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Susan Davis itchy feet

Lobbyist dream jobs and SDSU nightmares

Summer with Susan Davis Democratic House member Susan Davis, accustomed to partaking of free travel to exotic world locations courtesy of the Aspen Institute, stuck closer to home for her most recent all-expense-paid junket, two ...

U-T strange ads: the doctor is in

Roberts and Cox blow left-over money on Vietnam trip and staff party

U-T’s bitter medicine San Diego’s Union-Tribune, beset by plunging circulation and falling advertising, is filling its pages with display ads from a controversial new sponsor closely tied to billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, who acquired the struggling ...

Crooked city employees, Susan Davis beats Trump to Helsinki

LA Times steals Comic-con turf

Bums away Kept under wraps at city hall are punishments meted out to miscreant employees caught by complaints to the city auditor’s hotline. “An allegation regarding a City employee parking at a restaurant for extensive ...

Meridian — many storied high-rise

Pete Wilson versus Chumash Indians

Murder at the Meridian? Downtown’s Meridian condo tower on Front Street is getting some help from San Diego cops in covering up the details of a mysterious death at the building, fueling growing speculation that ...

The Union-Tribune's revolving door

And who San Diego cops gave money to

Norm’s staff omissions Seventy-five-year-old ex-Time Magazine honcho Norm Pearlstine, who took charge of the Los Angeles Times when it was finally purchased by billionaire physician Patrick Soon-Shiong last month, has handed the San Diego Union-Tribune, ...

Luxury Airbnb hustler sought

And someone to dun those chamber of commerce delinquents

County’s nepotism An investigation by San Diego County’s Chief of Audits Juan Perez has found that certain unnamed key employees have failed to disclose their financial holdings, as required by state conflict of interest law. ...

Patrick Soon-Shiong gets Chargers luxury suite

City employees' Jamie Hamrick gets luxury rooms in Shanghai and Santa Monica

Soon-Shiong’s Chargers suite Now that Los Angeles billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong has finally secured control of the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune from the Chicago newspaper chain tronc (which is said to be about ...

Private prison donations, Shirley Weber's timely support, Imperial County hanky-panky

The smell of money

Big contributions, bar none GEO group, the controversial private prison outfit from Boca Raton, Florida that operates a downtown lockup called the Western Region Detention Facility for the United States Marshal’s Service and the Midway ...

Who gave money to San Diego politicians

Nathan Fletcher, Toni Atkins, Joel Anderson, Brian Maienschein, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

Big Oil and gas A group of well-heeled oil companies from Texas had a mixed record of success in last week’s California primaries after spending nearly $400,000 in the Golden State on campaign hits against ...

County supes sidle up to Trump

Cox lobbyists visit San Diego pols, Del Mar envisions flooding

Trump lobby San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors, which voted in April to back president Donald Trump’s legal war against California sanctuary laws, is seeking to acquire more muscle for its battle to boost federal ...

Hueso's fat bank account, county bureaucrats like Apple

Doug Machester's hotel woes

Doing fundraising time State Senate Democrat Ben Hueso, running for reelection in next month’s primary against retired Republican Superior Court Judge Luis Vargas, is seen as the likely winner in the majority Democratic 40th district, ...

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