City Lights

Carmel Valley accidental pond to be drained

Government needs wetlands north of 56

More than 17 years ago, land owner Robert Barczewski had a grading crew push a pile of dirt into a dip in a dirt road on his private property in northern Carmel Valley. The dip ...

Can't get the homeless out of Fox Canyon

City won't help City Heights private homeowners

A year and a half ago, one of Teri Siciliani’s neighbors called to alert her to a homeless encampment on the back side of Siciliani’s property in the Fox Canyon neighborhood of City Heights. From ...

Tiny rooms in Little Italy

But not for the homeless

On a Little Italy plot where a Victorian house stood for more than a century, construction of tiny apartments is underway. The house, built in the 1890s at the corner of Union and Cedar, was ...

Living room renter stabs Escondido host

They wanted the rest of the $340

"They haven’t removed the stitches, I still have the stitches in there.” Victor touched his ear when he spoke about that weird day when his ear got slashed. It happened on March 31, when he ...

The case for civility

We see too much of Marc Antony these days

Commentators across the political spectrum have been urging Americans to tone down the rhetoric, especially with politically motivated bombings and mass murders shocking us almost daily. It would not hurt us to remember that our ...

City College getting used to recent prisoners

Your classmates may be parolees

The Urban Scholars Union, established at San Diego City College in 2016, is a student organization helping formerly incarcerated persons create new lives through attending college and earning academic credits and degrees. To jump start ...

San Diego's new wine region

Good reds and Rieslings in the 94 corridor

‘It’s all about the diurnal drop. It cools off a lot here at night, 30 degrees on average. That’s why we can make good whites,” says Sarah Babine, who, along with husband Grant Spotts, aims ...

Scarbrough's fare

Jury awards contractor $200K in Central Avenue Mini Park fight

On September 10, 2018 APR Construction Inc., a small business from La Mesa, won a $202,000 jury verdict against the City of San Diego, which fired them from the Central Avenue Mini Park and Skate ...

Superior Ready Mix dusts Allied Gardens

Company responds faster than bureaucracy

It might seem that Kirk Riley set a trap for investigators at the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District. But it was inadvertent. Riley, who is 45 and a resident of Del Cerro, had ...

A curmudgeon's view of debt

Why not enact the Robin Hood tax?

The federal deficit will be a staggering $1 trillion next year. Corporate debt is an astonishing $6.3 trillion. Globally, the derivatives market, which nearly killed us in 2008, could be $1 quadrillion. Speculation is rampant ...

San Marcos in crosshairs of Growthzilla

Your backcountry or mine?

To North Country residents living near Merriam Mountains, it feels like Dr. Frankenstein is bringing that monster back to life. A monster called urban sprawl the community chased out of their backcountry in 2010. Back ...

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