Classical Music

FloFo Jenkins has her big moment

An opera legend may come to the silver screen.

Speaking of a few singers who should turn singing into a hobby, there is now a rumor that a movie is being made about the ultimate pay-to-sing performer. Pay-to-sing programs are legion. They are typically ...

Winners and participants

The 2014 Metropolitan Opera Auditions are an experience.

There is a certain type of person who haunts The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions. Remember, this is called an audition but it’s a competition. I haven't been in a couple of years but I'm ...

An all-Scottish affair

The San Diego Symphony opens the season with a trio of Scottish-inspired pieces.

Friday night was the first Masterwork concert of the new season. As I sat in the foyer waiting for my dude-date, I didn't observe an abundance of anticipation. It kind of felt like a mid-season ...

Heard for the first time in 500 years

An interesting relic from days of music past has surfaced in England.

The Telegraph has reported that a gift of choral music to Henry VIII has just been uncovered in the vaults of the British Library. It has just received its first performance in 500 years. The ...

Three for the opera

Get a front-row seat for "opera crazy."

This is a big week for classical music. Let's take a look at what's going down. There are three opera concerts that are going to be pretty good. The first is the continuing Opera Wednesdays ...

Wrap it up

I thought I'd finish this thing up but failed.

I may have painted myself into a corner here with a couple of posts about the gym, pop music, ass and eyes. This is my attempt to make those previous posts make sense. George Sandow ...

Two great things

The schedule is pretty thin this week but there a few highlights.

There are a couple of great things happening this week. On Friday evening, at St. James-by-the-Sea Episcopal in La Jolla, New York Polyphony will be performing a concert of Thomas Luis de Victoria’s O Quam ...

The gym and the fancy

Is the gym the only superficial institution we resist?

I'm writing this while on the stationary cycle at the gym. The gym is the domain of ass-eyes. Not ass or eyes. You know, ass-eyes. I'm glancing around from time to time to see who ...

Hahn out, Thayer in

Hilary Hahn has been forced to cancel her Symphony appearance.

The San Diego Symphony is reporting that all-world violinist Hilary Hahn has had to cancel her San Diego appearance. Hahn was to be the featured artist for the Symphony’s opening weekend concerts of October 11, ...

It's still Verdi

The scale doesn't matter in Rigoletto.

Pacific Lyric Association Opera’s performance of Rigoletto on Saturday night was well worth seeing. Why? For one thing, this is an excellent example of how good opera can be when it is scaled down and ...

Ass or eyes?

"Sexy" or "beautiful" — can we tell the difference?

Less ass, more eyes. Well, let's be realistic. Same amount of ass, and add the eyes. What am I getting at? Recently the Aviara Trio gave a performance of Rachmaninoff's Arabesque no. 1 and I ...

Tragic and comic, listen and sing

Verdi's Rigoletto opens Saturday and Gilbert and Sullivan opens Sunday.

Pacific Lyric Association is running three performances of Verdi’s masterpiece Rigoletto starting on Saturday, September 20th at 7 p.m. The venue is the Escondido Center for the Performing Arts. The remaining performances are on Friday ...

Please don't tell me about your influences

Things seem to end up being unfair to both the old and new works.

If there is one idea that gets me worked up, it’s the “inspired by” idea or the “based upon” idea. O Brother Where Art Thou borrows incidents and characters from Homer’s Odyssey but I’d rather ...

Aviara Trio free concert

San Diego libraries provide great concerts all year.

The Rancho Bernardo Public library has a chamber music series. Several libraries have similar programs. They are a rich source of music in San Diego County and they’re all free. I bring up Rancho Bernardo ...

Carlsbad premiers a master

The 11th Annual Carlsbad Music Festival will present multiple interesting classical performances.

The 11th Annual Carlsbad Music Festival is starting September 19th and goes through the 21st. Pulitzer-prize winning composer and Bang on a Can co-founder David Lang will be in residence and his music will be ...

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