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City’s lobbying industry posted a record 2017

Feats of clay

By most accounts, the city’s lobbying industry posted a record 2017 and is looking to double their take this year. Among top performers is the Clay Company, which picked up $18,000 in the fourth quarter ...

Southwest Strategies signs on with Friends of SDSU

Strategic Straw man

Southwest Strategies, the influence-peddling firm that helped mastermind the 2016 defeat by the military shipyard lobby of the Barrio Logan community plan, has signed on with Friends of SDSU, the political committee backing a takeover ...

Chris Cate’s money-raising prowess

A pox on city hall

Still awaiting the results of a state attorney general’s office investigation into whether there was wrongdoing involved in his turnover of a confidential city legal memo to lobbyists for Mission Valley’s SoccerCity, San Diego city ...

New job posting at the U/T

Computers may apply

The new face of reporting at tronc belongs to a computer, based on the latest online help-wanted ad posted for a “content specialist” by the Chicago-based newspaper chain with a strange name that just agreed ...

S.D. marijuana merchants pour cash into political action committee

High-dollar pot

With marijuana sales finally legalized in California, local pot merchants have been pouring cash into a political action committee known as Citizens for Public Safety and Safe Access, sponsored by the Association of Cannabis Professionals. ...

Border czar Alan Bersin sets up BorderWorks Group

Anti-Trump bump

Clinton administration border czar Alan Bersin, who subsequently ran San Diego city schools before becoming Barack Obama’s Customs commissioner until failing to get Senate confirmation, could soon be cleaning up as the new anti-Trump of ...

Corporations with business at city hall

No Cate killjoy

Republican Chris Cate, who paid for a hundred free military Christmas trees last year with a quick $5000 from Walmart, isn’t the only member of the San Diego City Council whose causes are benefiting from ...

City time may not be used to complete coursework

School for scoundrels

San Diego city auditor Eduardo Luna continues to root out waste and theft at city hall, according to his latest quarterly fraud hotline report issued in January. “An allegation regarding theft of time related to ...

SDSU: to Tbilisi with love

The university expands into the Soviet republic of Georgia

Complaints from California state university auditors about a lack of financial transparency haven’t stopped San Diego State University from moving ahead on a downtown campus in Tbilisi, capital of the beleaguered former Soviet republic of ...

Myrtle’s electric juicer

Strange political bedfellows

Fourth District city council Democrat Myrtle Cole has been collecting major money from some strange political bedfellows for her reelection campaign, getting $250 from Nicole Capretz, executive director of Climate Action Plan on November 21, ...

Immigration policy, Vegas-style

Issa gets a free junket

Immediately after Republican House member Darrell Issa announced on January 10 he was finally hanging up his congressional spurs, he and top aide Robert M. Rische III took off for one more glitzy free junket ...

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