Joe Deegan

Joe Deegan
Joe Deegan started writing for the Reader in 1998 and enjoys writing about a wide variety of topics. Feel free to contact him directly.

Articles by Joe Deegan

Mira Mesa – what there is to love

Casa Mira View, Caltrans plans, local deer, temperature, large cylinders on hill, most wretched part of San Diego

Mira Mesa braces for mega population growth The decades-old Vulcan mining operation on nearly 300 acres of Carroll Canyon will be a huge housing project if developers' lobbying efforts are successful. Bordered by Mira Mesa ...

San Diego's City College squeezes the adjunct profs

General fund drops from $34 million to $17 million

The tiresome story of colleges hiring adjunct professors to carry the burden of teaching is starting to come full circle. At the San Diego Community College District, cutting classes taught by adjuncts is the latest ...

Otay Mesa – so unsettled

Sewage, Salt Creek, Otay Mountain, Brown Field, Otay Park, border fence, tunnels, new border entry, Nestor High School

Feds plan to make pond of Tijuana sewage Just how smelly are thirteen acres of raw sewage? Soon, very soon, we shall find out. Next Monday a federal agency is planning to start building an ...

Old Town – early and later stories

Early Old Town general store, Bazaar del Mundo, New Town, Presidio Hills Golf Course, crumbling Presidio

General store ledgers tell how people lived in Old Town Finding which store the ledger came from involved detective work. In 1864, there were only two general merchandise stores, one in Old Town, the other ...

How the San Diego Airport is going to sneak in more flights

11 more gates at Terminal 1 a Trojan horse?

Terminal 1 at the San Diego International Airport has been disparaged of late as not befitting the high-class city that San Diego aspires to be. The characterization is part of a Regional Airport Authority campaign ...

San Diego City College's spending scandal

Voters passed bonds S and N, chaos ensued

In a recent post, the San Diego Community College District News Center crowed that a “process called re-funding” of its Propositions S and N bonds will save taxpayers $150 million. The claim is ironic, say ...

Can Susan Davis adjust to funding her own travel?

Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Rico, Poland, China, Israel, Turkey, India, Africa – no freebies left unused

Congresswoman Susan Davis’s September 4, 2019, announcement that she will not seek reelection next year makes one wonder how she will adjust to paying her own travel bills. In an April 10 “News Under the ...

Serra Mesa – outsiders easily get lost

Mobley Street, Jewish deli, sushi restaurant, Ruffin Canyon, aviation gas, the bus that goes through

New generations in Serra Mesa That first southbound walk home from Wegeforth Elementary, back in '68, was long and hot, each shadow on Mobley Street a refuge. For a transplanted fourth-grader, it was an arduous ...

Software headaches at San Diego city colleges

City, Mesa, Miramar will reduce classes

During the 2019 - 20 academic year that started this week, the San Diego Community College District will have to trim its spending by $30 million in order to achieve a balanced budget. So stated ...