play for the stage based on the lIfe of Mozart’s sister Nannerl. The production is here for one night only on Sunday, June 12, 7:30 p.m., at the Balboa Theatre. ...

America's got ruined child voices

Another youngster sings opera in an inappropriate way

Here we go again with the surprise “opera” singer on a talent show. America’s Got Talent just revealed Laura Bretan as the latest Jackie Evancho or Paul Potts or whats-her-name, the Scottish woman who sang ...

Mozart and Beethoven: The adolescents

Early pieces of music by titans is good stuff

Have you ever wished you could meet someone before they became the person you know and love? Maybe wish you could meet one of your parents when they were an adolescent or perhaps experience your ...

San Diego Symphony season retrospective

A look at a few great moments from the 2015-'16 season

The Masterworks Season for the San Diego Symphony has concluded, so let’s take a brief look at the high-water marks. While the Mahler Symphony No. 6 concert had some technical issues this was more than ...

The reviews of Jonathan Saville

The Reader's longtime reviewer of theater, classical music, and art

Why no one don’t know nuthin abut music around here Since a large proportion of current high school students graduate unable to speak or write correct English, and with no effective knowledge of history, it ...

Mainly Mozart Festival: Defender of the Universe

Mozart festival opens this weekend at Balboa Theatre

Tis the Mainly Mozart season. For two weeks the glory of the Mozart shall shine upon us as the Voltron of orchestras assembles. You don’t know Voltron: Defender of the Universe? There was Lion Force ...

The most important music in the world

An exploration of the most influential music in our culture

There is a type of music that is crucial to almost every element of our culture. The old, the young, the rich, the poor, the enlightened, the depressed, the sick, and the healthy all respond ...

Leonard Bernstein — composer, conductor, performer, educator

A new documentary on Bernstein comes out this week

I mentioned that Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalm is being performed this weekend at San Diego Symphony. That just so happens to coincide with a new documentary about Lenny. Leonard Bernstein: Larger than Life is being ...

Season Finale at San Diego Symphony

All Americans close this year's season

The Jacobs Masterworks Series comes to its conclusion this weekend at Symphony Hall. Music by the all-star American lineup is on the program. Samuel Barber, George Gershwin, Aaron Copland, and Leonard Bernstein will all be ...

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