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What Windansea surfers said about Tom Wolfe

This was 1973, eight years after his visit and story

The following story appeared in the July 19, 1973 Reader. Tom Wolfe died a week ago, May 14, in New York City. Beach People say old surfers never die. They dry up like some sunbaked ...

Thank the waves

Surfer turned sushi chef shreds at his secret spot

“Would love awesome anything but esp sushi,” read the text. L.A. friends had come to see Carlsbad’s Flower Fields and wanted to meet for dinner in La Jolla. I can rattle off a list of ...

Yellowfin at the beach in Cabo

50-pound whitefish off La Jolla kelp beds

Dock Totals Apr 1 – Apr 7: 1,729 anglers aboard 73 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 58 bluefin tuna, 63 yellowtail, 5 calico bass, 18 sand bass, 6,363 rockfish, 259 ...

An alternative to Children's Pool

Try South Casa — and maybe Wipeout Beach

The following comes from the DiveBums site. With all the issues around using Children's Pool, people sometimes use South Casa instead—the other possible entrance to the wonderful shallow, rock reefs off just outside the seawall ...

Don't tell them you are a reporter

Simple question gets the run-around

San Diego city officials confirmed that the city has suspended the creation of Maintenance Assessment Districts — but couldn’t find any documentation of that policy shift during the more than four weeks they searched after ...

La Jolla Photos

Sea lion at La Jolla Cove

La Jolla Cove

Lifeguard tower overlooking La Jolla Cove

La Jolla scenic nature path, La ...

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