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Local Dems and GOP beat back the edges

Smiechowski, Kirkman, Hidalgo — skunks at the garden party

Clairemont resident Danny Smiechowski says he's being bullied by local Democrats and shunned by the media. He is an official candidate for San Diego city council in district 2. He’s running as a Democrat, but ...

Who can save San Diego's airport from drowning?

State bill pits port cities against rest of county

There is a “very real threat of sea level rise that could leave our airport literally under water,” stated Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (CA-80) in a March 30 Union Tribune commentary. Gonzalez Fletcher wants to ...

Who’s about the kids and who’s about the money?

San Diego school district loses money if charters approved

On April 3 the San Diego Unified School Board granted the charter school petition of National University Academy 1001 STEAM, the first approval of a charter school new to the district in over four years. ...

Springtime incivility

Is it something in the air?

On March 21 a man pounded on the door outside the military recruiting office next to the Santee trolley station. He yelled through the door as he pounded: “Open the f’n door! I want to ...

Local litter

Dear Union Tribune, what about your community values?

Every Friday in Hillcrest an advertisement circular is tossed from a delivery van to driveways and sidewalks around the neighborhood. The publisher calls it Local Community Values. Some from the community call it litter. The ...

The wild west is back in San Diego

Limebike hogs show, but it is Ofo bikes that are stolen

Sunday afternoon in El Cajon I unsuccessfully tried to find an ofo dockless rental bike to help me get around town. I traveled to five locations where the ofo app listed an available bike, but ...

Google maps lead to closed Lemon Grove road

“One car turned left from Home Depot. Another car heading to the highway clipped him."

The Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment Project broke ground in August 2016 and was scheduled to be finished July 2017, but local businesses and residents are still waiting for its completion. Tuesday (March 20) the Lemon ...

Chicano Park conflict solvable with carne asada?

Letters and Facebook pages fly ahead of Feb. 3 Patriot Picnic 2.0

On January 17th, San Diego city attorney Mara Elliott weighed in on an upcoming event at Chicano Park called “Patriot Picnic 2.0.” She issued a statement implying the groups planning it are hate groups, a ...

Bridge over Chicano Park's language barrier

"A misunderstanding, possibly an intentional misunderstanding.”

After visiting Chicano Park for a “patriot picnic” on September 3, Arthur Schaper wrote about the “Varrio Si, Yonkes No” mural in his blog along with his account of being driven out of the park ...

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