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JLo and Marc Anthony: box office gold?

The black-and-white footage is a textbook compendium of video interview clichés

Three films and no common thread; it’s that kind of week How the West Was Won (1962) When I was six, the owner of mom’s beauty parlor rigged a raffle and my family “won” tickets ...

Blake Edwards’ most personal, and impersonal, works

At the core of the film’s publicity was the playful tarnishing of Julie Andrews’ unassailable image

Two from Blake Edwards and a different shade of Pink Panther. Darling Lili (1970) One of director Blake Edwards’ most polished and personal works, Darling Lili was a musical released at a time when both ...

Dazzling stereoscopic table-top animation from Max and Dave Fleischer

“Mommy. Is ‘dancing on the moon’ another way of saying ‘making babies?’”

Welcome to the transmogrifying squash-and-stretch universe of studio animators Max and Dave Fleischer. Much of the humor flies in the face of political correctness, it’s my honor to announce. For links to the shorts, visit ...

Shelley Winters holds her breath

Robert Mitchum: “The only bit she’ll do convincingly is to float in the water with her throat cut.”

Who said you can’t keep a good gal down? Not Shelley Winters. As sure as bummer follows Winters, we dug up a trio of watery grave ballets: two worth owning, one worth stoning. A Place ...

Larry Cohen horror trio

Will dad eventually bury his shame and call the child his own?

What’s the best thing about Midsommar? It allows me to introduce to you a trio of similarly-themed (and infinitely superior) nightmarish epics directed by a true Master of Horror, Larry Cohen. It’s Alive (1974) The ...

Free and legal movies and shows on Tubi TV

Groucho: “I love my cigar too, but I take it out of my mouth once in a while.”

What streaming service offers thousands of free and legal movies and television shows? Here to entice are a trio of offerings currently available on Tubi TV. You Bet Your Life (1950) It was the quip ...

The antidote to Crawl: gator flicks with Ed Norton, Burt Reynolds, and Playmate Claudia Jennings

A pet baby alligator, flushed down the toilet, grows to three times its original size before going on a killing rampage

A trio of crocodilian companions to help celebrate the opening of (or act as an antidote to) Crawl. Alligator (1980) Screenwriter John Sayles and director Lewis Teague drew from what they learned while working together ...

Three comedies with Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby

The only constant in the so-called trilogy are vertiginous episodes staged on and/or going out and over a window ledge

From director and star Sidney Poitier comes an unlikely trilogy of comedies. Uptown Saturday Night (1974) An inexplicably tender, untroubled exchange between Steve (Sidney Poitier) and his wife Sarah (Rosalind Cash) prefaces a raucous boy’s ...

Authors J.T. Leroy, Truman Capote, The Dying Gaul, and their muses

Spot-on impersonations of otherwise resistible characters

Authors and their muses are the subjects of this week’s binge-watch. J.T. Leroy (2018) Jeremiah “Terminator” LeRoy was a manufactured commodity, the wispy offspring of a prostitute mother that writer Laura Albert (Laura Dern) bamboozled ...

Telly Savalas trio of terror

A splashy ‘70s subgenre of Italian horror released during the rise of Kojak

Who scares you, baby? Give a lick about this Telly Savalas trio of terror. Lisa and the Devil (1973) Giallo: a splashy ‘70s subgenre of Italian horror with soft, overlit nightscapes filmed in garish Eastman ...

Swiss Model Airplane Glue will never replace Famo Hair Remover

A rite of passage for male chowderheads worldwide

A cinematic counterpart to word association, this trio of films came to mind spontaneously and without reflection while watching The Garden Store trilogy. Cookoo Cavaliers (1940) Hey, Jan Hřebejk — steal from the Stooges and ...

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