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Private prison donations, Shirley Weber's timely support, Imperial County hanky-panky

The smell of money

Big contributions, bar none GEO group, the controversial private prison outfit from Boca Raton, Florida that operates a downtown lockup called the Western Region Detention Facility for the United States Marshal’s Service and the Midway ...

Who gave money to San Diego politicians

Nathan Fletcher, Toni Atkins, Joel Anderson, Brian Maienschein, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher

Big Oil and gas A group of well-heeled oil companies from Texas had a mixed record of success in last week’s California primaries after spending nearly $400,000 in the Golden State on campaign hits against ...

County supes sidle up to Trump

Cox lobbyists visit San Diego pols, Del Mar envisions flooding

Trump lobby San Diego County’s Board of Supervisors, which voted in April to back president Donald Trump’s legal war against California sanctuary laws, is seeking to acquire more muscle for its battle to boost federal ...

Hueso's fat bank account, county bureaucrats like Apple

Doug Machester's hotel woes

Doing fundraising time State Senate Democrat Ben Hueso, running for reelection in next month’s primary against retired Republican Superior Court Judge Luis Vargas, is seen as the likely winner in the majority Democratic 40th district, ...

Atkins's money counters DeMaio's recall efforts

and; unbecoming behavior at the Balboa Navy Hospital

Gassed-up recall San Diego’s Toni Atkins, leader of the state senate, has been digging deep into one of her campaign kitties in a rough-and-tumble effort to save the seat of fellow senate Democrat Josh Newman ...

Voice needs an editor; Chula Vista mayor needs hotelier cash

La Jollans freaking about more UCSD traffic; Sempra spending big on lobbyists

Job of Voice The Voice of San Diego news and opinion website is seeking “an investigative reporter to dig into issues of education quality, inequity, youth issues and related criminal justice storylines.” Adds the online ...

SDSU errors hit taxpayers, Cox flips on net neutrality, UT stories for sale

You know who not to trust

SDSU’s costly Confucius Officials at San Diego State University have had to address negative findings made by state university system auditors about cost overruns plaguing campus construction projects. “We found that although one of the ...

Grandpa Irwin’s TV money

Politicians spending big on television ads

As next month’s primary election grows near, it’s open season for political advertising at San Diego television stations. Early off the blocks has been Sheriff Bill Gore with a $9100 purchase of 47 spots from ...

Cox, LimeBike, Monsanto, and more paying the influence peddlers

Dockless bike company spent $11,000 on local lobbyists

Following news earlier this month that Cox Communications has filed to lobby against the issue of so-called network neutrality, its cable competitor AT&T has joined the cause, disclosing in an April 19 statement that it ...

Refs not vetted enough, says city auditor

Even though they're not alone with kids

San Diego City Auditor Eduardo Luna is out with a report slamming city officials for inadequately vetting the backgrounds of the city’s youth sports league referees. “In general, there are Citywide procedures to require individuals ...

San Diego State slick magazine touts Mission Valley plan

Voters still have to approve $250 million project

Taxpayer-funded San Diego State University, locked in battle with privately-run SoccerCity over who will get to develop the choice city-owned parcel once known as Qualcomm Stadium, has rolled out a glossy mail piece touting its ...

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