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Point Loma recycling center evicted

"I love Stump's. I love recycling. Can't we all just get along?"

On February 17, state assemblyman Todd Gloria hosted a town-hall meeting in Point Loma. Topics ranged from car-registration fee hikes to renewable energy, but the standing-room-only crowd was due to the controversy swirling around a ...

The Eppig saga continues

North Park brewer sails into Point Loma waterfront

San Diego's got no shortage of bay views or craft breweries, but until now we've been short a bay-view brewery. Enter the Eppig Brewing Waterfront Biergarten, an indoor/outdoor tasting room that directly overlooks America’s Cup ...

Rally to boot Point Loma recycling center

"She whacked my clerk and cracked her head open."

A rally on Saturday, February 10, will protest the recycling center behind Stump's Market in Loma Portal. When Prince Recycling opened up in 2014, there were protests then, too. It's the only recycling center within ...

Point Loma and Ocean Beach unite

At least in stopping perps

Nicole Ueno, a native of Sunset Cliffs, sent out the call last month for community members to step up to cover eight different neighborhood watch zones across Ocean Beach and Point Loma. Within a week, ...

It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

New 3-story 90+ room hotel to be named after hilltop town in Portugal

The Dolphin Motel — a presence at the corner of Rosecrans and Garrison for decades — is headed to demolition by summer. Its demise will make room for a new Portuguese-themed hotel called the Monsaraz. ...

Stone serves the impossible

The latest meat-free burger lands in San Diego

It was last February I first read an NPR story about the Impossible Burger — a meatless burger patty that "bleeds like the real thing." The sizzling, plant-based burger apparently debuted to rave reviews in ...

Come to Liberty Station — except certain times

Forget Trader Joe's, Vons on Sunday around 11 a.m.

Before Thanksgiving, locals took to social media to vent about parking and traffic at Liberty Station. Specifically, as it relates to Rock Church — a church founded by former Charger's defensive back, Miles McPherson. Similar ...

A proper tomb for "NOAA Jim"

“The ratio of concrete to water to ash was a guess.”

In 2011, a tight-knit group of divers lost a dear friend. Jim had died doing what he loved best: diving. So, after his memorial, we’d planned to scatter a portion of his ashes at sea, ...

12 days of harassment and counting

"You do not fundraise/sell magazines at 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.!”

Residents in the Point Loma/Ocean Beach area have been on alert since an aggressive “solicitor” began knocking on their doors a couple weeks ago. On December 10th, a NextDoor post included a video of the ...

Jesus found in Point Loma

Local who posed for painting tracks down mural at Mormon church

A hot topic of late is people around the world sharing selfies while standing in front of famous paintings that contain their doppelgängers…but one San Diego woman, Sarah Biggart, doesn’t just look like her doppelgänger ...

Protest at alleged slumlord's house in Point Loma

And a "Walk of shame" tour of short-term rentals in O.B.

Thanksgiving weekend found plenty of San Diegans less than thankful for housing conditions in their communities. Saturday (November 25th) saw Ocean Beach play host to a short-term vacation rental "walk of shame" sponsored by the ...

No ups or downs with Chinese tapas

Shanghai Bun on Rosecrans

As I've driven through Shelter Island in the past six months or so, I keep noticing the sign for Shanghai Bun, a new Chinese food place on Rosecrans. It's not the restaurant's name that catches ...

Found church while USIU grad student

Hell seems not on par with choices that lead us there

Point Loma's First Church of the Nazarene bloomed from a tent revival.

Roseville developers' runaround in progress

"Opposing these projects is like putting out a brush fire with a wet towel."

Since moving into the Roseville neighborhood in May, Toni Popoki Reed had not seen much happening in the vacant lot across the street. She knew of the housing project that broke ground there in 2016. ...

The pet-friendly housing problem

"No friends, no music, no smoking — but you can have your dogs here."

A pet-friendly bill hit the governor's desk on September 21. The bill (AB 1137) would mandate that new multi-family housing developments allow tenants to have pets if those developments receive financing through state programs. Former ...

Point Loma fourplex controversy not done yet

"It makes developers look bad, and I'll just leave it at that."

The housing project on the corner of Emerson and Evergreen streets in the Roseville neighborhood of Point Loma has had more ups and downs and twists and turns than a roller coaster. The fourplex has ...

Perfect for a heat wave

Cold Peruvian soups and cold drinks at Liberty Station

Between now and mid-November, San Diego is likely to have the hottest days of the year. I love heat waves, but they usually don’t inspire cravings for anything other than ice cream. That’s why I’ve ...

Etchells sailboats will race this week from Pt. Loma along Coronado

Former underdogs not chosen by Europeans

In 1965, Stamford, Connecticut boat designer and builder Skip Etchells saw a notice by the International Yacht Racing Union announcing a contest to build four new classes of racing sailboats, including a new three-man keelboat ...

Lockheed Martin to pay $5.8 million to clean up bay

Settlement finalized in June

Aerospace and defense contractor Lockheed Martin has agreed to pay the Port of San Diego $5.8 million to clean up the contamination in San Diego Bay. In 1970 Lockheed Martin leased a 61,000 square-foot property ...

More reasons why city will pay for water projects

Pt. Loma, Jacobs Center Poway Bike Path, Lusardi Creek Torrey Hills, and more

Half of a $3.2 million fine levied against San Diego for city construction inspectors’ past failure to require efforts to keep construction sediment out of storm drains will go to restoration efforts at Los Peñasquitos, ...

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