Concerts Just Announced

Just Announced

Trashcan Sinatras — the best of Groucho Marx and Tom Lehrer.

Plus Circles Around the Sun, Ariel Pink/Nick Hakim, the Floydians Ocean Alley

Two different types of psychedelic jam bands seem to fancy themselves heir to the devotional horde of Deadheads still willing, even anxious, to rejoin their tie-dyed and squinty-eyed brethren at the electric altar: those who ...

Blurt Music News

Oceanside Monarch vs. Encinitas Monarch

Name-sharing leads to confusion

The Metal Monarch is none too pleased. Monarch is an Encinitas-based Allman Brothers–ish instrumental jam band. They released their album Two Isles in 2016. One problem: there was another band named Monarch that had been ...

Crazy when there were mosh pits

UCSD's Ché Cafe to re-open

After a long dormancy that involved a threatened eviction, a widespread community reaction, and a last-minute rescue from chancellor Pradeep Kholsa, UCSD’s Che Café will finally reopen after a year of being shuttered. “We’re waiting ...

The easiest instrument in the world to play

“Nothing difficult in wiring a lunchbox at all"

“Ukulele is the easiest musical instrument in the world to learn and play,” says Ukulele Ray, Fender’s first sponsored ukulele artist. “With a single finger on a single string, one can create a chord, with ...

Classical Music

Mahler medium dive

The agitations and triumphs are in the music for all to hear

I had said these articles would be a deep dive into an upcoming piece on the San Diego classical music calendar. On second thought these are more of a medium dive. A deep dive would ...

The stupidest thing I've heard all year

Altos want to sing tenor roles. Here we go.

Give the arts enough time and zero resistance and they will confuse madness with innovation. Let’s look at the macro and then zoom into the micro. From a macro point of view, Russian composers dominated ...

Musician Interviews

Dinettes reopen 40 years later

New-wave riders of SoCal punk scene catch 21st-century swell

Before the Go-Go’s became famous, there was the Dinettes, San Diego’s first (and only) all-female new-wave band that was there right alongside San Diego’s first-generation punksters the Zeros, Dils, and Hitmakers. “We weren’t really punk, ...

Of Note

Hooked on accordion

Flogging Molly's Matt Hensley skated into his unlikely career

You could call this story “Just Being There.” It’s about how Matt Hensley, from Vista, went from pro skater to being a working member of Flogging Molly. “The only odd thing,” he says by phone, ...

Breaking Music News


The drummer for the influential '80s punk band, Frank ...

AJ Froman

"We have a couple festivals we’ll be playing in ...

Travis Barker

Barker reportedly drums on new solo tracks being recorded ...

Rob Crow

Joyful Noise will release a box set featuring many ...

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