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Hidden gems: Life of Pi and In Bruges

Under the public radar

People always dread when their favorite novel gets adapted into another medium. So you can imagine how I felt when I heard Ang Lee was going to direct Life of Pi. But I was never ...

Shot in one 90-minute take

Like walking through a museum of emotion

The Witch is a supernatural horror story that is wonderfully menacing and draws a gloomy, sinister picture of a Puritan family living on the edge of the woods in 17th-century New England after being banished ...

Conflicted 1950s housewife

Far from Heaven and Brief Encounter go deep into the social issues of the period

The two films I would recommend would be Far From Heaven and Brief Encounter because both deal with the marital struggles of a mid-century housewife being conflicted with what is desired by them and society. ...

Fight your own worst instincts; you can be a decent human being

Twilight Zone and The Fog of War

For a television show I pick the original Twilight Zone. For a movie I choose the documentary The Fog of War. Both of these pieces really deal with the same thing: humanity trying to identify ...

Too much love for any one man

Pandora's Box and Rabid

One of the film greats, Pandora’s Box gives us Louise Brooks (who never looked better) causing the perdition of men with her beauty and charisma. An unsuccessful case is made that there’s a supernatural quality ...

Binge-compelling fare

Supergirl and Mindhunter

Supergirl is a series my seven-year-old and I enjoy together. Kara Danvers (Supergirl’s alter-ego, heartfully portrayed by Mellissa Benoist) navigates the complexities of being both a superhero and millennial who’s landed her first job. I’m ...

Hepburn gleans Cary Grant's inspiration in Holiday

Tom Hanks ignites soliloquies in Joe versus the Volcano

Holiday, starring Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant, is a story I count on for inspiration. Grant plays Johnny Case, a finance visionary whose unconventional ideas juxtapose with the socialite family he encounters. Hepburn plays the ...

Slow autobiography and Korean pseudo reality

One Mississippi and The [email protected]

One Mississippi is Tig Notaro’s lightly fictionalized autobiographical series that pulls no punches when it comes to real-world pain in all its internal and external forms, yet repeatedly shows how pain can be balanced by ...

Playboy editor of Elle magazine paralyzed except for one eye

The Skin I Live In, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Thunder Road

Films that push the boundaries of my comfort zone tend to be more memorable and meaningful. I’ve seen these films only once, but they’ve stuck with me. Pedro Almodóvar’s La Piel Que Habito (The Skin ...

DC comics films with superheroes, super-villains, and meta-humans

Legends of Tomorrow and Suicide Squad

Legends of Tomorrow serves up a band of unlikely would-be superheroes and villains that are unwillingly thrown together to travel through space and time saving the world. The story line is continuous; fellow superheroes in ...

Will Ferrell in a semi-serious role and an interesting premise

Stranger Than Fiction and Stranger Things

Stranger Than Fiction serves up a rare glimpse at Will Ferrell in a semi-serious role. Ferrell is hilarious as Harold Crick, a man who finds his life being “narrated” by an author that only he ...

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