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Good Samaritans chase hit-and-run driver

Special needs teen smacked at Mollison and Main

I found Austin trembling next to his bicycle on Douglas Street in front of the El Cajon library Sunday afternoon, September 16. He was bruised and cut up. A few minutes earlier he was hit ...

Dem, GOP? It's the farmers market, stupid.

El Cajon, La Mesa blur party lines

Two East County cities are showing it’s possible to cross party lines to work on common goals. At the El Cajon City Council meeting August 14 Democratic activist Mark Lane apologized to the city of ...

Spit at in Del Taco

Don't expect the cops to help with misdemeanors

On Friday (August 24) I had lunch at Del Taco on C and 11th downtown. I used the restroom and came out to see a tall middle-aged homeless man yelling at the restaurant’s security guard. ...

Grenades, rockets, bombs, machine gun fire in San Diegans' ears

World War II, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan

Chief Stuart Hedley United States Navy World War II and Korean War Public speaker Clairemont It was Sunday morning at 5 o’clock. Hedley jumped out of bed below deck on the battleship USS West Virginia ...

Does sexual orientation change go only one way?

Local state senators vote party line on conversion therapy

On Thursday, August 16, the California Senate passed Assembly Bill 2943 with a 25-11 vote. The bill would make “sexual orientation change efforts,” also known as “conversion therapy,” an unlawful business practice under the state’s ...

Headlock on man with hammer

He welcomed death at Jack in the Box

On Wednesday, August 8, 30-year-old Robert Daniel Dille went to Jack in the Box on West Main Street and Van Houten Avenue in El Cajon. Witnesses say he and his female companion approached the counter ...

Fire and ice

Where is your local cool zone?

We’ve all heard the joke that someday a natural disaster will plunge California into the sea and turn Arizona into beachfront property. But if recent trends continue what would be more likely — the landslide ...

Malibu attorney forces Poway into district elections

Does the California Voting Rights Act violate voting rights?

As the candidate filing period opened July 16 for elected offices across the county, including seats for two new Poway council districts, a lawsuit filed to stop the new districts went back to court. The ...

Santee townsfolk want Dirty Chris dealt with

Has Proposition 47 tied hands of law enforcement?

Some homeowners on Carefree Drive, Peaceful Court and Restful Court in Santee aren’t getting the tranquility they bargained for. The Carefree condominium complex off Magnolia Avenue and across the street from Santana High School, say ...

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