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PB church opens door to refugees

ICE brings them asylum seekers

A month into its launch, a network of temporary shelters for asylum seekers arriving at the world's busiest border station in San Ysidro is beginning to take shape. The Safe Harbors project, spearheaded by Dr. ...

A dusting of snow at Ahvsan Ranch

A 376-acre “private oasis nestled high atop Palomar Mountain"

Shots of a sun-drenched pool deck are essentially a requisite box to check when developing marketing materials for a San Diego-area mansion, but how many elite local homesteads can be accurately portrayed with a dusting ...

Famosa and Nimitz plans point to density

Housing commission provokes Point Loma neighbors

Since learning about the revival of a decades-long plan to develop affordable housing on a five-acre parcel at the intersection of Famosa and Nimitz Boulevards, Point Loma residents have been voicing stiff opposition to any ...

Food trucks for homeless, toilet tank monitors

San Diego student ideas earnest, but don't make final cut

‘You just drop it into the back of your toilet tank,” explains David Vesay. “From there, it’s continually monitoring your water quality and you’ll get a message on your phone if it ever detects any ...

La Jolla’s oldest structures

The neighborhood is named for Phillip Barber, a wealthy New York heir

This week we look at “a unique opportunity to own a collection of three meticulously restored, award-winning historic homes” in La Jolla’s Barber Tract, adjacent to Windansea Beach. Home to some of La Jolla’s oldest ...

You won't get rich charging Lime scooters

Stop! Please unlock me, or I'll call the police

Whether gaudy orange (Mobike), canary yellow (ofo), nearly-neon green (LimeBike), even more orange (Uber-owned Jump electric bikes), or a comparatively unimposing matte black (Bird electric scooters), dockless bikeshare has descended upon San Diego’s streets. Depending ...

KPBS shutters local paper reading

Goodbye Union-Tribune, Reader and North County Times for those who can't turn pages

Last week, San Diego State University's KPBS broadcasting operation quietly put an end to providing local content on its Radio Reading Service, a special radio subchannel featuring volunteers reading newspaper and periodical content for those ...

A home built by city-designated master builders

The Quayle brothers also built part of Balboa Park

The historic mansion at 2440 C Street in Golden Hill was not built to cater to San Diego’s latest crop of nouveau riche. Remote-controlled, gated driveways? Nope, but a custom wrought iron gate still leads ...

Shhh — San Diego is better deal

Cappuccino and fast food cheaper here than L.A.

Tourism has long played an outsized role in the local economy. According to the San Diego Tourism Authority, 35 million people visit the city each year to enjoy its sunshine, sandy beaches, and potholed streets, ...

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