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Not-So-Scary Estuary

Not-So-Scary Estuary

San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

Sunday, October 13, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Cardiff-by-the-Sea News & Stories

Cardiff's Torrey Pine comes down amid suspicions

“We’ve done everything we can"

“It wasn’t supposed to come down,” say Cardiff by the Sea activist opposing the August 26 removal of a 70-year-old, 65-foot Torrey Pine tree at Cardiff Elementary School. The tree was planted by school children ...

The Willis way to survive rip currents

North Shore Big Wednesday vets say don't swim along the shore

‘Look for the bubbles; it’s all in the bubbles!” That’s Milton Willis preaching at the beach, extolling his approach to avoiding rip currents and surviving those you can’t evade. He calls it the Willis Way. ...

San Elijo Lagoon temporary road headed for permanence

Bluff dweller gets data dump

The North County Transit District and SANDAG, with the support of Encinitas's mayor, want to make a temporary construction road near the San Elijo Lagoon permanent, and they quietly took the request to the California ...

Face first into coral reef in Fiji

Lucky to make it out alive

Amanda was surfing Cardiff Reef on her 9’6″ triple stinger when I reached out to her. “When I’m home I typically like to keep it mellow — I like to walk the board,” she said. ...

Surf contests on Calif. public land will have to include females

And don't call them Surfer Girls

Former Encinitas city councilwoman, Tasha Boerner Horvath, has held her 76th District Assembly seat for just ten weeks. Usually freshmen legislators take up to six months to start legislating. However, on February 14, Boerner Horvath ...

Cardiff-by-the-Sea Photos

Cardiff Beach!

Sky clears over San Elijo Lagoon ...

Billy Graham

Cardiff Beach at dusk