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L.A.Times gets Big Willie and Room 20

U-T gets “Who gets to keep the dog in a divorce?”

Jerry’s female side The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee led by Republican ex-mayor and former police chief Jerry Sanders has come up with a creative name for its latest political venture: ...

Atkins garners horse money, DeMaio frets about gas tax repeal title

Fletcher and spouse do Chinese fire drill with committees

Tax dollars at play Now that termed-out San Diego county supervisor Greg Cox has become president of the National Association of Counties, insiders are on the lookout for a flood of staff junketing. The first ...

Drones gone wild, Manchester late again, state pols like to spend in San Diego

Leaky drones U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which surveils San Diego from the skies with costly state-of-the-art drones, is not being mindful enough of the privacy and security of the citizenry below. So concludes a ...

Food, ballgame, concert tickets — San Diego pols bought so cheap

Vic Bianes quits amid wrong water bills and workers playing hooky

Payoff for play A pair of staffers for state Assembly Democrat Todd Gloria of San Diego picked up some high-dollar tickets to a glitzy Gloria Trevi and Alejandra Guzman concert at downtown Sacramento’s Golden 1 ...

Issa aide lives high in corn country

Rachel Laing gets snarky

Corn-fueled junket The Midwest farm lobby, trying to counter Donald Trump’s threats to water down federal biofuel mandates, is spending big to make its point to the administration and the Republican Congress. As reported by ...

No In-N-Out burgers on Dem cruise to New Orleans

Patrick Soon-Shiong lists 25 job openings at L.A. Times

Death of an ex-U-T journalist A former Union-Tribune reporter linked to investigative websites funded by the Koch brothers and allied conservative donors has died of unannounced causes in Houston, Texas at the age of 47. ...

The Airbnb referendum money

New Chargers reporter, suit against Soon-Shiong

Cruel and unusual lack of showers Inadequate showering at the county jail has become a target for criticism at the Citizens’ Law Enforcement Review Board, where staff has sustained complaints that unidentified guards failed to ...

SDSU prez De la Torre gets raise to $441,504

Sacramento pumps more money into colleges

Adela’s big fat salary It didn’t take long for new San Diego State University president Adela de la Torre, on the job for less than a week, to collect a tidy boost to her already ...

Susan Davis itchy feet

Lobbyist dream jobs and SDSU nightmares

Summer with Susan Davis Democratic House member Susan Davis, accustomed to partaking of free travel to exotic world locations courtesy of the Aspen Institute, stuck closer to home for her most recent all-expense-paid junket, two ...

U-T strange ads: the doctor is in

Roberts and Cox blow left-over money on Vietnam trip and staff party

U-T’s bitter medicine San Diego’s Union-Tribune, beset by plunging circulation and falling advertising, is filling its pages with display ads from a controversial new sponsor closely tied to billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, who acquired the struggling ...

Crooked city employees, Susan Davis beats Trump to Helsinki

LA Times steals Comic-con turf

Bums away Kept under wraps at city hall are punishments meted out to miscreant employees caught by complaints to the city auditor’s hotline. “An allegation regarding a City employee parking at a restaurant for extensive ...

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