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Would Amaze videos get you arrested elsewhere?

San Diego and Oceanside schools criticized for explicit sex ed

San Diego Unified School District and Oceanside Unified School District have come under fire because of the sexual education curriculum they adopted from Advocates for Youth. Advocates for Youth is based in Washington D.C. where ...

Spanos family could be worth almost $5 billion

Fallout from Supreme Court decision

Will we see more Brandon Johnsons on college campuses, now that the Supreme Court in mid-May knocked down the 1992 federal ban on legal sports betting that had given Nevada a near monopoly on that ...

Despite Jack in the Box's hypnotic tacos

Wall street says it can't run Mexican restaurants

Since its founding in San Diego in 1951, Jack in the Box has sold tacos. Indeed, the Jack taco has consistently been the chain’s most popular product, even though one customer tweeted that it was ...

Teen girl fights off possible kidnapper

“He said, ‘Let’s go to the movies,’ and he grabbed my sister.”

We saw him when we were going in, he was just standing out there.” The pretty 16-year-old girl described the man outside the Vista library that Saturday in February as scruffy. “I didn’t think anything ...

858 S.D. County educators collect pensions of $100,000+

How much do you like your teachers?

Ten years ago, the world narrowly averted a financial disaster. It began with an explosion of low-quality mortgages bundled into putrid-quality financial paper that was awarded the highest-quality rating (AAA). Financial institutions began to collapse. ...

Innovus: twenty-eight drugs in five years

It's not all about sex

“I am very steady. I like to work slowly, but surely, to get to my goal.” Thus speaks Bassam Damaj, president and chief executive officer of San Diego’s Innovus Pharmaceuticals. The truth is just about ...

Landslide buries Tijuana neighborhood

Residents ready to lynch looters, contractor

There are neighborhoods in the hills of Tijuana that always seem to be on the verge of collapse. Narrow streets that lead up steep hills give you a sense of vertigo as you’re riding a ...

Trump's hefty military budget

...will boost San Diego's economy

No wonder San Diego is called a Navy town. Federal military spending in San Diego on uniformed and civilian payrolls, along with veterans, is almost entirely related to the Navy, and half of military contract ...

Clairemont braces for homeless housing

Residents fear the project will exacerbate growing transient problem

A proposed homeless housing project in Clairemont seeks to turn an old office building in the Balboa Mesa Shopping Center into 52 permanent apartments for the chronically homeless. The proposed housing is located on Mt. ...

Someone's teed off in Coronado

Not graft and corruption... courtesies

“Roger Miller has run roughshod, and there’s no oversight.” No, not that Roger Miller, “King of the Road,” but Roger Miller, grifter of the greens, who calls the shots at Coronado Municipal Golf Course, where ...

Ride the warhorse out of the morass

San Diego Opera turns to time-tested titles

A warhorse carries embattled soldiers out of a morass. In opera, a warhorse is a popular work performed so often it has become hackneyed — in snobs’ eyes, anyway. San Diego Opera, which almost died ...

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