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My first Woody

A trio of early, funny Woody Allen movies

Celebrate Woody Allen’s 83rd birthday with a trio of early, funny movies What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (1966) My first Woody. At fourteen, a sickbed viewing induced enough laughter to swat the flu bug right out ...

Pop song flick picks

Non-musicals all based on popular songs

This week’s @Home picks are a trio of non-musicals all based on popular songs. Alice’s Restaurant (1969) Arlo Guthrie’s ​17-plus-minute folk protest canticle is brought to the screen with sweet-sounding resonance by Arthur Penn (Bonnie ...


There’s not another actor at work who could pull off this type of blood-spattered chicanery

We celebrate the blu-ray release of Mandy and look back on a pair of game-changing middle-period Nicolas Cage pictures guaranteed to give your eyeballs a workout. Mandy (2018) Lumberjack boy (Cage) meets artistically-inclined girl (Andrea ...


Honestly, a television screen is not the ideal portal of introduction for this film

Streaming service Kanopy has teamed with the Goethe Institute to sponsor 48 films for the Wunderbar: A Celebration of German Films project. Visit kanopy.com/goethe throughout the month of October to watch any of the films ...

A Star is Born, again, for the fifth time

The origins of Lady Gaga's remake

For her big screen debut, au courant warbler/performance artist Lady Gaga offers up a fifth remake of A Star is Born. Here’s a chance to literally see where she’s coming from, give or take a ...

A sampling of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Breakdown, Lamb to the Slaughter and Bang! You’re Dead!

A sampling of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre!

Three of the director's choice films

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre

No jokes, folks

Ever imagine what a film would look like if just about everyone involved in the production was buzzing on cocaine and quaaludes?

No jokes, folks. All three of these titles are available to rent on Amazon. The Terror of Tiny Town (1938) I’m betting that most viewers won’t be able to venture past more than a reel ...

Drool over the stylish excess

More than 79 minutes of “successful and progressive prostitution.”

A western, a wabbit, and Marwene Dietwich come under the knife. ­ The Devil is a Woman (1935) A polarizing item among critics and bluenoses, if not a general public that stayed home in droves ...

Laugh-out-loud satires

The biggest, baddest, blackest mother of ‘em all

Sorry to bother you, but this week’s digital downloads (all available through Amazon) comprise a trio of superior, laugh-out-loud satires. C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004) C.S.A. explores what might have happened had the ...

Comic book artists in cinema

A frothy 60s sex satire

The annual celebration of everything that’s wrong with contemporary cinema is upon us. Here are three satires about comic book artists to act as antidote, all available on Amazon Prime. Artists and Models (1955) Was ...

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