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After bumpy start, symphony sparkled with Mason Bates, Rachmaninoff, and Mozart.

The San Diego Symphony came into form at their concert on Friday, October 12. Joyce Yang was back at the keyboard not just on the 12th but also earlier in the week at The Scripps ...

Old-time country roots with gourd banjo fabricator Chris Prieto

“Generally, no frets up until the late 1800s"

Chris Prieto’s only prior experience with a musical instrument was playing saxophone in the fifth grade. After becoming enthralled by old-time and country roots music a decade ago, Prieto decided to play the banjo. Four ...

Gift Machine: “We approach this with an almost religious fervor”

“Musical monks will be on hand to bless copies”

“We checked prices for Abbey Road, and it actually wasn’t that much more than the services that we have used in the past,” says Dave Matthies, singer for the Gift Machine, of how their upcoming ...

Too filthy for phonics

Wheeler Walker Jr., Brockhampton, Thou, Matt Nathanson

Kentucky smartass Wheeler Walker Jr. returns to the North Park Observatory, where his appearance late last year sold out, for a November 30 set that happens to coincide with the release date of his third ...

More skate park or Whole Foods than faux vampire

The Growlers can blend a generational tapestry of genres that sounds complex, but is not

Some of the best rock music has been made in California. The Growlers are the present-day sum of that Golden state legacy. Imagine the Heartbreakers, but with random hints of surf rock, garage rock, British ...

Cult Muzic collective: three different rappers, a comic, a lively stage show, and a producer

“We’re like the Beastie Boys plus mushrooms times alien”

Five years ago, rapper Van Brando (born Brandon Van Eklenberg) was driven by anger. His lyrics told how his imprisoned father “fucked up his family” and how that pent-up anger led to his going to ...

Maybe the arts do still matter

San Diego Symphony fills balcony

The entire balcony was full on Thursday, October 4, at Symphony Hall. There are few artists which can collect that many souls into one place at one time. Pianist Lang Lang is one such artist. ...

Why Figaro needs tradition

The answer is obvious

As The Marriage of Figaro comes up soon at San Diego Opera, I thought sharing some of the rules of the Figaro game might be warranted. It’s difficult to enjoy anything when one isn’t aware ...

Man-of-a-thousand-bands plays Halloween show

Pinback, Jakubi, Kyle Craft, Morrissey, Magic Giant

It’s been around 20 years since Pinback first started making noise around town, though recordings tend to be infrequent due to the many musical projects of its members, especially man-of-a-thousand-bands Rob Crow. It’s been a ...

Musically interrogating the human experience

An interview with We Were Promised Jetpacks

We Were Promised Jetpacks, native to Edinburgh, Scotland, took a long time off after 2014’s Unravelling, but thankfully return to musically interrogating the human experience. They arrive at Irenic on October 12, touring behind their ...

Greyboy Allstars: the greatest band that never was

Members add scores for feature films and performing with the Rolling Stones to their repertoire

Maybe with a little more planning, the upcoming Greyboy Allstars show could have been hyped differently. “I guess it is our 25th anniversary, isn’t it,” says keyboardist Robert Walter about his funk/soul/jazz quintet. “Maybe we ...

The Morlocks drop their first album in eight years

And other music news from Greg Laswell, Rick Elias, The Silent Comedy and Tori Roze

Breaking news RE Rick Elias, the Penetrators, Tori Roze, Red Dragon Cartel, more

The value of being a “working musician” for jazz drummer Nathan Hubbard

"I like the steady work, but I also love creating my own music and running my own bands.”

Drummer/composer Nathan Hubbard won the San Diego Music Award for “Best Jazz Album,” in 2014, for Encinitas and Everything, and again in 2017 for Furiously Dreaming, a project featuring his Skeleton Key Orchestra. Has the ...

Ozzy Osbourne: the Grammy-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Famer is road-dogging it

Fifty years in the business from Black Sabbath to Hollywood celebrity

So many years, so much Ozzy. He’s the guy who famously chomped a bat on stage, a story that’s been told and re-told so many times now over the years that it’s become myth. Then ...

I'll take Germans for the win

A poll of conductors on their all-time faves

We have unanimous confirmation of German superiority via WQXR. WQXR is a New York public radio entity which has been a standard bearer for the arts over the past several decades. In a poll of ...

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