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A year of chili cheese fries

Sister Rays turns a pile of meat, cheese, and potatoes into pure comfort

Last year, 2019? It was trying. I’m sure we all felt it. Mine did have a saving grace though, in an unlikely source: chili cheese fries. Bear with me. It’s been a year since Ed ...

Golden Hill’s Iacon Sound recording studio closes

Sulo King loses his castle

The physical location of Iacon Sound is history. The Golden Hill studio that also housed six rehearsal spaces was shut down at the end of September after the building’s ownership changed. Their lease expires at ...

Zanzea jumper and Birkenstocks for the criminally indigent

Not Guilty in Golden Hill

The best part of contributing to this column is the people I get to meet on the streets of our city. Our interactions provide me with small glimpses into the worlds of others. On a ...

Signs in mind of Harry Crane, Orson Welles, and a rock-pile installation in Golden Hill Park

The collection is accompanied by something human: a face

A low-grade tag war broke out a couple of months ago on the retaining wall in front of a burnt-out motel near my home. Three letters — initials, surely — spraypainted by some poor soul ...

Taco tees at Golden Hill Park’s Tacotopia

“I have the perfect shirt!”

I often scan the crowds for fashion trends at events, so I knew there were bound to be some interesting outfits at Reader Tacotopia. Once again, I kept my eyes peeled for common thread themes ...

Golden Hill Photos

A view from Golden Hill

Golden Hill Sunset

Golden Hill after the rain.

Saw this beautiful sunset through the ...