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Just Announced

Re-imagining cinema soundtracks

Morricone Youth, Nina Nesbitt, Exploded View, Mutual Benefit

Although they’re usually considered a quintessential NYC art-rock band specializing in re-imagining cinema soundtracks, Morricone Youth actually has roots in mostly long-gone San Diego groups such as Rust, Creedle, aMiniature, Crash Worship, and one of ...

Blurt Music News

Scum suckers gotta get paid

"It’s pretty conservative up here. But then so is San Diego."

Ramona Mainstage owner Orrin Day has bitten the bullet and says he has agreed to pay some $3000 annually to music licensing groups he has called “scum suckers” in the past. “You can’t get away ...

Daneen Wilburn's reentry into the music world

"I want them to feel the spirit, too.”

“This is what I was born to do,” says vocalist Daneen Wilburn, about her reentry into the music world after dropping out for more than 20 years to raise a family. “It’s more than just ...

Scum bags stole his amps

“For some shows, you just need a refrigerator.”

When Rice Enright plays solo for wedding or corporate gigs he plays guitar. But when he plays as a “hired hand” for reggae bands J.a.m. Kwest or Gentle Giants, or for tribute bands like Fake ...

Classical Music

Hello Neumann

The ascent toward consciousness is unnatural

I did a very strange thing this week. I went to the library and checked out a book. First let me say that the not-so-new Central Library Branch is a distinct failure, except for the ...

Why Brahms burned his letters

Brahms would never marry or ever have sexual relations with any woman he loved

I recently read Simon Callow’s excellent biography of Richard Wagner. Now, to be fair, I’m reading a biography of Johannes Brahms by Jan Swafford. As in music, in biography these two are opposed. We have ...

Musician Interviews

Lou Curtiss kept the music alive

RIP Folk Arts Rare Records co-founder

He championed young Tom Waits and countless others

Of Note

Huge, gritty garage rock

In The Whale also sounds like so much more than just one guitar and one drummer

Lilyhammer was a Netflix series about an American mobster who chose Norway when he entered the witness protection program. There, the mobster (played by Steven Van Zandt of The Sopranos and E Street Band fame) ...

Breaking Music News


A new single, “Spaced-Out,” features former Motion City Soundtrack ...

Vokab Kompany

A three-song EP dropped on Fathers Day 2018, One ...

Alyssa Jacey

She won first place at this year's Singer-Songwriter contest ...


"The Dabbers are still here, just on mini-hiatus while ...

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