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Jonny Wagon and the Tennessee Sons, Joe Garrison, Frights, Captain Viejo, Becca Jay

The debut record from Jonny Wagon & the Tennessee Sons, Feels Good to Be Alive, drops August 17 at the Casbah. Regarding the title, “Suicide took the life of two people very close to this ...

Lost local bands of the 60s/70s - Tim Dawe & Penrod

Weekly time capsule rediscovering dusty jewels

Zappa almost turned this theoretical nuclear physicist into a rock star

Pleasure Island

Once you go full jackass, it's too late.

Pinocchio just might be the most underrated movie of all time. Watching it as a child is one thing but having it dissected by a psychology professor is something else. I’ve been watching the Maps ...

This just in

Breaking news on Forest Grove, Little Dove, the Frets, Psychosally, more

“The Dabbers are still here, just on mini-hiatus while we make and record new jams as Forest Grove,” says bassist-singer Shelby Gubba-Reiner of her new band with guitarist Zack Wentz (Kill Me Tomorrow) and drummer ...

Topping the Spotify charts in over 20 countries

Maggie Rogers, Pink Talking Fish, Beartooth, Film School

I was hearing about “Give a Little,” the poppy new hand-clapping earworm by 24-year-old Maggie Rogers, for several days before I finally gave it a spin. Fearing another Meghan Trainor/Cher Lloyd knockoff like “Dog Years,” ...

More time in the practice room

New England seems like a place where you can find your own voice

“I’m excited about the future, I’m getting my college audition videos together to send out,” explains 17-year-old vocalist Zion Dyson, who just returned from a tour of several notable music schools back east with her ...

Darkness as always

Listening to those early songs feels more like eavesdropping

“I don’t want to try to explain my songs,” Lemuria’s Sheena Ozzella sings. Dark, but not hardcore – that’s Lemuria. “Omitting you, I get to brood in Diogenes’ tub,” Diogenes being the ancient Greek cynic ...

People will go nuts

The band imitated a band imitating another band

After a two-year break, the very elderly men of (primarily) Weezer tribute act Geezer are back action. The band’s retirement in Florida did not proceed as smoothly as planned. “Our guitar player [Dylan Martinez Sr.] ...

Underground acoustic jam

We’d disappear from the stage, take an elevator to the top level and then let it zip

Dispatch, founded in the ‘90s, disbanded in the early aughts, and back for more in 2011, takes pride in self-sufficiency as they travel the world without major label money. They bring it to the Cal ...

Jim McInnes booted via Facebook from Jazz 88.3

Every Shade of Blue loses its DJ

"I have just found out that, after 12 years, I have 'retired' from Jazz 88.3."

Alien and familiar

Modesto even took band naming rights from a Wu Tang Clan song

Buyepongo is about as multi- everything as you can get: multi-lingual, multi-instrumental, multi-cultural, multi-genre. It boils down to the music and rhythms of Central America, but by way of Long Beach. Cool jazz meets merengue, ...

Expanding the dancefloor boundaries

Thievery Corporation, Jerry Paper, Prophet, Yndi Halda

For over 20 years, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton have been expanding the dancefloor boundaries of EDM as Thievery Corporation. Though early efforts were paint-by-number exercises in straight dub and acid jazz, their evolution toward ...

Great moments the world over

“No matter how hard ones tries, there will be some times one will not be able to stop [musical] dissidents.”

As the oldest son of singer/songwriter/bandleader/mystic/political agitator/polygamist Fela Kuti, Mr. Femi Kuti, now 56, knew from an early age that he had some big shoes to fill. But he toughened up while playing in his ...


“I really want to emphasize this was our upbringing and this is who we are.”

Logan Heights born-and-raised Pablo Cervantez has always been low key about Beach Goons. But that’s all about to change, says the singer/guitarist/songwriter about his trio that grew out of the local garage punk scene. Cervantez, ...

Local record release roundup

“As twin brothers, Jonathan and I share similar higher levels of consciousness”

Americana band Golden Howl (formerly Golden Hour) premiers their debut EP Mighty Mighty, recorded with Jeff Berkley (Berkley Hart), August 1 at the Music Box, where they’ll be joined by new bassist Jeff Johnson (Veronica ...

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