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A Star is Born, again, for the fifth time

The origins of Lady Gaga's remake

For her big screen debut, au courant warbler/performance artist Lady Gaga offers up a fifth remake of A Star is Born. Here’s a chance to literally see where she’s coming from, give or take a ...

A sampling of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Breakdown, Lamb to the Slaughter and Bang! You’re Dead!

A sampling of the masterful Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre!

Three of the director's choice films

Otto Preminger’s oeuvre

No jokes, folks

Ever imagine what a film would look like if just about everyone involved in the production was buzzing on cocaine and quaaludes?

No jokes, folks. All three of these titles are available to rent on Amazon. The Terror of Tiny Town (1938) I’m betting that most viewers won’t be able to venture past more than a reel ...

Drool over the stylish excess

More than 79 minutes of “successful and progressive prostitution.”

A western, a wabbit, and Marwene Dietwich come under the knife. ­ The Devil is a Woman (1935) A polarizing item among critics and bluenoses, if not a general public that stayed home in droves ...

Laugh-out-loud satires

The biggest, baddest, blackest mother of ‘em all

Sorry to bother you, but this week’s digital downloads (all available through Amazon) comprise a trio of superior, laugh-out-loud satires. C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America (2004) C.S.A. explores what might have happened had the ...

Comic book artists in cinema

A frothy 60s sex satire

The annual celebration of everything that’s wrong with contemporary cinema is upon us. Here are three satires about comic book artists to act as antidote, all available on Amazon Prime. Artists and Models (1955) Was ...

A pair of masterful mutts

The pup’s POV is about as Hitchcockian as it gets

A pair of masterful mutts followed by a spot of roadkill. Pard and Bohunk are both available on Amazon. Stream them tonight. Benji fell out of copyright. Consult YouTube. High Sierra (1941) Legend had it ...

Love in the time of big hair and neon

Three teen romances from the 1980s

Let’s return to a time when girl-power had more to do with romance than showing a male superhero that she can be his equal. Follow links to rent online. Valley Girl (1983) A savage on ...

Johnny Rocks

Three instructional sessions from the school of hard Knoxville

This week’s column celebrates the opening of Action Point (and my interview with Johnny Knoxville) with a trio of non-Jackass related titles. All three available for rent on Amazon. The Ringer (2005) After Jackass: The ...

Triple-X entertainment

Project X, The Return of Dr. X, and X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

John Badham’s Project X (1987) What is an inordinately intelligent baby chimp like Virgil to do when, in the great tradition of Walt Disney, we open with the removal of not one, but two of ...

Let’s Be Friends

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