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Caremark RX, Phillips 66 keeping Toni Atkins well fed

A convenient set of circumstances

Caremark RX, the Rhode Island-based pharmacy benefit management subsidiary of drugstore giant CVS, kicked in a total of $6300 on April 4 to the 2020 re-election fund of Democratic California Senate leader Toni Atkins, disclosure ...

Revolutionaries join San Diego DA race

Bernie’s revenge

Real Justice PAC, a political action committee of former Bernie Sanders operatives backing the district attorney candidacy of Genevieve Jones-Wright, has rolled out the beginning of a so-called peer-to-peer texting campaign on her behalf, an ...

D.A. Summer Stephan's incumbent protection plan

plus: Grassroots group hires lobbyists

A political committee run and mainly funded by a payroll tithing plan for prosecutors in the district attorney’s office has picked up a donation from the political action committee of the Sheet Metal Workers Local ...

Want to build condos? Pay the pol

An army of influences peddlers marches on city hall

Steve Cushman, whose family’s Riverwalk Golf Course’s imminent conversion into condos and commercial space by Houston, Texas-based Hines development hinges on city hall approval, has just kicked in major money to this year’s reelection bid ...

County Fire's unfixed asset

Only volunteer fire department left in the county weighs disbanding

As the only volunteer fire department left in the county weighs disbanding and turning over its duties to the San Diego County Fire Authority, auditors have recently discovered that the firefighting assets of volunteer operations ...

The color of LimeBike's money

Rental bike company needs you and your car

San Mateo’s LimeBike, one of a host of controversial free-standing bike and scooter rental services to enter San Diego’s frenzied sidewalk transportation market, has retained the lobbying firm of Rath Miller LLC to help juice ...

Travels with Darrell Issa

plus: San Diego Gun Owners, and no free meals for Nisleit

Liberated from reelection challenges, wealthy North County congressional Republican Darrell Issa has been on the road to Africa, courtesy of taxpayers. For three days, from November 24 to 27, the Foreign Affairs committee member hit ...

Dog lunges at librarian

Spending in the name of the environment; Dem racking up cash

Small, white, and poodle looking “Your privileges to use any San Diego public library location are suspended,” says a December 11, 2017 notice addressed to one “unknown female’s dog.” Checked violations include “patron is behaving ...

Terry Brown's sellout

Hotelier acquiesces to union demands

For decades, C. Terry Brown and his father before him cast themselves as the stalwart guardians of San Diego Republican values, spending major sums derived from their sprawling Mission Valley hotel empire to back GOP ...

Later, not soon

Layoffs for Soon-Shiong startup, plus political vision

Later, not soon Los Angeles biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, still waiting to close on his $500 million purchase of the Los Angeles Times and its San Diego little sister Union-Tribune, has been doing some downsizing ...

Born and NIMBY

Mike Hansen has concerns about outdoor bars near bedroom windows

Is San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer’s new planning director a closet NIMBY? The term, short for Not in My Back Yard, has been weaponized by the building and construction lobby for use against those who ...

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