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Church of the Immaculata, University of ...

Immuculata Church on USD campus.

Lamp post on USD campus.

Stained glass depiction of St. Francis ...


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Food trucks for homeless, toilet tank monitors

San Diego student ideas earnest, but don't make final cut

‘You just drop it into the back of your toilet tank,” explains David Vesay. “From there, it’s continually monitoring your water quality and you’ll get a message on your phone if it ever detects any ...

Forbes eyed SD for Amazon and got it wrong

Article made flawed case for The Retailer settling here

Preceding today's news that Amazon has narrowed down the list of potential cities for establishing a second headquarters — and San Diego is not among them — Forbes magazine had an astonishing item in its ...

City okays USD plans to build on three sides of widow’s home

USD to neighbor: Sell us your house or we’ll build a six-story parking garage next door

The Spanish villa that Virginia LaGuardia and her husband built in the 1970s may soon be nestled against a massive parking garage, student housing, and an administrative building that the University of San Diego intends ...