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Skate punks don’t die after all

Music sells the boards that sell the music

Does action sports still connect with rock? Not so much, if you consider the Warped Tour, which was built on the fusion of punk and skate cultures and is folding after 24 years. Or that ...

Pulled up by roots reggae royalty

"Someone wrote we should call ourselves ‘Ginger Roots’ on a five-dollar bill."

Long before the Rolling Stones played the Belly Up, internationally famous musicians started popping up at the Solana Beach music showcase in the early ’80s. One of the first was bassist Fully Fullwood, who had ...

Dude, the official Zappa band is going to happen

"My eyebrows went up" — Frank's hologram to tour

“The image of Frank won’t be onstage the entire time,” says guitarist Mike Keneally of the just-announced Frank Zappa Hologram Tour, featuring Keneally and other former Zappa band members. “The concept as Ahmet [Zappa, Frank’s ...

The Moonwalkers are in town. And that’s not all.

San Diego also welcomes Jessie Ware, the Head & the Heart, and G.B.H.

Until a few weeks ago, it would have been easy to write off Detroit psychedelic rockers Moonwalks as just another DIY club crawler with too many guitar pedals and too little inspiration. The bass-guitar-drum trio ...

Responsible to the blues

Janiva Magness: “I didn’t want to do it. What if I suck? What if I don’t suck?”

Readying to tour in support of her newest release, Love Is an Army, Janiva Magness checks in from her Culver City digs. We talk about artistic development. Magness is a blues singer. Electric blues at ...

Marcelo Radulovich's League not his own

"I’m not really looking for press or attention. If that happens, fine."

“Every day something new happens with Trump,” says guitarist Marcelo Radulovich, discussing the inspiration behind his latest project, Im Peach the Sequel, a “sound-collage” assembled from contributions sent to the musician and organized under the ...

Turandot returns to San Diego Opera

This is a legitimate big-voice opera

San Diego Opera’s big one is almost here. Turandot is making a triumphal return to The San Diego Civic Theater. Warning: This is a legitimate big-voice production of Puccini’s final opera. Lise Lindstrom sang the ...

San Diego Symphony names new music director

Oh dear, sweet Jesus, let there be a Bruckner cycle in San Diego.

The San Diego Symphony's search for a new music director has been ongoing for the past two seasons and has now been resolved. There have been a legion of guest conductors on the podium, and ...

World premiere at San Diego Symphony

New music, but it's beautiful

The San Diego Symphony premiered Adam Schoenberg’s violin concerto Orchard in Fog on February 9 and 10. The courage it took Mr. Schoenberg to write it needs to be acknowledged. What was courageous about it? ...

Oh, say, can you play the better "Star Spangled Banner"?

Kensington music man says inferior version of anthem plays at Olympics

Former Kensington resident Jason DeBord, a 1988 graduate of San Diego’s O’Farrell High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, did a 17-year stint on Broadway as a conductor, arranger, and musician. According to DeBord, ...

Del Mar fair board lowers boom on Kaaboo

"We were hit with complaints we had never heard before."

In a surprising show of open animosity, members of the board that run the Del Mar Fairgrounds launched attacks against Kaaboo at its monthly board meeting on February 13th. The fourth annual Kaaboo music fest ...

Black-metal punks

“It’s unfortunate, but a lot of the local bands play for free or for beer."

Patrick Erhard is the lead singer/bassist of Ash Williams, the punk band that one reviewer said “wishes it was a black metal band.” The SDSU grad started booking his own punk shows two years ago. ...

Grails not nearly as shape-shifty as prog rock

Concert experience a bit like trying to learn a foreign language

Right about the point when you’re thinking this is a band that should have never left the garage, Grails delivers. The band has a sound that is its own: in this case, nuanced, shadowy, ominous ...

Material witnesses at Adams Avenue Theater

As fabric store winds down the biz, punk heydays surface at former venue

The Reader recently reported that Discount Fabrics on Adams Avenue will be shutting down due to the sale of their building. The story mentioned that the establishment (located at 3325 Adams Avenue) was once a ...

The Wasteland Weekend guys

Authentic Sellout finds their place under the sun

When Authentic Sellout guitarist Christian Borja pens songs, he tends to envision images that correlate with the lyrics. While he was writing “Radiate,” many of these images were post-apocalyptic. Vocalist Sulo King landing the band ...

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